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PlanetDoll Mini Riz 27cm discussion part 3

Jul 23, 2011

    1. Gorgeous outfits!
    2. Thanks a lot))
    3. love the name Ida !
    4. love your outfits, Baylee !
    5. Adele and her outfits are so beautiful!! :D

    6. Thanks a lot!!!
    7. I've been working on a new outfit for my BongBong. It's a variation of a Blythe Flirty Dress from Ravelry. I've not knitted on this number of scale before or made adjustments to patterns before, so I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. [​IMG]
    8. Some spam of Joon surfing the net on her "waterproof/ mermaid proof" laptop. :dance

    9. Advntr.gal, she's a very gentle and beautiful mermaid!

      Greetings from my Alvi and her best friend:

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    10. DAAAAAAW!! Thank you!! :hug:
      ALVI AND HER FRIEND ARE ADORABLE TOGETHER!! How nice that they keep each other warm sharing the scarf!! :daisy:aheartbea
    11. Adele is sad as always... I even don't know why))

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    12. I just wanted to share - I've made a corset for Adele)) Think she looks romantic and not so sad as always))

      [​IMG]corset2 by Bayle.V., on Flickr
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    13. Idk if I've shared Pearl yet. She's a mini Riz. She such a little sweetie and my first resin bjd. Her perfection really sold me on BJDs. Forgive the terrible cell phone spam.

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    14. So many lovely girls here!

      Here's an old picture of one of my boys who I've neglected horribly for such a long time:
      [​IMG]Mowgli by Wolfboy141, on Flickr
      Sorting out my picture files these last days has made me really excited to do some new shoots with my PD kids again!
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    15. Clothes, wigs and shoes arrived this week for my little Rosie and she doesn't have to share them with anybody else. That's what she thinks...I am so taken with these tiny girls I might just buy another :ablink:


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    16. Such a nice girl!!!
    17. Awwwww. ...but she is darling....
    18. [​IMG]

      Roseanne, my little crocus fairy...
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    19. Hi there! I've got a question. I once ordered a very pretty tibetan lambskin mohair wig especially made for my Mini Riz from a lady who specializes in the size... but I cannot remember who it was! I think I got the tip from here, but for the life of me can't remember or find anything... Anyone here have any idea?

      OH never mind... I should remember to first search my own Flickr... *facepalm* It was made by Sewaddictd, for those interested. ;-)
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