PlanetDoll Mini Riz 27cm discussion part 3

Jul 23, 2011

    1. Hi there! I'm looking at getting one of these girls to match my Bluefairy Shiny Fairy. Can anyone get me some comparison pics of her with a shiny fairy or her with another Yo-SD of similar proportions?
    2. [MENTION=55303]chanarivka[/MENTION] Sorry it took a while for a response. :sweat A Planetdoll Mini Riz would be a lot daintier and smaller looking than a BF Shiny, even if they're the same height. Shown is a 28 cm Planetdoll Honey mermaid which is close to mini Riz size.
      Mini Riz has an 11 cm head while Honey dolls have 11.5 cm.
      Left-right: DZ Wendy, RS Pi, Planetdoll Honey

      As you can see the two are the same height/ length, but both PD Riz's and RS Pi's are smaller proportions than a BF Shiny. Hope all this helps you!
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    3. Lovely picture of your girl, Veresk!
    4. I have an incoming Honey Mong Mong in tan skin and I am really looking forward to her arrival. Does anyone have any shops or types of brands of clothing that fit these girls?
    5. Stike that... Denver Dolls website was wrong and she is not in fact in stock... so I do not have an incoming MongMong... :( So sad... I am still looking at Planetdoll dolls though.. I think they are beautiful.
    6. @Reslie They're back! I've ordered another honey Mermaid!
    7. how did this order go? I'd forgotten planetdoll since they seemed to have stopped trading as normal - but just looked at their website and it looks all in order, including those cute mermaids again! :D Link to their site is PLANETDOLL - Welcome to joyful online shopping! not the one on page one of this thread. I do hope they are trading as normal again - their dolls are so cute!
    8. Yes! They're definitely open for business again. The order went very well. Received my second mermaid around the first weekend of August after ordering in June. :thumbup
    9. Does anyone know if they are still open? I wanted to buy a mini elf Renee and I'm having no luck getting in touch with Planetdoll to see when they will sell her again
    10. Hi all! Anyone knows if these cuties can still be purchased? :)
    11. Breathing some life into this really old thread. Where are the Planetdoll Mini Riz owners in 2019???

      Here is my girl - she's still as photogenic as the day she arrived. :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

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    12. I love this precious little face, this is the most precious doll I have her

      they are still the most beautiful doll I have seen.
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    13. She is lovely, I have a Planetdoll and will post her soon. she needed some work done to restore her back to her original self.
      so far these are the only little dolls I love and now they are so rare. one day I will get a tan Planetdoll from somewhere.
      love the picture.
    14. I think Planet doll doesn't exist anymore, the web domain is for sale. I wanted to buy a little doll or just a body, but I think I am too late :(
    15. Planetdoll web site is for sale, I have been looking for another doll also. I thought maybe they sold the left over dolls to someone else, but I guess not. may be one day I will find another doll for a friend for my little girl I just had restrung and cleaned. Keep hope alive....yes
    16. I love my PlanetDolls and I'm sad they aren't being made any longer. Here's a picture of my first PlanetDoll girl.

      [​IMG]Planetdoll Mini-Riz by kboyd912, on Flickr
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    17. hopefully one day they will make more of these little darlings. I love all the pictures of the little ones pictures. I am glad someone added something new to this thread.