New Company PashaPasha

Dec 22, 2016

    1. Hello there~

      PashaPasha just released two girls for her resin line, Breath and Pulse.
      They can be ordered through her website in four different colours *White Bone, Milk With Blood, Ebony Silk and Blue Blood*. 6-9 months layaway plan is also available.

      According with the recent news it would be possible to place new orders in 2017.

      Check her website and instagram for more pictures and info <3
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    2. @EchoUndine ...I asked the mods some time ago if they would consider adding Pasha Pasha to the allowed On Topic I could start a discussion All dolls must be vetted by the mods first...have they now given their answer????
    3. At this time, PashaPasha dolls are not on topic. The mod team has been in contact with Pasha, who is a member here, and we are awaiting her submission of her dolls before we can declare them on topic.
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    4. Update - the mod team has decided that PashaPasha Breath and Pulse are on topic for DoA! :)
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    5. That's great, thank you!
      PashaPasha discussion thread here.

      Also, the new pre order period will start on march 2017.
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