Patience in the hobby

Nov 19, 2017

    1. Well, I've had to search for the doll I've currently got on layaway for 13 years. 13 years of fruitlessly searching the marketplace and never finding one for sale. I honestly believed that I wasn't ever going to find him; I kicked myself for not buying his sister sculpt when I had the chance way back when. And then few weeks ago, there he was! Almost missed him too, if not for some awesome people who notified me :).

      Now I'm getting impatient, 'cause I still have to pay him off and I want him NOW. Can you believe it? 13 years? No problem. Few months? Insanity!
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    2. The longest I have been waiting for a doll was 8 month, it was a Nikki Britt one. But I think this record will soon beaten by an order I made at Jpodolls last november, the doll are still been made at the factory. It feels like an eternity!!!