Patience in the hobby

Nov 19, 2017

    1. I'm pretty impatient, have been my entire life. I was good during the processing phase of my order, but then, once he shipped... I checked the tracking like once every 20 minutes :?

      I also just love getting cool things in the mail, so...
    2. Same. I've always been a pretty impatient person, but have gotten a lot better with this hobby. At the moment, I'm waiting for three of my girls to arrive from the faceup artists, eyes for a one girl, some pre-orders to start, and I'm also trying to find a few heads from the second-hand market before my favorite faceup artists open their next slots.
    3. I find myself very impatient lately. I'm usually a very patient person and had no problem at all waiting for any of my dolls to arrive. My problem stems from the fact that I've moved three times in the past two years and my dolls have been packed away since before the first move. I haven't seen or touched them in about 6 months. I'm still trying to get settled into the new place and I'm getting very impatient waiting to unpack them.
    4. I've learned a lot of patience in this hobby. Your mind races with wonderful ideas and dreams but you wallet and life can't always keep up. I had to wait and save for my first doll and now my second is on the way 5 years after I picked her out. Life happens sometimes and it can knock your plans back. I found myself being more positive and less bothered when i find myself knocked back from saving, joking instead of being sour. Telling my husband things like "Shes glaring at me(current doll), she's mad I dipped into her new friends account." Now that I finally ordered, I find myself once again waiting but pleasantly surprised how much better I handle it now. When I ordered my first I was so on edge and bothering the Q&A like every other day asking when it'd be ready.
      There's a huge amount of personal growth and patience to be gained in this hobby and I find that an amazing plus :D
    5. TBH im quite patient!! Hahaha i could go for half a year up to a year of waiting as long as i feel assured that its coming or being made!! I just like to have the security that i already have ordered the parts or the doll. I can understand though if you dont have a bjd currenlty you'll get really antsy to get one or complete a hybrid. Just remember to take it slow or you'll regret it!! I got my first doll 2nd hand and on an impulse buy as i was desperate to get one but i couldnt afford a brand new one. Few months later came my birthday and i asked for a AS Cinderella as a present. Ever since i couldnt look at my old doll the same way =(. Ended up selling her so she could get a better home!!

      Hope this helps!!

      Ps. I do say SIO2 has a longer wait time!! Hahaha usually about 6months per doll thats even small than a YoSD sized doll!! You can handle the wait im sure!!

      Take care Love! ♡
    6. I'm such an impatient person lol. Whenever I order something I'm constantly checking the tracking and seeing where the item is. Honestly this hobby has helped me to get better about it, because otherwise you'll go crazy during some wait times! Though once an item has shipped I will admit to being back to being inpatient again.
    7. :bumpI order a latidoll have to wait at least 12 months. So because this hobby I became so patient.
    8. Oh my god there is so much waiting in this hobby now that I think about it. First it's trying to find the sculpt you want, then there's contacting the company where you wish they'd reply straight away but that's not realistic at all. And then you have to wait for the doll to be made, and then shipped. And the once you have your doll, I do the faceup so I have to wait for sealant to dry. And then I make the wig so I have to wait for the glue to dry. And then you realise you want new clothes for this doll so you go on that journey to find the right clothes and then wait for them to come. It's such a process.
    9. The patience issue has gotten easier for me as I've gotten more dolls. I have had dolls pop up at my doorstep like "It's been 30-40 business days ALREADY?" because I get so preoccupied with projects for my other dolls :sweat
    10. my patience is tested depending on the degree of a doll's in/completeness like, i'm very impatient when the doll is naked and it needs to have clothes.. i cant risk playing it without clothes. but if the clothes have arrived and some accessories arent still available, i can live
    11. When it comes to waiting for dolls to be produced, I think the issue is not so much that I'm impatient. I'm used to waiting months for things I want to come out, especially video games. It's cool, I can forget about things for months or even years on end if I know they're just not going to come out any time soon. Case in point, Psychonauts 2.

      I just feel uneasy that doll companies seem incompetent enough that they can't tell me exactly when my doll is going to be done. The sheer cost combined with the lack of any clear deadline just puts up a lot of red flags for me. I'm sure a large part of "learning to be patient" for a lot of people in this hobby is actually "dealing with companies enough that you start to trust them more".

      I think I'm REALLY impatient when it comes to shipping. I just bought a secondhand doll 2 days ago and I'm already getting antsy because it hasn't shipped yet. And when they're in transit I check the tracking every 5 minutes. OTL
    12. Saving!! The most, at least. I suck at saving, literally no one should give me money. I will spend it right away and I hate that, it´s not like I am shop-aholic or something like that, but I just can´t save. Also I am in love with a rare limited sculpt I really wanna have, so this sucks more. I have to decide between either buying a doll I can afford and which is available or saving a bit more money and waiting for that one sculpt to pop up on the second hand market. It will take probably so much time!
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    13. Its very difficult! I ordered clothes and wigs off of Legend Doll and Etsy over a month ago and neither have shipped. I know that’s not that long, but I hate my doll’s current wig and I just want her to be closer to the character I have in mind. I almost feel like i cant fully bond with her because she’s not quite right.
    14. It took a really long time to get used to the wait at first, and then I left the hobby for a while... When I came back it felt nearly unbearable. I'm trying to distract myself by making some new clothes in the meantime.
    15. The weather makes me impatient. If it's not raining it's humid as hell. What happened to spring? I want to seal the face up I've been working on for the past month. Sigh
    16. I find myself to be pretty impatient, so I always can't wait for my doll to arrive once they've been ordered. I just want them in my hands already.
    17. Impatiently waiting for my new doll from supia.
    18. There's so much waiting. After waiting 85 days for my doll to ship I just shipped out my Dollshe back out to get its face-up done which will take another 6 weeks time on top of waiting for all the wigs and clothes I ordered from Korea and China and the Ukraine taking its sweet time coming here that's taking at least 3 to who knows how many more weeks to be made and shipped. Its only been 2 weeks but it already feels like a month has passed by...
    19. if there is such a thing as ridiculously patient in this hobby, then that's what i am. i consider dolls as a part time hobby, so i move very slowly. like, it would take me ages to get shoes or wigs for my girls... i make the clothes myself, but in my own sweet time.

      yeah... just slowly... slowly... i don't even photograph them very often.
    20. I thought I had a lot of patience as I waited 12 years to get into this hobby and now that I am waiting for my first doll and her clothes and accessories I am dying! I just want her now so I can take photos and start crafting wigs and such.