PlanetDoll Mini Riz 27cm discussion part 3

Jul 23, 2011

    1. thanks cewie :D yes she barely needs a faceup (which is just as well with my lack of skills!) Very sweet little face. The arms/hands are a bit basic, but the tail makes up for it I think. I've called her Wendy (because of the mermaids in Peter Pan) - and next on the list is Cleo (after the goldfish in Pinocchio) - she'll be pink skin with an orange tail and blonde or red hair - And the 3rd little mermaid in my plan is white with blue tail, called Delphine - which is a name that just popped into my head when thinking about her yesterday - appropriately it means dolphin, so wiki tells me!
    2. What a group you're going to have elve! I need to develop a character before I can justify ordering one.
    3. well I go so far as thinking up a name for them Leo Pheonix - but other than that, the only justification I need is 'I want one!' :XD: As the slogan on Craftster says 'Cute doesn't need a reason!' :aheartbea
    4. Leo Phoenix, I don't bother coming up with a character first, because everytime I have it's been totally wrong on arrival.

      Edited post to say my BongBong (human) just arrived. Photos to come later.
    5. can't wait to see pics of her dolls&tea :D
    6. I've posted an opening/arrival thread, but here's a photo of her.


      Dress is Sugar Mag Blythe, wig is a monster high custom from Etsy and shoes are from strawberry Licca.
    7. oooh so cute :D I was wondering if they'd fit Blythe dresses! Loads on etsy - thank goodness mermaids don't need dresses though, as I'm broke :XD: awww cute shoes too - I love tiny shoes :aheartbea
    8. My mini Renée arrived today!

      BongBong and Renée:
    9. [​IMG]
      Just got my little Joon today!! She's a tan skin MongMong mermaid. Oddly enough they gave me one with no torso mobility at all, but I'm so twitterpated by her that I don't even mind it!! :D
      Thought I'd share.
    10. Congrats on Joons arrival! I'm so in love with the girls that I've now got a MongMong human and a BongBong Mermaid ordered.
    11. Aaaaaaw!! Nice! Congrats! Could you please post pics when you get them? There aren't enough pictures of these lil beauties floating around. NEED MOAR! :XD::aheartbea:aheartbea
    12. [​IMG]

      I can always start by posting another photo of my BongBong. I'm still trying to find a name for her.
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    13. Yay! So cutez!! ^_____^
    14. My white mini elf Renée has arrived! She has no faceup yet, and I'm not sure about her name. Maybe Ida?
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    15. Renée is so cute! I love the red wig on her.
    16. She is gorgeous in that red wig. I even didnt notice, that se doesnt have faceup.
    17. My new dolls just arrived! Mermaid BongBong and human MongMong.

    18. Yay! More mermaids!! <3
      Your girlies are so adorable the way you fixed them up!! What size clothes do they wear? Yosd size seems to be way to big, as do barbie clothes. [emoji28]

      Here is a pic of Joon in her yosd sweater. It's so big on her that it can slip on and off her without using the snap in the back.
    19. I've mostly been using Blythe clothes. The purple dress is a Sugar Mag dress. The top my mermaid is wearing is a Bratz top. I haven't had any luck finding skirts or pants to fit yet.
    20. So cute small dolls - these last ones)))

      ...And here's my Adele in her new outfits (made by me)


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