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Pipos PO-11 Size Tinies

May 1, 2009

    1. And what a perky butt ;) She's very cute, I like her a lot.
    2. <sigh> I wish my butt looked that perky...

      But back on topic: Any idea of her dimensions?
    3. No details as of yet. They look about YOSD size, which is why I posted them here. They can lock this topic if they aren't sure. I'm just going by general dimensions of the doll from the pictures.
    4. I stare at those pics a lot and I think they are Yo-sized as well.
    5. oh noes! she have a big breast! if she's in tiny size ; - ;
      but all the joints seems to be good for posing * _*
    6. Oh she looks quite lovely from the back ~ but we need to see her face!
    7. Cute! I don't mind the tiny size with boobs, I see them more as faerie or elf characters, not mutant children ha ha.
    8. Small breasts on her remind me a bit of Domadoll's Okja? She has a little shapely body too. I think it's kind of cute.
    9. The breasts don't look all that big in the first photo. I am thinking it may be the angle of the second photo and the placement of the arm.

      Still can't wait to see the full set. Wonder how much longer before they release all the pics?
    10. I wonder if the "11" in their name stands for inches? If so, that would make the body just under 28 cm, so not much bigger than Yo-size (though the addition of a head will make the doll taller, of course), and possibly capable of wearing a 7-8 head like the Pipos Alice head which was released previously.
    11. The "11" would make a lot of sense then actually. I wonder then if they are considering even tinier dolls??? :D
    12. I'm wondering if the 3rd photo is a boy version? They certainly look cute, I can't wait to see more pictures.
    13. If it's not the boy version maybe it's just small and large bust plates?
    14. I'm only wondering if it's a boy version because there's meant to be a mad hatter from memory and the third picture, the doll doesn't look as if it's got a face-up like the first two photos do. Of course, that means absolutely nothing. What I can see of the face looks incredibly pretty.
    15. My hope is that there is a boy and a girl option. I love Pipos face-ups, so I'm eager to see what they have made.
    16. If you check out this old news thread for the Pipos Ear and Tails parts you'll see a pair of tinies modeling ears and tails which upon further questioning were revealed to be dolls Pipos is producing but just haven't released yet. I think one of them might be the Hat Seller/Mad Hatter for their Alice In Wonderland series. (I was also told they would be re-releasing Namoo so I'm thinking the little DoorMouse might be him^^) So I'm wondering if this new size might include these little guys. I have been anxiously awaiting their release ever since I saw this thread:D

    17. They have such beautiful faces. I'm hoping for less mature faces too...
    18. I love the look of the girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. If they release her, I'm gonna be hooked.
    19. very beautiful. i like it.

      and the butt...omg