Playing with dolls: what did you do with your doll today that made you happy? <3

Nov 12, 2017

    1. Carrying his head around in my pocket! Since he is a floating head, it’s really easy to take him around with me. He’s the newest arrival, so I like to spend one on one quality time together. I waited long enough during the preorder, now it’s together time! (BTW, the head is a Seed Arts Wol named Blue)
    2. Oh my god first doll buying ahhhhhh <3 <3 <3 I only own one myself, so I know them feels <3 <3
      Do you do anything when you study/work from home, like drinking tea/coffee/etc? Because One of the best things I've found is getting your doll a little teacup/wineglass/mug.. .whatever kind of cup your using to drink with.. and refilling his drink everytime you fill yours, is the greatest thing in the world <3 It makes their sitting there next to you so much more lifelike~~ <3

      .... I... I have no clue how to feel about that. "Little friendo decapitated head inside my pocket, were bonding~~" XD

      But all teasing aside, that's actually sweet. You want to bond with him far before even getting a body. that's adorable <3
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    3. More fun stuff!

      I took Soren out for my friend's 22nd birthday yesterday! We went to a steakhouse and then the mall, but it was still fun having him with me.
    4. That sounds great! <3 Did your friend bring their doll? Do you have any pics from the outing? :)
    5. I'm the only one with a doll, but I wanted to show Soren to my friend's boyfriend, so Soren came with. I wish I did! The weather was kind of gross, so I didn't have time to take pics. I'm definitely considering taking some of the boys outside for some late-Autumn photos tomorrow though.
    6. Thank you!! She was my grail for ten years, I'm SO happy to finally have her!
    7. Yep, pretty much. Thank you. ^^ Hopefully it'll turn out as cute as it sounds, I think I may end up trying to come up with my own pattern for it so it'll be interesting to see if I can bring the idea in my head into reality.

      Oh dear, that sounds really frustrating. A sock (even a knee high one) is a tight squeeze for Caspar, but luckily even ResinSoul's 60cm dolls seem to run on the slim side.
      If the sock you have is just not big enough around, depending on the pattern on it maybe you could cut out two pieces of it, then cut the pieces open so they lay completely flat and seam up the sides to make it wider.
    8. [​IMG]
      Well, it wasn't today, but I'm still smiling over it a little bit -- I made Saskia a new wig! This one is probably my best yet, I love how the self-striping yarn gave her some fun colored highlights. The furniture-hard mod podge also seemed to work a little better for putting wefts on than the glue I was using. Now I'm looking to order Hyacinth a new wig, one that fits a little better since she sat in my lap on a 2.5-hour drive with her poor head all bare because her usual wig squeezed off ten minutes in. I think I went a size too small originally.
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    9. Thank you! ^^ Yea I love this guy to bits, hes my first male doll and actually now that I think of it, first SD. Completely forgot that the Resinsoul Mei I also have is an MSD derp xD. Yes I was dying of happiness, especially since I was so worried I wouldn't get to see him. His box got delayed in post and stopped for three days, kept on getting the same message in tracking, then stopped getting any message at all for another two days. It made me panic and think he had got lost in post :c Until I got home from an extremely stressful day at work to find a giant box on my bed xD So I love him a ton, happy he made it home to meet his tiny elf sister :) *gets dagger eyes from said elf for calling her tiny*. I just feel bad I haven't picked a name for him yet! D: I must sound like a first time mother with her first born over-worrying over little things with him XD Example when that happened, I first freaked out and checked for damages *rolls eyes at self* he fell back softly and on a blanket for pete's sake me xD Also that sounds glorious haha! You should of took a snap of the blooper for fond laughs later. Part of me wants to restring this guy, but the other part can't stop laughing at how much every time I set him down somewhere close by, he gains a 'go one without me, I must lay here and stare blankly at the ceiling like I am rethinking my worst moments' In a dramatic way xD I guess when loosely strung, this guy's drama queen switch gets thrown xD I can just imagine him thinking "how dare you mock my graceful form! I must be graceful at all times restring me this instant!"
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    10. Tonight I stayed up all night with my baby. <3 I realized I don't know how to make wigs at all, and I attempted making a hat for 2 hours and completely failed it, but it was still fun.

