PlanetDoll Mini Riz 27cm discussion part 3

Jul 23, 2011

    1. cirquemom, thank you!:)
      StacheRabbit, I buy shoes from Mimiwoo, hujoo size is perfect fit. Your Pearl is cute! I like her style.
    2. I'm placing an order but the resin colors have changed since I last had "normal". Now there is "normal" (which is different from their original more yellow normal) and "pink normal" (which I understand MAY be more apricot-y?).

      I really need some comparison pics to help choose which color would work best for me. Help??
    3. Hi everyone. Pearl and Robert are looking wonderful – they both have such expressive faces.
      I just wanted to update my issue with the wrong head – planetdoll were great, they sent out Emma immediately and I now have her here – they didn't even want me to return Aqua. So now I'm thinking that she will have the Aqua head when she's in her mermaid form and the MS head when she borrows Renee's body to walk on land. I don't have properly posed photos yet, but here's a shot of the 2 girls together.
      IMG_5134 by Tide N Thyme, on Flickr
      (Oh and – ForeverVirginia – they are both pink normal skin if that helps, although I don't have comparison photos for you).
    4. Hello! I was wondering if anyone here has seen Renee as a boy? I'm thinking twins would be fun ....
    5. I just got a package from Spampy and have been having fun playing dress up!

    6. My two tinies had their new wigs arrive today! I'm so pleased. My Tara boy now has a name too!; Zephyrus Crook.
    7. :)
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    8. So beautiful !!! :D
      Very nice wig ^^
    9. has anybody seen ChuChu and Chichi, their new line dolls?? are they gonna be in this thread too?? :D
      the legs is soo cute :D
      i love Chuchu cute >,<
      i will add her to my wishlist list :P

      kkerrin, so beautiful!! :D i love her lips and eyebrows....makes her looks so delicate...prettyyy :D
    10. Yes I saw them. I like the heads, but a body without a joint is not my thing. :S
    11. im pretty sure they will upgrade the body in the future. and i will looking forward to it XD

      i tempted to have a 22cm doll, i have my yosd and i feel she is too tall, i have tiny and feel she is too small lmao
    12. Homigosh she's gorgeous!
    13. I've ordered a 22cm ChuChu and am wondering if anyone knows whether or not they'll be OT for this thread?
    14. I just ordered a Mini Renee. I'm really excited.
    15. She is really beautiful !!!
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    16. LiveLoveYarn I've just been told by Cyador that this is the thread for the 22cm dolls also :fangirl: I'm ordering a tiny mermaid bongbong while shipping is free!
    17. Veresk .. Your girl is so very lovely !
    18. Today my package arrived from PlanetDoll. I ordered the 22 Honey ChuChu, but they sent the wrong doll. (A ChiChi) I just eMailed them about it. Everything else in the order was correct. :sweat