Playing with your doll(s)?

Sep 2, 2018

    1. Yes, not all the time but I do. I have pukifees so they’re easy to play with. I’m setting up a dolls room for them and enjoy posing them for photos when I have time.
    2. Yes! I love cuddling my doll, brushing her hair and even telling her how cute she is :sweat
      Sometimes I even just, park my desk chair in front of her and marvel at her beauty!
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    3. I don't ever play with them, as a child would with Barbie dolls or Action Man figures.
      I tend to spam my social media accounts with photos, when I get a new doll in and/or feel inspired to do so. But, I usually try to keep them to myself 95% of the time. They're mine to enjoy first and foremost, as a means of escaping "adult responsibilities" for a couple hours. I love to change their outfits, wigs, eye positions (or eyes, if they've not a got a 'permanent' pair), pose them with one another to see how they 'fit'. But, more often than not, I look to them for character inspiration, for my stories. Most of them shell OCs, after all.
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    4. Certainly I do. That's the point!
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    5. I love posing them. Having one sit on the desk to look at. Even hold one. It is so relaxing to dress them and style their hair. Helps me escape for little bit.
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    6. Yes and no - I definitely have my preference on who I handle more out of the family. I don't know why, but I treat my Fairyland dolls so gently and gingerly that I barely touch them at all. I think part of it is because I don't have their outfits set, so I think of them as just waiting to be complete before I get to play with them.

      I handled my Angel Fantasy Alice a ton before I sent her off for a new face-up because all of her clothes and eyes were sent with her. She was more-or-less "complete" so she sat on my desk when I worked at home. But once I took of her head to send it off, her body went right back with my Fairyland ladies on the living room coffee table.

      Maybe I should just spend time completing my dolls instead of buying more doll bodies, haha!
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    7. Yes, I do! Actually, just having my dolls sit around so I can pass by them or turn my head or whatever and see them and smile and just think 'omg you're so pretty' is a huge reason why I love having these dolls so much. I love changing/altering wigs, changing outfits and just fussing with eye placement. It's really fun for me.

      I'm not super into the artist side of the BJD hobby, I have no interest in doing my own faceups or learning how to sew so just playing with my dolls/enjoying them is what I really like to do best.
    8. I like taking pictures more than “playing” with them in the sense of how I used to play with my dolls as a kid. I like to dress them in outfits though!
    9. Sadly, I dont "play" with my dolls, but I still get great satisfaction by having them displayed on my study desk or bookshelf where i can see them. Their presence makes me happy because they are a beautiful piece of art... some people like to display vases and bowls.. for me, i just like bjd display.
      Before i got into this hobby, i did have big ambition like dressing them stylishly and making stories/videos online... but it turns out that nice clothes are very hard to find and cost money. No need to rush. One day, my goals of having more bjds and making videos/blogging will come true.
    10. Yes! Most of the time they will sit next to me. I'll pose them so it looks like they are joining my action. When I am not working I'll put them on my lap and watch tv with me. First few weeks she spent sleeping next to me. I would tuck her in and sleep besides her while holding her hand.
    11. I sort of play with them, changing clothes, posing them & making different displays. My 1/3 dolls have been neglected for years now as I find them perfect in the way they're dressed & displayed but I still love just to look at them. I think several are going to need restringing but that's maintenance rather that play. The 1/4 dolls get changed & rearranged at least once or twice each season but my Little Fees are greedy both for my time & money. While the others are in cabinets, these little ones are in their own room which is the entire top of an antique buffet I have in my living room. I see them all the time & can't resist reposing, changing a wig or changing their outfits. They are about to get ready for Christmas but I think I'll chage them once more before that. They always get photos taken when I change their clothes. Sort of a fashion show.
    12. That's about 90% of what I do with my dolls.

      I love to sew for them, they need clothes after all, but I have them mostly to play with, and I regard photographing them as a "necessary evil" so that I can share them online.

    13. I actively play with mine - that's why I bought them. They have their own "rooms" on shelves, get redressed for the season and I sew and crochet for them. I am a horrid photographer so I mainly lurk her, but am so thankful that others share their sweeties, it is fun to see custom face ups and all the wonderful clothes that I can't afford
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    14. I take one of mine out to sit with me when I am in the living room and take him to the finacee's house. Sometimes I actually play with poses but it is mostly just lap sitting.

      And I really like to take pictures so I do that a lot. Even if they look bad.
    15. Sometimes all I need to do is take my doll out of his storage box and look at him and it makes me super happy! A lot of times it's very short play session where I take them out and pose them a bit, usually I don't even take pictures. With longer play session, that's when I change outfit/eye/wig and try to take some pictures.
    16. Absolutely! There's just something calming, almost therapeutic, about taking a little bit of time to sit and play with my dolls. I have my dolls sitting on (or around) my desk in my room so I can openly gush over them at any given time, too! :lol:
    17. I enjoy a little of both! sometimes I even take my off-topic dolls out to watch TV with them by my side and put them next to my bed when I sleep. I know I will do the same with my BJDs when they are here!
    18. Yes because the dolls have become a part of my life. Once I touch them or see them I will get happy. My free time is spend on searching new outfits and dolls.
    19. Yes!

      I only sew when I have to (lol), and I am relatively new to actually taking pictures of my dolls. I have been in this hobby for a while now and up until three years ago all I did was play with my dolls! When I am home, at least one doll is sitting with me at all times because I like "hanging out" with them. I also sometimes just sit on my floor with a few of them and mess with their hair or have them interact with each other. Most of my dolls change outfits frequently because I feel they get bored if they stay in the same clothes too long. I am also semi-embarrassed to admit that I talk to them too - not too much, just say "hi" to them when I come home from work or tell them how pretty they are when I randomly look at them. They are kinds of "friends" to me, as an introvert I do not do the best with people all the time, dolls do not require the same energy people do.

      I also have started going to doll meets with my dolls which is fun because it allows me to interact with people while playing or taking pictures of dolls!
    20. I have never really 'played' with dolls, not even as a little girl. But having said that, I think I get pretty close with my BJDs. I take them to school with me sometimes and get photos of them doing things in my classroom (I'm a teacher, not a student). I tend to take Areum, my YoSD, with me most places. I love her so much, and I am getting a twin brother for her soon too.
      I like to have 1-2 dolls with me in whichever room I am in in the house.
      I don't really talk to them etc, but I am learning to sew for them and am beginning to look at ideas for roomboxes etc.