Playing with your doll(s)?

Sep 2, 2018

    1. I do.... but I really enjoy sewing and crafting things for my dolls, so I enjoy doing that ‘with’ them as my little helpers :blush I’d say every couple of days I just play with them and don’t make anything new.. but making them new outfits is definitely my favourite :kitty2
    2. I pretty much play with mine some every day. He poses beautifully so I'm just inspired too. He's well loved
    3. I don't play with mine the same way I did as a child, but I do play with them. I make them clothes (my sewing skills have improved a lot from making doll clothes). They all have characters, and I'm writing stories about them. I have them sitting in groups on shelves, and I like re dressing them and rearranging them from time to time. I do sometimes carry one around with me around the house or play with posing them.
    4. The extent of my playing is bringing dolls out for photos and also changing their wardrobe. I'd like to build dioramas some day to give them a more engaging environment to interact with.
    5. Yyyyep. That's me the OP is describing. I do this literally all the time, every single day. I just 'have' to have a doll with me to play with, posing them or just keeping them near me so I do stuff "together" with them.
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    6. i really love customizing them especially face up so i do play alot as well as taking photos
    7. I play with mine all the time. Usually it just involves posing him around my desk or my couch while I play video games or surf the internet, though sometimes he end up in my lap. He's also accompanied me to the kitchen for my morning coffee from time to time.
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    8. Usually I prefer to photograph them, but sometimes I just take a doll out of the box, try on different wigs, maybe change out the eyes, dress them up and admire them. It's very relaxing.
    9. I tend to participate in the ball-jointed doll hobby in fits and starts, going weeks or sometimes even months without doing more than blowing the dust out of my dolls' wigs. Then I'll go through another two weeks or so where I do nothing but eat, sleep, breathe, and play with my dolls. So in answer to the question presented, yes, I do actively play with my dolls when I'm in the mood to. My play usually consists of redressing, rewigging, posing, picture-taking, the works. Sometimes I like to talk to them, though rarely more than just a statement like "Don't you look cute?" or "Stand up, d**n it! Don't you want to look nice???" I'm wanting to do more with them, though, something with dioramas or backdrops, maybe.
    10. For me, the part of the game is to paint a make-up, sew chothes, make wigs myself... I try to be creative and I think it's fun!
      But when the doll is done, it's just decorative, I don't play with it any more.
    11. Honestly, I collect BJDs so I could put them on display and look at them. I do fuss over their clothes and hair and faceup pretty regularly and I take them out once in a while to take photos. But other than that, I just keep them on display. :)
    12. I do, however, like to try taking them out of the house especially on trips abroad. I feel like I wouldn't be careful enough and they might end up lost or damaged and that's stopping me from taking them out. I feel inspired when other people post photos of their dolls lounging by the pool or going someplace with their owners though. We'll see in the coming days, I guess...
    13. I take care of their wigs by occasionally brushing them. I change their clothes so that they don't wear the same all the time. I like to pose them in my MSD diorama as well, like put them on a desk and make it look like they're writing a letter or things like that. I'd love to get a sofa for my diorama too that'll allow them to sit and relax and read a book.
      It's a bit of playing I guess? :) I certainly enjoy it, some quality time with my dolls.
    14. My dolls are mostly used for photos. I may on occasion take one out of the box and dress it up then display it for a day before putting it away. Other than that, they aren't played with.
    15. Wow, it's been over 2 years since I've really "played" with mine. I recently started sorting through all the BJD stuff I collected over the years and realized that I miss them! They are all posed in a large closet in my studio, so I just need to open those doors to see them. I opened the doors and they were all wearing Winter clothes (in August), so I'm re-organizing the closet and re-dressing the poor neglected things. I used to love to sew for them, and took a lot of photos, right now, I'm just glad to have a little time to re-dress them and replace what seems to be an eyelash losing epidemic around here!
    16. Yup! I like carrying the tinies around the house with me and having them in my lap when I watch tv. I don’t really take pictures of them, but they’re just fun to pose and have around~
    17. i think piecing an outfit together is fun! i need to get more clothes haha .... and furniture so they can do more than just sit/stand. but i dont make up stories between them or anything like that. even as a kid with my figurines, i would make/find little props for them and set up what were basically dioramas. i could spend hours nudging things into place just so--and maybe i would come up with a vague story, but it was more about how satisfying it was to put it all together than anything else. i dont have the things to make a sprawling doll setup now, but even if i did, i sincerely doubt it would be to the scale of what i used to set up as a child.

      i would like to get into taking some photos of them, but im not much of a photographer ^^' additionally, the only camera i have is my phone's camera, and my phone sucks so it's hardly worthwhile.
    18. Most of my playtime with my dolls is just for me or me and a few close personal friends where is show off like half finished and in progress stuff for them. I mostly have my dolls just for me so I play with them a good bit.
    19. Not play often, I am afraid of getting dirty:aeyepop:I cherish my doll
    20. When it arrived, I played with my doll a lot, but it was so kicky and hard to pose that I gave up :/