Playing with dolls: what did you do with your doll today that made you happy? <3

Nov 12, 2017

    1. I graduated college in May and have been working like crazy all summer, so he's been stowed away in my room for the better part of six months.
    2. Where did you learn to make a wig like that? Or do you have tutorials yourself? I would love to be able to make my boy a wig that actually has personality to it like yours does! he is stuck with long straight wigs until then haha

      Ah, I can understand that. It's only torment to have the doll out and not enough time to really spend with him. But omfg, I love your updated profile picture <3 You share my design style for makeup, and look AMAZING with your doll <3 <3
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    3. I just watched a bunch of youtube tutorials for making doll wigs... They're mostly slightly different approaches to the same steps, like whether the cap is made hard with glue or soft with elastic, whether the wefts are sewn or glued, etc, so you can pick the way that works best for your style. The one new "trick" that I found really helpful for making a wig this tiny (the doll is 7cm tall, with a 2" head) was from @saharali 's tutorial here; if you cut a slit at the part and glue the wefts to the inside, it minimizes the bulk and helps keep the wig from getting clumped or poofy.
      As for styling, you just have to be really patient, because if you rush then the cuts will be choppy (I still want to smooth up some of the layers on this wig, but my scissors are too dull...).
      Use water to smooth and style the fringe or layers, or you can even use very watered down PVA glue if you want a more permanent gelled/spiky look.
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    4. Thank you!!! I literally /just/ came back after a two year hiatus, so I figured that an update was in order.
    5. What a cute thread! :whee:

      Today I pulled my girl out of her box, got her all dressed, and fitted the coat I've been making for her. It's so close to being done! Then instead of putting her away like I normally would, I put her next to my computer while I did homework and just looked at her whenever I ran out of inspiration. She's still sitting beside me now! :blush
    6. I just restringed (is it the right word??) my Souldoll Swinte. I'm so proud of myself (and my boyfriend since he helped me a lot) because I have never done it before and I was so scared of it lol. Although we had few moments where I tought we would never get it right xD
      But now I can do it anytime! (well I prefer not have to do it again :p)
    7. [​IMG]
      Really cruddy photo since my phone broke, all I got is my dad's age old junk that won't even let me turn off auto adjust features :'(

      But... This is Today's happiness. I put a black sock on my baby's head, and it made a really bad but cute beanie <3 <3 It looks really super cute with the crappy wig I made him and just aaaaaaahhhh <3 <3 This is the only new stuff I've ever even got to play with him with since I got him almost a year ago <3 He needs a starbucks cup now XD

      Thank you, I will make sure to check it out. You make it look easy, but i know it wont be!

      I get on and off too, so I understand... two years is a very long time. especially if you were a big part of it. I still haven't even updated my profile from ~soon~ to having got my doll.. it's been near a year. I'm so happy to see your off hiatus thought, the doll community needs beautiful dolls and their beautiful owners like you <3
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    8. Thank-you! And I've practiced them before but never finished one, this will be my first one I finish :shudder
    9. ahhh, I LOVE doing homework next to my doll, it's the greatest thing <3
      I always drink tea well I study, so I got my doll a working tiny teapot and fancy as junk cups to match <3 I always poor him tea and we study together~~ Nothing is more motivational than your beloved beside you <3
      I'd love to see the winter coat if you ever get a chance! I bet it looks REALLY really cute! What style is it~?
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    10. It's definitely not "easy" to make a more detailed style or a really small wig--it's very fiddly, and hard to keep all the hairs where they're supposed to be and not stuck to your fingers or falling in your tea, and on small scale every cut shows--but if you are patient and don't rush then the actual steps of glue-cut-glue-cut are fairly straightforward.
    11. Oh my god, that sounds so scary <3 I have yet to need to restring my doll, and I FEAR the day i do so.
      I don't even want to chance his eyes yet, despite having the only color eye i dislike having come with him XD

      Is your boyfriend into dolls as well, or just into helping you? <3 Please tell me you and your boyfriend go out together with the doll/s time to time ~~

      I'm sure. I don't think I can even make when for my Uncle/EID sized doll! let along the masterpiece for a microscopic doll like yours!
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    12. Haha you're too sweet. College and life just got in the way, but I'm so happy to be back. I've missed chatting with others about dolls and being a part of the community so much.
    13. Oh wow, Good luck. I hope you can finish it!!!! <3 <3 And even if it doesn't turn out exactly how you want it, It will still look amazing I'm sure <3 the doll will surely be happy with anything you give them, even more so with the extra love and effort you've put into it!
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    14. That is so sweet! I may have to do that in the future, but right now we are both bundled in blankets. <3 I can stare pictures as soon as it's done! It's grey and it pretty much looks like a dress because it has a circle skirt attached to it. :3nodding:
    15. I bet. I've yet to fully become part of the community, since I can't take good pics of my dolls much.
      So instead I just snapchat and message all my friends annoying spam of him/my obsessive thoughts of him all the time. X'D

      Do you go out a lot with your doll/s, or plan to? <3 Do you happen to have an owner x doll spam of pictures you'd be willing to share? I love that stuff, and again, love your style <3
    16. I used to go to meetups regularly when I was in high school, but the local community kind of dissolved. I should take more photos with my dolls for sure, or just photos of them in general. Will definitely keep popping in and around the rest of the forum with stuff from my crew. I'm definitely going to try being more active and taking everyone out more. Quite a few of my friends are scared of them though, so it's hard to do outings.
    17. Oh my goodness, that sounds cute.. both the coat... and the blankets that is just ahhhhhh <3 <3 <3
      I ended up sleeping next to my doll last night myself, because after making him a new wig and hat that showed him off better than the rats nest he had.... his face was just so pretty I had to lay down next to him XD I couldn't do anything but wanna stare at his beautiful smile until I passed out.... Even if his huge body is a bed hog X'D

      I really do hope you upload a picture sometime, I bet it's soooooooo cute <3 <3 <3

      ah, that sucks... both the doll meets, and the friends that are scared of them. My two closest friends, one is scared to death of dolls, and the other absolutely adores my doll and I together... but sadly... regardless, both are in another country studying abroad, and I'm all alone with Aenean.

      You have enough of a style and good looks though, that you could take him out on your own. <3
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    18. Pshhh thank you :chibi I just worry about getting harassed. It's happened in the past and is easier to counteract with friends around. I feel you on the being alone, my best friend is studying abroad too.
    19. I understand those feels.... Luckly I have my dad that I go out with. One thing that really does help though... Snapchat. I'm telling you. There is a little extra "ugh but no" fear because of the fact now your taking pictures in public.... but... then It goes from "I've got a doll because I'm really awkward and weird" to "I've got a doll because it's part of whatever great internet life I've got going on. I'm better than you, my followers know so~~" Even if you have no followers yet XD

      heck, make a doll only snapchat, and wear a shirt with your snaptag on it.. no one will question unless its directly! <3
    20. Today I moved a ton of stuff around my house and made a plan for individual shelves for each of my dolls and my planned dolls. Soon I'll be able to give them spaces of their own. I am so excited. :)