      Him and I watched some Steven universe, ate ice cream in our matching cups (seriously, blessed find, a fancy stemed glass cup set at Goodwill of his and my size matching??? I didn't know that was even a THING?) and just in general getting sleepy with him....

      Am I the only one that finds the greatest moment, getting tired by your dolls side? Like... Looking at Aenean's soft smiling face when I'm tired, he is the most beautiful thing in the world, and all I want to do is be next to him for an eternity <3
    11. I was got stressed out and sad earlier so I held my doll Katya (Volks Shiratori), and I just kinda posed her arms and played with her hair a lot :sweatand it made me feel better TBH!
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    12. oops! I replied to this but accidentally clicked the wrong message to quote ^^' so the replies in chat just under the wrong quote sorry ;w;
    13. Lately I've been watching tv with my dolls snuggled in my lap. It makes me feel peaceful because they have this warm presence to them
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    14. Sorry to hear that, but at least you had an excuse to take em out~ <3
      I can't believe you can still take fall pictures! We are snowing and freezing cold where I live! lol

      Ten years, oh wow. Was she a special edition you had to wait for, or just costly? Being a young child, i had to wait 6 years to save up for my $1000 beauty haha

      Sadly, iplehouse makes their dolls with annoyingly muscled bodies. I would be lucky if four socks weren't a tight squeeze! lol

      It must be super fun/exciting to be able to hand create new outfits for your little loved ones! Especially for the season!

      Oh my god, that must have been a terrible fright! I'm glad it turned out so well in the end <3 <3 Sounds like it was the perfect day too <3 I can't image what joy it must have been to have him <3

      I sadly didn't get that experience. I correctly called that I would end up with a heartbreaking feeling of excitement and displeaser when opening my boy. ^^; There were a lot of negatives going into it that I knew would bring it down.. I hate iplehouse over sized body with pure disgust.. he was 10 cm bigger than the doll size I liked.. not to mention those factors mean i literally cant/never will be able to find him shoes, clothing, or anything else in his size..and a major factor, I waited so long to have him, that that childhood dream was long since past its prime, the girl that wanted him has changed so much that "she" never got him /i/ did.

      But either way, not only was he the first doll I ever fell for... but... the only one that could never leave my mind. His smile was something I could NEVER leave go of. <3 <3

      Your dolls sound like they have such life <3 I tried to write you a reply last nigh because I was so excited about your post, but I fell alseep half way through. I'm already heavily attached to your dolls, and they aren't even mine XD
      If you've ever played undertale, I have to say, your doll reminds me highly of mettaton. But I just LOVE the loosely strung drama queen <3 <3 I guess you could say he's......... at the end of his rope? ;P
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    15. I was really happy to get him, his size surprised me but I love the taller dolls so it worked out xD Awww I'm sorry to hear! D: maybe you could take a chance at sewing him clothes? I love sewing things so that's what I'd try in that situation x3 I'm sure there's gotta be some place, hmmm...etsy maybe? I know some nice artists on there do customs ^^ I have that same feeling with Resinsoul Yi/Yang. Those 2 are the first 2 I got the feeling I can't shake that I need them, they'd go perfect with the OCS I have in mind. Specially with their elf female Su. Dollmore Nayuta just kinda popped in the picture suddenly so I'm trying to figure out how to fit him in xD Also omg yes, Mettaton is my favorite. I love that little drama queen, I completely had no clue I was accidently turning him into a more laid back, sulky Mettaton xD
    16. Wow I've never actually seen an iplehouse in person, but they must be enormous if that's the case.
      Yes, it's nice. Though the problem I usually have is finding the time to sit down and do stuff, I tend to buy the materials then they sit around for a while before I actually make use of them.
    17. I was freaking out because of how much crap I have to do, so I sat down and played dolls for a little while. I'm still freaking out, but at least Hyacinth is sitting next to my books and keeping my from going totally off the rails. :sweat
    18. I made Kit a simple body chain ...thing. He's asked for a style change and it was a quick start. He's so spoiled.
    19. today, i redid a faceup for my first doll! it is hugely satisfying to see the improvements that i have made since joining the hobby
    20. Changed Ethan's shoes, then got him to stand on the 'clothing' briefcase. Twenty minutes and counting now... He does well for an almost 70cm doll with no stand.

      But, generally, just looking at him is enough. Or holding him. I'm way too attached to this resin guy...