Pathos Tale mini dolls discussion thread

Nov 17, 2016

    1. Wow, terrific! I love how her red arms echo the red dress!
    2. Thank you! <3 My friend made her dress, the one who has the LuoSheng, she was trying to sell it but showed it to me, and now it is mine. :3
    3. Hello everyone, I am happy that soon I will be able to join your thread as a proud owner of a Pathos Lou Na
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    4. Where on earth did you find it? Or is this back from when they were still available? @gaiboiozz
    5. @Gathephaar I was lucky enough to find one secondhand. I missed out on the sale period so when i came across it I couldn't help but jump on it.
    6. @gaiboiozz Don't suppose if you see another, you could yell at me about it? xD Those two are my grails, but I didn't learn about the company until 2 weeks after their preorder finished. You're so super lucky to have found one!
    7. @Gathephaar For sure, I will keep an eye out for you
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    8. Guess who came home today

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    9. Welcome, cutie!!!!!
    10. She's beautiful! Do you have any idea what you're going to do with her?
    11. @Gathephaar I am sorry I didn't see your comment. I named him Eimin. He is the son of Charon (Ferryman of the rivers styx). He goes & collects souls that are lost. Bad souls go into his dark mind & good souls go into his pure heart. He takes them to his father so he may get them to Hades where they are judged. What do you guys think of his character?

      I got him Fairyland Ria Wings & next a outfit. Last I will get him a face up cause I am still looking for someone who's style I would like for Eimin.

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    12. I love the eye colour that you went with, it goes really well. It's certainly an interesting character profile. It'll be really cool to see them all done up!