Playing with dolls: what did you do with your doll today that made you happy? <3

Nov 12, 2017

    1. That sounds wonderful <3 Upload a photo when its done if you can!!
    2. I went to put my Dollmore Nayuta kenzo, that I just got in the mail a couple days ago into a sitting position, and laughed out loud when he just flopped over and it gave him the expression of "just leave me, I'm dead tired man". Solely because he's a 'glamour model' so it'd seem to make sense of his exhausted look. To have to hold poses all day for years and on top of it be put in a box for a week and sent across states to get here. Poor guys had it rough xD He only actually did it because he needs to be restrung, but I found it hilarious considered the circumstances. I'll maybe upload a humorous photo of him when I get home from work.[​IMG]
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    3. Oh that will be quite a while, but I certainly will once I have one of them in presentable shape
    4. Today I tried making shorts for my boy Noya for the first time today! (they didn't turn out well but i had a blast dressing him up with them for a bit) And I re-posed him on his little rocking chair and tried a few new eye colours on him!
    5. Today my dolls have been sitting beside me as I procrastinate write a little of their story down for National Novel Writing Month. ^_^
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    6. Sounds great~ you can always upload progress too if you want~

      That sounds like SO much fun, ahhhh <3 <3 and your definitely doing dolls right. Even without making them right, you had fun the whole time, which is most important <3 I mean... I've been excited for the last 8 hours straight Everytime I look at my doll...because I put a rolled up in sock on his head, and called it a beanie. XD it looks bad, but he looks cute so I love it regardless.

      I assume by posing, you mean that's his seat for a long while to look at~? What color eyes did you try? Did you get super excited with each new one~? <3
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    7. Aw thank you! And that sounds so cute! A sock would give the hat that perfect 'knit' look! I'm sure he's rocking it! :3nodding:

      And yes! He sits on that chair when I'm not playing around with him, so I try to change up his pose while he's idle! It feels like a great way to get some time with him even if its only a minute of adjusting how he's sitting!

      Eye wise I was trying out some tester eyes I made out of polymer clay! I tried a metallic copper colour (which looked really cool with his brown toned faceup!) and some glow in the dark eyes! I had to say the glow in the dark eyes were my favourite! It gave him such a spooky monster look!
    8. Oh my God you made your own eyes?? That's even cooler!!! Dude, please upload pics sometime, I just HAVE to see them <3333

      And that sounds so cute, ah <3 the. You are always promised to see their beautiful face <3
      I personally want to make sure my doll is protected from the sun as much as possible, so he stays in his bed until I bring him out. (which is the original box he came in, just the bottom layer of foam, a little pillow for his head, covered over the top with a thick blanket to protect him)

      Do you ever forget your doll is in the chair and scare yourself? XD
    9. I just started to make my own eyes! I found I couldn't find the styles i wanted for my doll, so I figured 'Hey! If i can't buy it then I'll make it!". Once I get the resin to fill them with I'll definitely be posting pictures! Right now I'm just making a mass batch of bases as we speak!

      Aw! Sounds like he's comfy and cosy waiting for you! I have to keep the curtains closed in the room I have Noya displayed so he's safe from the sun!

      Oh no I don't forget about him but I've had a few family members forget about him and shout in fear when they see he's moved xD It never fails to make me giggle. They call Noya Annabelle's cousin now.
    10. (( hey, Can anyone tell me where to host my images? For some reason, it's not liking anything right now.. I've tried facebook, imgur, and something else... Wish den of angles would let us just put them in directly :'(
    11. Imgur works for me. On the drop down arrow on the image, click on "get share links" and copy the BBCode one, then paste it directly into your post. It should show up!
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    12. imgur or theres a desktop app/website called Gyazo where you can screenshot an image and turn it into a sharable url :)
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    13. I spent some time today working out the next steps for the repairs to my new-to-me/third-hand doll that just arrived. (Remove old faceup and eyelashes, find faceup artist, etc.)

