One expensive doll or multiple cheaper ones?

Jan 28, 2020

    1. The right doll is the doll you want, no matter the price.
      I sunk money into 4 cheap dolls, 1 after another, when I started out. I didnt love any of them, I got them sorely based on price. It was a hard lesson but it stuck.
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    2. I like both quality and quantity. :cool:

      For me 'quality' is whether or not a doll speaks to me. If I happen to fall in love with a doll I can afford, I will buy it. If I can't afford the doll, I won't. (Or if I really, really want it, I might consider layaway.)

      Having said that, if you have dolls you don't love, or could easily replace, and you think you'd regret not getting the limited edition you fell for, then by all means go for it. We're all different in how we experience this hobby, and in the end you can only do what feels right to you.

      I just happen to have a LOT of trouble letting go of any of my dolls - and I'd probably end up hating the new doll because I'd feel I 'sacrificied' my other dolls just to get it. I know others might think that's silly, but in the end I don't really care what others think. ;)
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    3. Personally if a doll I love is over $800, I drop the idea like a hot potat. I know from past experience I won't be able to enjoy my doll because I will be too worried to damage it. I've also grown cheaper as I've aged and can't justify those prices to myself anymore.

      none of the cheap companies really please me in terms of aesthetics, though, so I won't use those as a fall-back plan either.
      I'll be waiting for good secondhand deals and company sales, and patiently build my small army this way >:]
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    4. My most expensive doll is from volks too which is my sd13 Show. Volks make very cute sd10 dolls. But sadly they are not making sd10 boy now.
    5. I have answered this question many times in this forum........always buy the dolls you love, dolls you want to keep for a long time to come.

      If you really love an expensive doll but give up on it because it’s expensive and instead buy several other cheaper ones, you will one day buy that very expensive doll you love in addition to the cheaper ones you bought thus spending even more money then if you had bought that 1 expensive doll. Moreover, you might even end up selling the cheaper dolls at a lose because they do not give you that much satisfaction.

      @sahoma don’t worry about damaging an expensive doll, you will be alright with it if the doll is truly meant for you. Hard to explain.
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    6. If it was a grail doll, I'd opt for them. Limited edition dolls and full sets are often either a lot more expensive on the secondhand market, or nearly impossible to find. So I'd most definitely get the grail doll.

      If it was just "one expensive doll that I kind of wanted vs multiple dolls," then I'd go for the multiple dolls. More bang for your buck! :3nodding:

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    7. A grail doll is worth it over anything else, in my opinion! I go by the Konmari "Spark Joy" philosophy- I don't want to have a lot of dolls that I only kind of like and don't give me the same joy in comparison to one doll that I absolutely love. I do, however, see the benefit in having a lot of unique dolls, I like to buy heads to practice faceups on. It can get a little tiring working on the same sculpt. At the same time, though, I don't take as many photos of those heads as I do for my favorites.
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    8. I wouldn't sell dolls that I absolutely love to purchase a more expensive doll. I would miss them. I would definitely sell dolls that I didn't love. If I had a choice of purchasing one expensive doll that I could afford or several less expensive dolls (assuming I loved all of the dolls), I would purchase the more expensive doll. I would feel that if, later, I wanted a less expensive doll it would take me less time to save up for her.
    9. If your grail doll is rare and the inexpensive dolls you have are not limited, totally yeet those things and get your grail! They're trails for a reason! You can always get the cheaper ones later too if you really miss them.
    10. I would much rather have an expensive doll than many cheap ones.
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    11. Well, since dolls are expensive in general, might as well get the one you really like
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    12. I'd rather have one expensive grail doll, my family once spent 600USD for my birthday and she was one of my grails, so if I had my own income and had the opportunity and money to buy it, I would.
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    13. The first time I bought a doll, I went with the cheaper, easier to get sculpt, instead of the sculpt I was head over heels with. That was a mistake and one I soon rectified.

      Like other have said: You'll probably end up with multiple dolls in a couple of years. I own 9 big dolls myself, and none of them have been cheap or easy to get, but all of them are sculpts I love to death and will never get rid of. So don't focus too much on quantity. The questions you'll have to ask yourself are:
      1. Are you going to regret NOT buying this doll when you had the chance?
      2. How hard will it be for you to let go of the dolls you own now?
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    14. I’d rather have my grail because in this hobby, you don’t get too many chances to get your dream doll and I loathe scalper prices so if I didn’t order it NOW I’d probably never see it again.
    15. For me, I’d rather buy a bunch of less expensive dolls than one expensive one. A lot of tinies are really not that expensive, so I feel like I could get a ton of them rather than one larger or more expensive doll.
    16. If I had to pick between those two options with no other factors, I would pick the expensive grail doll because I would be getting what I want. I wouldn't want to buy something I didn't like just because it's cheap. But buying a doll is very personal and everyone is different. Some might like a lot of items and some people might be on the minimalist side and only have one. Maybe their grail doll is cheap. Or maybe a doll one person finds expensive like $1000 might be cheap to someone who has a lot of money. It all depends on the person.
      And just saying, my grail doll cost less than some of the other dolls I have bought.
    17. People scalp dolls? That seems like a big gamble, seeing as there is so much variety in the types of dolls, not even mentioning how many companies there are.
    18. Did you ever decide what to do?
    19. Mainly limited Volks dolls, especially collaborations with lolita brands, games or anime. Those Nier dollfies are selling for $3000 on ebay already.
    20. I am a very picky person. I like very few dolls, so I have only one doll now. I will spend my money on buying clothes and changing make-up for him. I think I've had enough of one or two dolls I like very much, and sometimes I can't play with too many dolls.