Peak's Woods Fairies of Colors Discussion PART VIII

Apr 2, 2018

    1. I've spent most of the day studying the sculpts on the Dandy boys. I do like the White Rabbit but prefer the open eyed dolls. I think Geo is the same head with the open eyes...he's pictured in a grey skin. So hoping it would be ok in the white as I'm not ready to spend more on the darker skintone. I have a Delight in Suntan. Also unsure how that would look. Then I went on to check out the clothing. Oh boy...not that easy. Freedom Teller is out of many items. I like the one with a blue checked shirt but unsure if the plain shirt shown comes with it...not menu choice??? Found some stuff on eBay. Shoes are trickey. The Nine Style are kinda pricey...any other places to check?
    2. @krystina Thank you for your reply! I'm rather glad they're for sale the whole month, at least this gives me time to decide if I should go for it or not.
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      Here is my newest boy Mewt to help convince you:
      As for clothing, the 61cm bodies are pretty slim. I have a 2014 Peakswoods boy and the newest Dandy bodies are slightly taller but both my boys can pretty much wear the same pants (the difference isn't noticeable to me anyway). SD13 shirts tend to be baggy - I haven't tried any SD10 shirts...not sure if those may be too short. SD13 shoes seem to be a little big - depending which company you purchase from. I have a pair of converse from TTYA that fit comfortably. I purchased 2 other pairs of shoes from Alice Collections and from Ebay and they both seem a bit big. I've owned a Souldoll Zenith and Peakswood boys are WAAYYY easier to shop for lol!
      What boy were you thinking you were needing?
    4. Krystina---Great Photo...and your boy has the open eyes which I prefer. They look great and rather mysterious with the sleepy eyes but I like my dolls to look a me. If you read my previous post about the White Rabbit and the Geo sculpt you will see my uncertainty. I think they are the same sculpt but not sure. Geo has the open eyes. If I ordered the white skin will that FU look OK or too pale, not sure. I tried to order yesterday with a grey wig but got confused...said nothing was in my cart???? I'd be afraid to order the 67cm body...oh boy pretty tall. I have some TTYA clothing that he might be able to share. Maybe their jeans also.... For now I'm still trying to figure out how to order what I want...scary without help at the "checkout." I have two other PW dolls and both are gorgeous...the best FUs out there IMO. My biggest struggle is accepting the fact that I might buy another doll when I'm trying to downsize...anyone have that problem? Have you ever ordered Freedom Teller clothing? fit? I have a suit from Sadol and it's great...a perfect fit...and quality.
    5. So I'm back...cannot get the shopping cart to work?? But I did get it to take my selections in the WISH LIST but now cannot find how to access that wish list. I thought they were taking orders yesterday but maybe I'm wrong. I cannot get the drop down menus to allow me to make a specific selection in the clothing section. I am clueless.
    6. Are you talking about White Rabbit Seize and Gio looking similar? They look completely different to me, Gio has fuller lips and his open-eyed version, his eyes are open more.

      Your Wishlist should be accessible through "My Page" in your account.

      The Drop-down works kind of weird; you have to do the top most drop-down box before being able to get options in the next drop down box.

      Once you have your selections made; do you have the option to Go to Cart? Usually, after you place your order, you get a confirmation number and you can either email Peakswoods letting them know you've placed an order or just go to your Paypal (if you're paying with Paypal) and just pay the amount that's on your purchase page (don't forget to add your confirmation number). Hope this helps!

