Playing with dolls: what did you do with your doll today that made you happy? <3

Nov 12, 2017

    1. Not today, but a few days ago I spent about an hour re-arranging our dolls so my partner's Dollmore girl could have a turn on the doll stand (we only have one so the others have to sit on a makeshift bench) and show off her new clothes. It was a fun surprise for when he got home from work. :)
    2. Yesterday I took the time to suede my boy's arms and legs and now he can finally hold his arms up! I was so pleased I took an impromptu photo shoot. I think his sitting might have actually gotten worse though, I'll have to see. I'll probably wire my tiny today so she stops being so kicky.
    3. I finally sewed a little shawl for my tiny and she looks so sweet! I just keep looking at her. ♡
    4. I wiped and redid the faceup for one of my fellers, but because of work, I was only able to work on the faceup on weekends, so it took literal weeks. And holy moly, I agonized over it the whole time. But it's finally finished and just today I took a few pics in better lighting. For the most part, it's looking good, so that's a relief. But I ordered eyelashes for the dude and they haven't arrived yet, so as far as I'm concerned, the faceup ain't fully complete until he gets them eyelashes. :sweat
    5. Momonita got a new shirt with tiny seed bead buttons! It looks comfy and goes with the trousers I threw together to check their fit, although it could also work for her skirts. I love that she fits into my coat pockets, I don't want to put her down. :3
    6. Yesterday Annix and Pike came with me to work for an impromptu photoshoot. Today Mozzery-Mo is at work to capitalize on all the natural (but indirect) light. And, I fully admit I brought Mo to the theatre to see SW:TLJ with me. No one else had time, so like any reasonable adult would, I brought my toys instead.
    7. I’m working on my DC Fiona’s brushed yarn wig. Her head is so small, and with her ears attached to her head, wig finding has been tough. Today I’m ready to start applying the wefts, and fingers crossed, the wig is successful!
    8. Put a new Monique wig on one of my girls. The color and cut is perfect for her. I finally feel like she's looking more like what I had envisioned. It's funny how a wig, a pair of eyes, or clothing make such a difference in a doll's vibe.
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    9. My little one Jinx got a whole diorama of her bedroom today including lights, a bed with sheets pillows and a comforter, a mirror, toys on shelves (squinkies are the perfect size for tiny delfs!). And a ton of wall art too (I have a laminator and I used stickers/tiny playing cards)
    10. I'm waiting for a SD head to arrive next week (it was shipped out yesterday)^^
      So this morning I made myself a big cup of tea and then I sat down with my box of spare eyes & wigs and went through all my eyes and wigs and put aside then ones that should fit in size for the SD head that's on it's way. LOVE making plans for incoming dolls^^
    11. I started sewing a dress for one of my Pipos Bahas, named Honeysuckle. It's been too long since she has had anything new made for her. When I have the time to sew for one of my dolls, it makes me very happy.
    12. Spent a few hours trying to crochet her a hat. I think my yarn is too big. But it's good practice - takes me about 11 minutes to do a whole row of of double crochet.
    13. Today I rearranged where all my dolls were just to find out my Sabik will be home soon and now I need to make more room :doh
      I also found time to sued my Serendipty Sharmin and my 5Star Doll Ray. It was a great day to finally see my Sharmin stand on her skinny little legs:)
    14. Today, well yesterday to be more precise, I changed Fern's (Little Fee Ante) outfit & wig & arranged her things on her dresser which she just got. Then I took some pics of her & her "stuff" plus a portrait of Sinea, a Garden of Dolls Elf Nabiya.

      [​IMG]Portrait of Sinea by tamlin baby, on Flickr

      [​IMG]Fern n&#x27; stuff by tamlin baby, on Flickr
    15. I did something that made me quite proud. Even if I'm probably not the first to get my doll to do it.

      Ethan knelt for a solid 5 minutes. He would've gone longer, had I not moved him. No pictures, but I did get a video that got posted to my Instagram (ryc_bjd - shameless plug). Ethan being a Resinsoul Bigger Boy body, with no wiring or sueding. Just a touch of restringing, but pretty much as he was out of the bag. He stands like a rock, too, mind you... so, maybe, I shouldn't be that surprised that he kneels like a champ.
    16. I found a set of fat quarters at Tuesday Morning that are perfect for my ongoing project to clothe Essie! (actually I found several sets, but could only justify getting one for now.)
    17. My mom and I went on a shopping spree on ebay for yo-sd stuff for my new boy. Mom's buying him a couple of welcome home presents and I'm buying him and his siblings some stuff too. (I'm getting him and Avalon matching eyes, I'm getting a couple of blythe kimonos for Avery and Vala too and Avery is getting new boots.) I bought his shoes too.
    18. I found the perfect wig for my Migidoll boy. I've been having such a hard time finding one that suited what I wanted-- I was prepared to try and make one, but I just happened upon this one for a very good price. I hope it fits-- it's coming from Alice's Collections, so they can alter it to fit his head, but now I'm worried I'll get it and it won't fit!

      I've also finally gotten both of their body measurements as good as I'm going to get them, I think. Time to make proper underwear, until I can figure out more substantial outfits. I had a lot of fun playing with them-- my Luts boy is very kicky and tight, but also incredibly cute and soft; I'm willing to forgive that. XD I'll have to stretch him out to keep his arms from flinging themselves up.
    19. I got a secondhand hat in the mail and immediately tried it on all my doll heads. It finally landed on my "hipster elf" Modoll Tomei head, and I think it's perfect for him. It's so much fun to try on new dolly clothes. :)

      Imgur: The magic of the Internet

      I can't wait to get him assembled and on his body -- I'm waiting on a stringing tool and some accessories. (I bought a range of eyes, wigs, and clothes recently, hoping that there will be a few items that are a good fit among them.) Still haven't settled on a name yet...
    20. Ive been making accessories for my dollies since yesterday. Making some bracelets and necklaces for them then will prolly start sewing again soon :)