PlanetDoll Mini Riz 27cm discussion part 3

Jul 23, 2011

    1. When did you order Bristol? I'm waiting on two dolls at the moment.

      Congratulations on the new arrival and I hope the error gets sorted out soon.
    2. I ordered on 04/27/2014. (It included a face-up, so that added some time) They got back to me, so I'll be sending them a pic of her to confirm that she's the wrong sculpt. -- They said then they'd send me the proper head. I was pretty confused when I opened the box. Looking up at me was a sad looking girl with a button nose, while I ordered ChuChu which has the little smile and narrower nose. :sweat
    3. Thanks. I ordered my Mini Renee on 05/08/2014 and BongBong on 05/21/2014. I can't wait to see some owner pics of the 22Honey dolls. And to work out clothing for them!
    4. well thats sad news Bristol, how's the news going?? they will replace?? you could send a picture comparison between your girl and pictures company, mark it with red so they notice the differences, maybe?? @[email protected]
      congrats for the new doll everyone :D
      cant wait for your pictures spam :D
    5. *Congrats!!* Please post pics when you get her!! I also love the mini mermaids, and am hoping to see more photos of them! :aheartbea

      Edit: Just the other day I noticed their Honey Mermaid dolls, and was in love. Already started saving up for one as my next doll & have a name picked out.
      However I find that desire starting to fade, and leaning into caution. I've tried contacting Planetdoll with a question, and waited well over 48 hours. Still waiting on a response. Contacted them again to see if they even got the first message I sent, again, still waiting with no reply. *shrugs*
      In vain I tried posting a comment on their "New Honey Mermaid Doll" page, with a compliment on how cute they are + my question... My post was deleted 10 hrs later... :doh (Whiiiich is most likely my fault, and my question shouldn't have been posted there- but still I expected some sort of response/ action to finally go with it.)
      Unless there is something that I haven't tried...? Should I try google translator, to have everything typed in Chinese or something? Suggestions on getting a hold of them? :sweat
    6. Chinese wouldn't help as Planetdoll is a Korean company. Other than my order that I'm waiting on, I haven't tried to contract them.
    7. Sometimes you have to be patient when communicating with companies in China or S. Korea. They don't always have someone handy who reads/understands English, so may have to wait for their translator to be there. Also keep in mind the "factories" are TINY - sometimes only a couple of people. And also - things like holidays, weather (esp. rain and humidity) can affect their production time. So I would hang in there and don't despair yet! :)
    8. dolls&tea- Ah. I see. I apologize for the mistake, I'm still pretty new to the hobby. Seems a lot of the dolls I love are Korean. :)

      Cirquemom- Good point. I'm too quick to jump on things, and looks like this hobby requires a lot of patience. Sometimes I forget how tricky it is just for them to make a doll. ^^;

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    9. :)
      But at the same time....when the doll does finally arrive, it's like Christmas morning!
    10. I'm sorry, that came across harsher than I intended. I'm learning Korean at the moment, so I've been really interested in Korean companies.

      Wait times with communication and arrival of dolls is something that can be hard to get used to, I'm much better dealing with it now after a 9 month wait a few years back.
    11. WOAH! Nine months is insane!!!! O.O

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    12. Cewie -- PlanetDoll got back to me and is sending out the proper head, and said for me to keep the wrong one they sent. Now I'll just need to order an extra body, but I'll have to be careful or one of those little mermaids might hitch a ride in the box, too! :XD:
    13. That's great news Bristol. I'm still waiting for my girls, which is good and bad. Good because I have a new kitty and he wants to play with anything I touch, but bad because I keep on buying things for them.
    14. wow I'm impressed - less than a month and my little mermaid bongbong has SHIPPED :dance I need to buy her a goldfish bowl ASAP.....
    15. My Mini Renee has been shipped! Now I'll just have to wait for my BongBong.
    16. Bristol- That's a relief! Haha, I love how they do that, and the little mermaids are sooooo cuuuuute!! :D

      dolls&tea & elve on your shipping notices! Would love to see any pictures of the dolls besides the default site pictures!! <3

      Just ordered a MongMong mermaid tonight. So excited!!
    17. Maybe the new 22cm dolls should have their own thread? Human Bong Bong added herself to my wishlist just now. Looking forward to seeing owner pictures of the new little girls!
    18. I should have my doll/s soon. It looks like I'm just waiting on customs here, although I'm now confused as to who has been posted. On the PD site it shows BongBong was shipped and not mini Renée like I thought (Renée was ordered first).
    19. got my little mermaid today :D the tracking didn't work so I emailed PD yesterday, but here she is - only a week shipping! Box opening thread with more info. here - I recommend her - need a whole shoal of them in fact LOL - better get an aquarium rather than a goldfish bowl! :XD: Just a temporary wig as the one I bought for her was too small! :doh

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    20. she's sooo cute even without face up!!!!!! the company picture really doesnt give justice at all... congratssss!!! XD