Only-Doll Discussion Thread [tiny dolls] Part 1

Dec 14, 2011

    1. Beautiful girl, I love long hair!
    2. [​IMG]

      A quick eastery picture of my Only-Doll siblings. From left to right:

      Úlfur is a QianDong, Elva is a HongXiu, Alrún is a YouHe and Urðungur is a YouBai.

      I loves them :3
    3. I think I loves your cuties too xD

      And I never updated, but I'm cool with Onyx atm. I finally gave her a faceup I like, etc.

      [​IMG]Smile by FishCandy, on Flickr
    4. Awww, such pretty kids!! :'D :aheartbea I can't wait to get mine!!
    5. my youbai's friend...she's staying at my house for face up make over and body blushing :D
    6. I'm getting a Youbai and will post pics when I get him and also when he is complete
    7. Can't see the picture :c

      Woot! More Onlydolls :3

      [​IMG]Brother and sister time by FishCandy, on Flickr
    8. bah everytime I see Calabri's doll family I want to hug them all! Every single one of them is awesome.


      I found a doll sized venetian mask in a second hand store yesterday, Elva got to try it out first because she was my first resin BJD.
    9. Awwh <3 I like your family too, mostly biased to Alrún... but they're all sooo cute c:
    10. Hello, all. I just got my first BJD, and he is an Only-Doll Qian Dong. His new name is Lucas. Please excuse my mess. He is not finished up. :) These guys are so cute![​IMG][​IMG]
    11. Nino is so cute!

      Ahhh complete sweetie <3

      Here are my Ran Xue's... I now have two girls... my WS one (resin matched to Hujoo apricot) adopted the hujoo body and decided that he is a she... or possibly just genderless, and a deer.

      [​IMG]Besties by Calabrii~, on Flickr
    12. They are little cuties. I always think my Lucas looks more like a girl than a boy.
    13. Thank you ;3
      I think QianDong can work both ways - it's difficult with yosds though, cuz children are so gender neutral! xD
    14. [​IMG]

      My YouHe, Alrún, and her scars.
    15. Hey guys, had a few questions about these dolls. Can they wear yo-sd shoes/clothes?
    16. I haven't tried it yet as I have never bought YoSD clothing (though I did buy my YouHe second hand and got a lovely dress with her), but my friends have mentioned that they are pretty bulky considering they're modern Yo sized, almost as bulky as the Volks YoSDs. I checked the measurements for both and it seems the Only-Doll ver I body is half a centimeter taller than the Volks, and it seems to be only slight differences (like the chest being one cm wider in circumference, and the waist half a cm thinner). The feet seem roughly the same size though, so shoes should be good.

      (This is a pretty late answer, so sorry about that)

      Edit: Forgot to mention that there's a Ver II body, which I have no experience of. It does not have the same measurements as the old body though, according to the Alice's Collections site.
    17. I actually thought the V1 body is quite skinny O:
      I had your YouHe briefly before you xD and she's on the V2 body. The V2 body is really bulky.

      [​IMG]Body comparison by Calabrii~, on Flickr

      I can take a better photo now if needed, I actually just got another V2 body (even though I ordered the V1... little guy didn't want the V1 apparently)