Peak's Woods Mini Discussion Thread

Jun 15, 2008

    1. Cydril: Not that I know of. I have quite a few PW's, all from DDE - it's disappointing they wouldn't help the last time I asked.

      Did you see the cute video of the three heads together?
      Peak's Woods on Instagram: “This is a short video of FOB R. Little Lottie, R. Little Yeru, R. Romi's make-up heads. Also all the promo pictures have been up on each…”
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    2. I just put in a layaway order for an FOB Romi yesterday !! I'm so excited for her, she's so cute! I'll also be getting an event head, but I don't know which sculpt yet, I just know it's an FOB.

      Anyway, I ordered her in Pink Punch skin, and I was wondering if anyone had any Peak's Woods dolls in that skintone? I haven't seen many pictures of them, and I'd really love to! I think it's a lovely fantasy color. <3
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    3. @stardustguts - Romi is so cute! Congrats on your second doll! I have a doll in pink punch and I love it. My Briana on right is in pink punch. My Knox on left is in blue gray skin, just to keep it in perspective.

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    4. @faireva They are both so pretty! I love how the pink punch skin is sort of almost like a regular skin tone you'd see on a human, just with a more pink hue if that makes sense? It's gonna be perfect for the character I'm envisioning as my romi!
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    5. @stardustguts , congrats! Pink the best<3

      I put in an order for a Little Yeru head. Im hoping I can hybrid her on a body thats not so tall. Shes going to be the sister for my DollMore Latte :)
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    6. I'm looking for a body to hybrid my Dotty Muse head on :) Anyone know of something close in colour and neck compatibility? Does not have to be perfect, I can always blush to match and mod a little bit.
      Edit: I forgot to mention she's normal skin! Sorry!
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    7. Its been 5 days and my order on the PW site says 'pending'. Is that the normal thing for it to say? The money came out of my account...
    8. Don't worry! It'll stay as pending until your doll is ready to be shipped :)
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    9. @dunkelhelllila She’s so pretty!!! I love her wig, and her faceup is phenomenal! :D

      @Cydril Little Yeru is super cute! For my extra head, I’m using a Doll Family H 42cm girl body ver. II. I’n gonna need to mod the head a bit as it’s not a perfect fit, but I just fell in love with the aesthetics of that body!
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    10. @stardustguts thank you! I'm glad you like my girl.
      And here we are again :lol: With a new wig. She just looks so different. I'm not sure now, which wig is better

      [​IMG]Lavender hair by Caramel Apple, on Flickr
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    11. Hi, i’m not sure if this could be asked here but may i ask if anyone had made a hybrid between a Peakswoods FOB head and Fairyland Minifee body?
    12. Wow, she is absolutely stunning! I love her lavender wig! Who did her faceup? :D

      I just paid off my Little Rosemii in lavender pink skin today. I'm so excited! I hope she will be done quickly :aheartbea
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    13. I order a vampire little Yeru in the green skin and with make up. Very excited.
      She is my first ever resin Bjd. :o
      A bit expensive for a first one but she looks gorgeous.
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    14. I know, I got her too! Such a cutie, I couldn't pass her up. That green skin is really interesting. I've already been trying to decide what colors she'll look best in and stuff.

      This is my first Peakswoods MSD, does anyone know how well they fit in Leekeworld 6/7 wigs? Although I always assume it's probably a 7/8 size I know leekeworld has a generous fit and I already have a bunch of them on hand. It would be amazing if I could squeeze her head into some of them when she gets here. :P
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    15. Hey guys, just wondering if any of you own a Peakswoods Yeru MSD(FoB size) and if you could share your experience with wigs.
      I'm trying to put together a wardrobe and whatnot while I wait for my girl to arrive and was wondering if she could *maybe* squeeze into Leekeworld 6/7 wigs or if she's a hard 7/8. Her head looks kind of gigantic in the pictures. :P

      Thanks so much for your help. I know I could just wait and see, but it gives me something to do while I wait. :P
    16. I don't have pictures nor this specific doll but I own three other FOBs from peakswoods and they a definite 7/8 for leeke wigs.
    17. Ok, that's good to know, thanks. :) Time to find some 7/8 wigs for me then. :P