Peak's Woods Mini Discussion Thread

Jun 15, 2008

    1. And she's ordered! Sort of by accident because my wonderful cat hit the pay now button on paypal, but I guess he made the decision for me. I just got a basic Little Lottie, normal skin w/ faceup. First doll I've ordered directly through Peakswoods, so I'm kind of excited. :D
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    2. Congrats! That cat knows what’s best ;) I hope we don’t have any delays on our Lottie’s!
    3. Honestly I'm expecting between 3 and 4 months. The last doll I ordered from them took 7 (March-October), but I also ordered through Fabric and Friends, so...I guess we'll see how it goes.
    4. My last order direct with Peaks Woods was 7 months (for my big Lottie! From April to November) but they had quite a few releases as well as opening all basic FoC at that time, so I’m thinking with them limiting the orders this time they’ll catch up some.
    5. Yeah, the last time I ordered from them was when they were stopping the sale of FOC's, so I really wasn't surprised that it took that long. But man the wait was worth it.
    6. Joining the Little Lottie squad :) Ordered her yesterday, right on the deadline. :3

      This will be my first Peakswoods doll, and I'm pretty excited. ^_^ She'll be arriving to me in White Skin and blank, so I'll need to be shopping for the right face up artist for her. :o

      I havent seen many reviews on the FoB body though. Does anyone know of any? I'm a teensy bit obsessed with posing and such for photos, so I'd love to know exactly what I should expect. ^_^
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    7. @wherethelilacsbloom Congrats on ordering her! Lottie is a beautiful sculpt. As for posing, the elbows are double jointed & my KoonieS touches her face easily. The knees are single jointed and FoB is a solid stander.

      I pose my dolls in pretty basic standing, sitting, and laying positions so I don't have any complicated photos to share. But Imo they are sturdy/well balanced and have a beautiful body line.
    8. I'm not sure if this helps you but paxita's Dandy Troy arrived recently & he's in the moonlight grey color. Sorry, this reply is a bit late for the most recent event though. (I added the quotes to see her boy below as I had trouble adding them here, for some reason)

      It looks pretty similar to the blue grey color to me, but maybe a tad more greyish?
    10. Reviving an old thread with a photo of my Dotty Muse. I haven't shared her here yet although I actually received her last fall.


      This is Harriet, my adorable little vampire :whee:
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    11. @Calfuray love to see Harriet! Still can’t ge over her gorgeous resin, Peaks Woods does so well with their colors:D I want to contribute to the thread more but I’m still waiting on my Little Lottie! Currently around day 60, end of March will be her official ship window though I’m prepared for any delays (as tough as those may be ><)
    12. Dottie Muse is a dream doll of mine *sigh* Yours is ever so beautiful in that colour and the way you styled her, too. THank you for sharing!
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    13. That order of 4 dolls I placed in the beginning of 2016 has been paid off. I can't wait for them to be made and sent to me @[email protected]
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    14. @Calfuray - She's just beautiful, I love how you styled her.
    15. I received my FPB Lottievtoday, wuite surprisingly too! She' s really the cutest thing and I already love her to bits.
      I ordered her on the 23rd of december, she got shipped on 30st of march and arrived here today, which is pretty quick!
      I hope that I can do her faceup tomorrow.

      img_20180405_172437.jpg |
    16. @Morpheus EDIT: Nevermind I figured out how to view it and saw you on Instagram! Omg she’s so cute! I hope the others aren’t far behind!
      ahh is she Little Lottie?? Sadly a pop up keeps blocking the image in the link :atremblin I can’t see the photo
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    17. My little Lottie has a tracking number but has not shipped yet. I AM SO EXCITED
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    18. Little lottie is here!! She has such a chubby face I love it!

      Sorry for the giant pic. :(

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    19. After 91 business days, my Little Lottie shipped!:D So excited I didn’t have an extra 2 months like when I ordered by big Lottie! Especially since I got her full set as well as choosing Pink Punch resin :3nodding: I hope shipping isn’t delayed and I have her by the end of the week.
    20. Lucky with customs! Sped through the office to get to me in only two days total, I looooove her:D
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