      Haven't tried any of the SD13 clothes (just SD17 sizes) from Freedom Teller. I would like to get another pair of their jeans though- very good quality indeed!
    7. @Cathie Milwaukee Have you checked this thread out: Peak's Wood - Dandy Boys
      @paxita has a Gio next to Troy (the doll I have) next to each other. Both very cute; Gio is unreal! I don't think I can handle an SD17 boy; too much doll for me lol!
    8. This should help...I will try your advice tomorrow Krystina. I want the open eyed think I'm on the right track.
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    9. OK Krystina---I now consider you my BJD mentor! I did a lot a research last nite again and slept on the ordering process. I got so excited I needed to slow down and THINK. I pulled out my other BJD dolls and thought OMG....I am crazy for ordering another. BUT I do not have a boy. Never found one that looked boyish. I appreciated your observation about Gio...he does have large lips which I rather like...making him not too dainty. Also found more photos of him on Instagram which helped. I got stumped ordering the doll because I wanted the grey wig and not the blonde...figured that out. Also bought the Sadol suit in PURPLE with the blue stripe shirt. Rather excited about that because it's so different. Shoes....need to find. 7.5cm foot. Liked a grey pair on etsy but sold out (of course). Right after I got my confirmation from PW my phone rang from my bank. Scared me...but they wanted confirmation for a large overseas CC payment. Actually a good thing. Now the wait (and more shopping). Time to start sewing for my girls the mood. Thanks so much. Cathie
    10. lol no problem! I've ordered six dolls from them in the past. I've downsized since then; as much as I'd like more dolls I don't have the space for them or don't give them all my attention (or I have buyer's remorse sometimes, heh). Did you end up getting the SD size or SD17 size Gio? The purple suits sounds awesome, can't way to see him! And show off your girls!
    11. lol no problem! I've ordered six dolls from them in the past. I've downsized since then; as much as I'd like more dolls I don't have the space for them or don't give them all my attention (or I have buyer's remorse sometimes, heh). Did you end up getting the SD size or SD17 size Gio? The purple suits sounds awesome, can't way to see him! And show off your girls!

      I ordered the SD13 size...big enough for me. I rationalized that I needed a BOY. Really didn't think I'd be ever be buying another PW doll but I was wrong. I do feel like I'm spending $$$ that's needed elsewhere but got hit with large dental bills for implants and thought---hey, I'm retired and I DESERVE some fun too. Right? My next problem is boy shoes. Man...hard to find. The ones on the site are big and not sure they would work for PW SD13. I did check out Alice Collections and found they to have a few that would work...not what I'd pick but this guy can't wear a fancy suit barefoot! If anyone knows of a seller for SD13 boys that fit pretty well please give me a shout out. I am very pleased with the Gio face, just hope the FU looks good on the white skin.

      I would love to post when I get the doll if I can figure out why my Flicker album is corrupted. I wrote them for help and hope I can at least delete the account and start over. None of my passwords work...lovely heh? PS my Flicker link still works....if you want to see my other girls. I just can't add to that account.
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    12. Oh my goodness... The Alice in Dreamyland dolls are haunting my dreams... They are SO BEAUTIFUL! Anyone expecting them?
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    13. Can someone tell me what size eyes the 61cm Dandy boys wear? I've looked everywhere and can't find that info. That's for the wide eyed Gio. It's probably right in front of my nose but can't find it on the PW site.
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    14. @Cathie Milwaukee The information on the head sculpt page says 14mm. :) It's here if you want to take a peek! I'm planning on putting a Gio on layway, though I still have to decide between sleepy or awake.... Decisions, decisions! *_*
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    15. My Gio Blue (dreamy eyes) wear 12mm
    16. Well they sure hid that info on the eye size from me. Looked everywhere but probably just overlooked it. Also makes sense the dreamy eyed boys only need the 12mm. Thank you.
    17. Does anyone have a favorite brand of eyes? Something spectacular (not Oscar--I know about those).
    18. When they release next month, I'm hoping to get a pair of eyes by this maker. I've been following this person on Instagram for some time; I really like how the pupils appear to be soft. No matter the eye size I use, my opened eye doll always looks like he's staring my down.
      I hear Dolcebella is pretty good too.
      Right now, I only have Oscardoll ;)
    19. I like these the eyes are so deep and wonderful.
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    20. I love Marison eyes
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