      Yesterday I ordered new eyes for the doll!
    14. Well, it sounds WAY more difficult that it really is. It's not a pleasant task (because you have to be very careful to not damage the doll and yourself) but you only need to be logical and it's not that hard. But some help in my case was necessary since I don't have the right technic yet.
      And never ever try to hold S-hooks with your finger when it's attached to string in the doll - my boyfriend cut his finger very deeply because of that.... And now we use chopsticks to hold the strings before getting of the S-hooks ^^''

      And my boyfriend isn't really into dolls but he certainly is into making and seeing me happy ahah :) For some years I was really depressed and I couldn't find anything that made me want to do something. Then the day I came back to the BJD (after a loooong pause) it made me feel better: I had something to talk about with pleasure, something to motivate me and inspire me artistically. So he's glad to see me feeling better and he's VERY supportive, listening to me talking, helping me with my dolls. He will even go with me to my first doll convention! And this year he'll offer me a new girl for Christmas :p
      and since he also is an artistic soul and he likes to imagine and create things, we'll build some furniture and dioramas for my dolls in the future... It's great to have someone who wants you to be happy and supports you in what you love :D I'm a lucky girl ^^

      And you, do you have a special one with whom you can do doll things? :)
    15. I'm working on obtaining some in scale props for them, and just heard back from the person who's offering to pick some up for me! :3nodding:
    16. I found a nice fabric that'll go with a snowflake fabric I already had to make a winter/snow themed dress for Calli, and I bought a pair of Christmas socks to make a sock sweater for Caspar. Which means I need to get busy sewing.

      Oh and yesterday I bought a wig for Crobi... so I think everyone should be happy since they're all getting something.
    17. This was last night, actually, but I changed Maaya's outfit but kept her black cat theme going X3

    18. I changed her outfit, posed and sat her on my work space. Having her beside me really inspires and motivates me. :kitty2
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    19. oh my god that is priceless I love it XD XD XD I love those little accidents that give them life!! <3 And my goodness, just got him a couple days ago? I would be dying of happiness like aaaaaah <3 <3 <3 You are so bonded with him already, I love it!
      I just had a similar situation when trying to take a selfie with my boy Aenean who was reading. I ended up bumping him two shots in, and his arms fell as if he was laughing softly and playfully scolding me that he "can't read in peace with me around", but actually was lovingly setting it down to take the picture with me.

      Dolls are so amazing <3

      Oh, working on a new-to-you doll to make him yours sounds amazing <3 <3
      I'm guessing you already have their style well picked out then~?

      Ouch, i will keep that in mind @[email protected]

      Oh wow, I don't even know what to say, that is just beautiful <3
      Honestly, you are very lucky, and I have a feeling by the way you talk about him.. that he is just as lucky to have you <3
      The fact that your love of dolls is stronger than the feelings that had been eating you... its beautiful. It's like the dolls themselves were there by your side in your time of need. <3
      I must say, I am indeed very jealous of the boyfriend you have~ Not only is he perfect.. but... he is helping you build some amazing things for your doll. I would LOVE to see the things you guys have made for them~~

      And sadly, My doll is my only special one right now~ But with a face like his..... I don't think I'll ever need one haha~ (He is an Iplehouse Chase. I was so lovingly obsessed with his model, that I can recolonize and name multiple users chase dolls XD). I do however have a best friend (who sadly lives far away) that I am heavy trying to convince to get into dolls. She never will because of the price.. but... I just sent her my third "us and our dolls" fantasy daydream story to help convince her. I found a mini gingerbread house cookie mold that is perfect sized, and told her about the four of us decorating them well watching christmas movies XD

      How many dolls do you own Might I ask~? And are you more of a pose picture and design them, or a spend time with them kind of person? As you might guess, I'm ALL about spending time with my baby boy <3

      Not that the ones who are more playful don't focus heavily on the other side, but, it seems that half the people care ONLY about the design representation, and the other half care much more about what outfit they should wear out to the movies with them~

      omg, that has to be the best feeling <3 <3 I hope you can get them soon!

      It's like an early Christmas for your loved ones <3 <3 A snowy dress sounds soooo cute <3

      And I must say... I am quite jealous that you can use Christmas socks. I bought an AMAZING for a Christmas sweater stoking for my doll, Only to find out it was STILL too small. Uncle/EID sized dolls are a beloved pain :(

      She is soooooo cute <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

      I know that feeling <3 There is just something about the sweet face of the one you love beside you~
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    20. Wonderful thread! My 1st BJD is on order. I already have a place for him on my desk. I bought a bowl chair for him to sit in and relax and keep me company.
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