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Offended people by doll nudity??

Jul 16, 2016

    1. Is that an American thing, dolls without genitals, or has the world changed that much since I was a kid in the '80s? I know I had a baby doll with boy parts when I was little, which wasn't odd or shocking to me, it was just how baby boys looked.

      Now I do get NSFW tags, especially since these are very realistic-looking dolls with adult bodies, so they may (as people said) at first glance be mistaken for more risque subject matter. But the notion that nudity and anatomical correctness in and of itself is shocking or something to be hidden away from children is somewhat odd to me. We all have bodies, after all, they're not some strange alien thing... ;)
    2. It's certainly an American thing although I'm not sure it's only American. Remember we were founded by Puritans. Sadly ,it still colors our thinking.
    3. Something to keep in mind is that BJDs have a different purpose to collectors. Vinyl playline dolls are simplified all over because that makes manufacture cheaper, and it's assumed they will be played with by careless little kids. Vinyl fashion dolls also have simplified bodies, because with them it's all about the clothes, like mannequins. BJDs are meant to be beautiful clothed or nude, and are more artistic and detailed in that way.

      At any rate, I don't think NSFW tags are used because of prudery. There's a time and place for everything, including looking at beautiful nudes, and a NSFW tag allows the reader to choose an appropriate time and place.
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    4. I think it might just be polite. Regardless of your feelings on whether or not it's appropriate for people of all ages, it is an unfortunate reality that in some workplaces, seeing that sort of content could easily get someone in trouble. I put people's lives and jobs before my personal beliefs!

      And, for the record, I don't mind doll nudity at all, personally. I mean, it's just anatomy, and we should stop sexualizing things that are obviously not sexual at all. They are pieces of resin, LOL!

      But, yeah. I think it is mainly out of kindness, and I'd like to think of us as a kind and open hearted community! :) <3
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    5. Im not shocked by nudity, human or other, but getting a warning can be convinient, like at work or on public transportation etc.
    6. When you get that long awaited doll and want to record the opening of your parcel ... oops, what do I do? It's just a parcel and I want to share that moment on the forum but it does bring up some issues some people may have about doll nudity. So, I think it's a good idea to label up your thread so that people can make their own minds up whether they want to read the post. It feels like the polite thing to do. Reading some of the contexts that people engage with the forum it makes good sense. At work or in public it could be potentially embarrassing or offensive to others even if what you are looking at isn't really their business. One of the other things that springs to mind is the cultural differences towards dress code. My view is it is about consideration for other people's views and it only takes a few seconds to write a little warning in the title. After a warning I think it is reasonable to expect respect for your own personal views if you want to post. I mean, how do you properly record that box opening without doll nudity?
    7. Have you ever experienced offended people by (online) doll nudity?

      Obviously I haven't and since I check doa on my phone, I will probably be the one to be offended cause somebody peeked over my shoulder :')[/QUOTE]
      YES! I think it is kinda ridiculous but on pinterest I have a board with warning nudity after people freaked on me when I had dolls in dolls. I could actually write a whole chapter here but won't bore you. I had someone try and get a listing of mine pulled where I was trying to show off a long collar and you cold see the top part of breasts on a doll. I realize some dolls can be very detailed and some pictures might not be appropriate but in comparison with the willful abuse torture harm murder and death of innocent people and animals on the news and in mainstream tv shows and such find doll nudity really secondary. If intentionally posed in a sexual manner I can see how that would not be appropriate for mainstream content but just showing bodies and such don't really get it. There is only one picture of a doll body I found offensive that was being sold on an online site and it was because of the way the picture was taken of an adolescent girl body in a manner where her genitalia seemed to be a focus and thought this would appeal to a pedophile and was disgusting.
    8. It makes sense to have topics/posts labelled NSFW when it's appropriate. There always those who are viewing the posts on a work computer or in public, and it is just common courtesy to those people in particular to have a warning up. Also, there are some parts of certain cultures that are rather prudish or reserved about the concept of nudity in particular. It's good to respect the fact that some are brought up in cultures that are reserved in that respect, even if you yourself weren't.

      I personally don't have any problem with nudity, especially after taking life drawing classes (drawing from nude models) the past couple semesters. I don't particularly have any issue with looking at male nudity---be it doll or realistic :-P. I am, however, a respectful person and never do anything that would be considered disrespectful.
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    9. Of course a NSFW tag id not as important as torture and murder. But it's a courtesy, and all the small courtesies added together can make this world a kinder place. :)
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    10. Honestly I wouldn't want to explain to a stranger on the bus, or my coworkers during break, why I'm looking at a doll with a veiny penis as big as its head or why that other doll has an erection.

      These dolls can be very realistic looking and people might a) not realise it's a doll at first glance, or b) assume it's a sex doll and why are you looking at sex toys in public you weirdo??
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    11. I've never really had other people get offended, but my brother did call me out once for having a picture of my doll nude, and called it "porn". I don't know why.. she was very simple in the realistic area. But maybe he was just teasing. I don't see why people actually get upset about it, but I guess if it's overly graphic I can understand.
    12. I feel like this is the best answer by far! At the end of the day, it's just manners, imo. I mean it's not really any extra skin off your back to label something with a warning, and not only have you given the reader a choice by doing that, but depending on how they feel or where they are, you could save them a lot of difficulty/trouble too.

      I'm sure most of us into collectibles and/or art are not going to have any real issue with nude dolls, not even the anatomically correct ones. But it's not at all difficult to provide warnings and therefore the choice to others who might not feel the same or have other factors to worry about (such as work)!
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    13. Not going to lie, I only do it to protect myself from people reporting me. My tumblr is probably going to turn into a raging explicit lesbian cesspool once I get one one of the dolls I've been waiting on. One thing I do like about the flagging of threads, is it actually lets me know which posts I *should* click on. Nudity/Gore/Explicitness? count me in. Vampire sephiroth clones frolicking in the forest? Pass.

      But, yada yada rules. Gotta keep it classy.:thumbup

      Really though, has anyone watched a PG-13 movie recently? They're usually worse than R rated movies.
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    14. I actually sometimes like when people are showing off their doll and post pictures of them without clothing. Especially is I am interested in getting that sculpt for myself. I am usually picky when it comes to bodies.
    15. I have zero problems with it. They are dolls. I have seen some pics that were pretty adult poses, but pretty much all I have seen is OK my me.
    16. The last one is actually a pretty cute reason
    17. Awww I agree with that. xD
    18. Yeah, I got a photo taken down off FB because a female dolls v was showing through he thigh gap since she was sitting down and her skirt gapped :/ I was like...it's a doll. Someone reported me because of a doll. And it was a DC doll so it's literally just a line.