Peak's Woods Mini Discussion Thread

Jun 15, 2008

    1. I love these girls! :D:D

      Side note, does anyone know when PW opens up orders for their MSDs? or is it random?
    2. @Fawne Peak’s Woods operates based on the current limited releases! But they will release certain things based on their work load. For example the Christmas event was supposed to release all the FoB for order in basic skin tones alongside the full set releases, they had too much on their plate and ended up only offering Little Lottie, R Dotty Muse, and Little Yeru.

      But they seem to be catching up because they offered most (if not all?) their SD lines these last couple months with Mona’s release! So keep your eyes peeled for hints of an FoB release. Its kind of random, but if you follow them they seem to rotate around the size lines they offer throughout the year.
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    3. @Cuteasadoll, congratulations on your girl's arrival. My goodness, she's absolutely beyond cute!
    4. I'm loving all the girlies coming in!
    5. Sorry for the double post...but she's just so cute!!

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    6. @velouriumxcamper that coat is so cute!! Love the shot of your Lottie! She looks incredibly sweet how you’ve styled her :whee:
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    7. I just ordered a FOB Little Lottie from their latest event and I'm so excited! The moment I saw her, I fell in love!
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    8. Congrats!! She's such a cutie! I'm going to see if I can swing a Suntan Little Lottie to be Mini Chai (my Wake Up Lottie!) But I wont know for sure until the end of the event :eusa_pray what options did you order yours with? :kitty2
    9. I just got her in their normal resin with a small bust hehe, but I've asked for them to do a faceup like their FOB Mia. Goodness I can't wait! :whee:
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    10. incredible! This delicate girl)
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    11. edit: I figured it out, nvm!
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    12. Hey Everyone! Figured I'd revive this thread with my Little Lottie, Lilia! I've had her for about a month now and I am still so in love with her
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    13. I just ordered a Little Lottie head! I've been wanting a Lottie forever, and finally just did it :)
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    14. @ephemeral Thank you hehe!

      @Solesa You won't regret it! She's even more beautiful in real life!
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    15. @sayakami I'm so excited!! Lottie (the FOC one) was one of the first dolls that I saw that even got me into the hobby years and years ago :) When PW came out with this smaller one I couldn't afford it at the time, but now... It's basically my christmas gift!
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    16. @Solesa Congrats on your Lottie order!:fangirl:
      Lottie is such a pretty sculpt. I do have a FOC Lottie at home since many years ago and I still love her.

      I did order an emerald green Vampire Dotty Muse a couple days ago. Couldn't resist her sweet vampire face and those tiny teeth ...she is so darn cute!:D
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