Obitsu General Discussion - Part Three (60cm, 55cm, 50cm and 47cm)

Oct 14, 2016

    1. @LadyDeath that is very interesting! I would have considered the 55cm body a bit more closely if I'd known. Ah well, maybe for the next boy ;)
    2. My Obitsu 55cm body came yesterday! And I was able to mod the neck piece to attach the resin DF A Anthony head. The resin to vinyl match is near perfect. Wow, so lucky to find the perfect body. Seems hybrids are my only luck with bjds, as clothing and shoes are mostly misses.

      Here is Ban!
      [​IMG]Color match perfection by SD Hampton, on Flickr
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    3. @kurogane he is as cute-as-a-button! Well done on your hybrid match too. Will you be doing his face up yourself?
    4. @Saba Thank you! Yes, I plan on doing the face up, but I have to wait for warmer, dryer weather. Maybe sometime in June? I hope earlier as his missing mouth is bothering me. I have done one anime style face up before, and it is so hard! If I could find a good face up artist, I might commission one as I want him to look really cute.
    5. [​IMG]

      Obitsu Guys (and Rin in Red)
      L-R, 65cm (-1cm neck mod), Seedring (modded up to 60cm), 55cm (Visuadol Yuto head)
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    6. Just a quick photo of Lysander. His clothes finally arrived yesterday. They were stuck in Chicago customs for a month! I thought I'd never see them, lol. The outfit and shoes are msd sized. I'm thrilled that the sweats are long enough to reach his ankles and the hoodie sleeves reach his wrists! Eyes and wig are Volks. Now for some good weather for his face up.

      [​IMG]Snow day by SD Hampton, on Flickr
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    7. Since I was having troubles finding pants for my 50cm boy, I decided to splurge and buy a pair from a Parabox. The shipping cost as much as the pants! Ugh!, they do look nice! I also got a pair of tennis shoes (might as well). Now Ban is dressed and looking great. Phew, I feel better now.
    8. @kurogane Lysander looks very sporty! I hope you post a pic of your 50cm boy in his new clothes too. I am also considering braving the shipping costs and getting some pants. My boy is still in his SD13 size singlet and shirt which are a bit big, but with a bit of layering and cuff folding, ok ;) The only pants I had that fit him were Best Friends Club Ink pants which were too short, but look like pedal pushers on him lol

      Addit: Sorry I'm a bit confused, Lysander is your 50cm boy? And Ban is on the 55cm? Either way, would still really like to see Ban :)
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    9. @Saba thank you! I will get a picture of them both today. I was out of town for a few days. Lysander is actually the 48 cm female, but with the right clothes, you can't tell. Ban is a resin head on the 55cm body. So, yeah, you're correct!
    10. Here is a picture of Ban and Lysander. I'm looking forward to good weather so I can do their face ups.

      [​IMG]Untitled by SD Hampton, on Flickr
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    11. Vinyls are so much happier when they have something to wear. And a pal to hang around with.
      And an owner that loves them.
    12. Thanks @kurogane ! I'm not confused anymore ;) I also have the female 48cm body, yours looks good next to the 55cm, it's a nice height difference^^
    13. Hi! I've got a quick question here... I bet this has been asked before, but looking around I wasn't able to find a completely definitive answer. Are Angel Philia/Pink Drops/VMF50/Real Art Project dolls considered on-topic/allowed in the Obitsu discussion threads? I've just ordered a Pink Drops girl and I'd love to be able to post her here on DoA but I wanted to check first as I wasn't clear if they were technically grandfathered under the Obitsu exception (since they are manufactured by Obitsu using their frames). I've seen them bought and sold in the MP but I don't see too many of them outside of there, so I wasn't sure. :huh?: Thanks!
    14. The short answer is yes.
      Also included here are Parabox and Visuadolls, also with bodies made by Obitsu. The primary reason Azone 50/60cms are excluded here is their painted on eyes, but that can be remedied.
      This is probably the thread you'll want to post your AP girl in. We look forward to seeing pictures.
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    15. Thanks so much for the response! I thought this would be the place :cheer I'll definitely post her when she arrives!!
      Also, is that the Azone Seven Deadly Sins doll? She looks great with open/nonpainted eyes (is there a proper term for it... maybe interchangeable eyes? lol)
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    16. Yes, that's Envy. The interchangeable eyes look so much better than the painted eyes. However I totally understand why Azone paints them on. They can do it at the same time they're doing the face-up and save a ton of money over doing what amounts to making custom eyes for every doll.
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    17. [​IMG]

      My Luna twins want to demonstrate why Obitsu internal skeleton rocks^^ They held this pose completely unaided :thumbup
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    18. Ah she does look awesome with those. I really love her design, though I haven't actually watched the show/read the manga :sweat

      @Saba Wow that's an amazing pose! *_* and they are so cute :whee:
      I can't wait to try posing my AP girl. I've never had a proper vinyl doll w/ a skeleton before (the extent of my non resin experience has been Azone PureNeemo and other small fashion dolls haha).
      Tracking for my gorl started working today so I'm stalking it @[email protected] Going out of town this weekend so she better not arrive while I'm gone. :vein
    19. I haven't seen it either. I just wanted the head with the elf/demon ears.

      You will be amazed at what they can do.

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