Peak's Woods Mini Discussion Thread

Jun 15, 2008

    1. @Trullerie Exciting! What options did you order her with? I wish they had their moonlight grey resin available, I would've loved to have ordered a Vampire Dotty Muse in that colour :XD:

      But I'm happy because I ordered a Romantic Koonies whose character I've had planned for a while.
    2. @sayakami I ordered her with big bust, basic face-up and a blue cutie wave wig. Oscar eyes too. But I will probably use those eyes for another doll. I passed on outfit, shoes and special parts. I have other outfit plans for her ;)

      Oh, moonlight grey is so beautiful too. If that resin option was available I would probably had to buy two Dotty:XD:
      I'm so excited to see your Romantic Koonies when she is home. When did you ordered her? Will she be shipped soon?
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    3. @Trullerie I ordered her during this Halloween part 2 event so I won't be seeing her until next year :(

      But that'll give me time to buy her outfit and wig (I already have a pair of Oscar Doll eyes ready for her).

      I can't wait to see your Dotty Muse when she arrives! Be sure to take lots of pictures :whee:
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    4. Aww, that's too bad :sorry
      But we will have our girls about the same time then. That will be so much fun and exciting. I really looking forward to it:celebrate
      It will be looooooots of pics!!:sumomo:
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    5. I have some of the FOB girls in Lavener Pink in case they will help you while you are waiting. I also have two in normal skin. I'll add pics for you. If I can remember how? Sorry no picture by you can click on the below and go to flickr to see them

      Koonie and Mia
    6. Does anyone have a Little Lottie with a custom (non-Peakswoods) faceup? :)

      I received mine last year, and while I think her face sculpt is cute, the body is so much taller (and thinner) than my other girls.. And I'm not sure if I will keep it, as it sticks out quite a lot. I think I want to keep her head and make a hybrid, but Id love to see what others have done with their Little Lotties.. :)
    7. I just bought punky beetle in the blue skin and I'm so excited! I've actually had a wig (or two) saved for a fantasy colored girl for a year now and I do love punky beetle.

      Otherwise I've been sewing for my other girls, they are just so pretty it is super motivating.

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    8. @Waflicka, she is positively stunning in that gorgeous gown! I love the fabric. It’s so wonderful that you’re able to sew for your dolls. I can see that they would be quite inspiring, and what a perfect way to develop their characters exactly as you see them in your mind.
    9. @Cuteasadoll @velouriumxcamper & @sayakami , they are so beautiful! I love how different they look. Im hoping to order Lottie next time they open sales.

      @Waflicka , her dress is amazing :D Mia is the most underrated PW sculpt, but I may be biased lol
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    10. @Cydril I love your Mia! She's so cute :D
      I hope I can order Vampire Romantic Mia in lavender pink at the next Halloween event. I have wanted to get her ever since I got my Vampire Dotty Muse. She needs a friend :aheartbea
    11. My Dotty arrived today! :D
      Like I promised. Here's the first of all those pics....;)

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    12. I need some help with resin matching, i iavve seen that pw has a peachy skin colour and for a foc lottie head i would like to buy a proper body for her, it has similar skin like Fairyland or maybe Luts and Myou doll but not quit sure about it, any ideas? Btw shes normal skin
    13. I am also wondering about resin matching--specifically MYou. Does anyone know which of their skintones would work best? Normal or normal pink?
    14. @Lenola - PW and FL aren't a very good match in normal skin, PW is more peachy and FL is a light pinkish color.
      I know you didn't ask about Tan dolls but Luts real skin brown and the Peak's Woods Suntan, are IMO a pretty good match, not perfect but close enough in coloring to look natural. PW is again slightly more peachy tan and Luts RSB is slightly more olive in tone.

      I'm not sure about Myou, I'm sorry, I haven't heard of them so I'll need to go check them out.

      [​IMG]PW right arm, FL left arm in NS, indoors with flash

      [​IMG] next to screened window, no flash

      [​IMG]Luts head on Right in Real skin brown with Peaks Woods Suntan body on Left, not a bad match, but not a perfect match.

      [​IMG]Luts head in Real skin brown on Peaks woods suntan body
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    15. Hi, everyone!
      I'm so excited to join the PW squad. My Romantic Lady Bee arrived in June. Still has no shoes, but she is so pretty :love

      [​IMG]Reading by Caramel Apple, on Flickr
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    16. ooooh, I like her little nose so much. Beautiful :love
    17. @dunkelhelllila, what a beauty! I love her face-up and that wig is amazing.:)
    18. @faireva thanks for posting those! Ive been wondering about the tan match as well.

      @dunkelhelllila shes so cute! I love those eyebrows :D

      Little Yeru is so adorable!! I'm totally in love. Are there any agents for PW besides DDE? I dont think DDE does preorders anymore...