Popodoll 63cm Male Doll/body

Oct 16, 2010

    1. I would also love to see some of your 63cm boys! I have Zi Mo on order since mid March, but no sign of him yet. Paxita's Ivan looks gorgeaus! Apart from Ivan I've never seen any other dolls by Popodoll in actual photos. How do you guys find the quality/posing of their 63cm dolls? How about the face-up quality? I would love to hear some opinions and see some pics!!! :D

      I was hoping to get some extra heads then for that 63cm body if Zi Mo looks good to me. Would you know of any good resin matches with the Popodoll normal skin?
    2. Hi Blankqueen, thanks!! mmm yes apart form Ivan, neither I've seen any Popodoll here, I ordered Ivan because I love his beautiful vampire face heehe, his faceup is gorgeous and for me is of high quality!! the body is awesome and poses very well, I have no complaints and in the future, I want to order another but in normal skin
    3. I'm also curious how a Leeke head like Mihael would work on this body, both resinmatching wise and how the head and neck fit together. Anyone have a clue? Oh and how are they posing and overall quality? *rambles*
    4. I've just received my popodoll 63 body, and i've tried to put my zaoll muse head on it...
      OH MY GOD. It's pretty awesome. I'll try to take a picture ><
    5. Bortbyting I've owned a Leeke head and a Popodoll body and I doubt they would look good together.
      Leeke heads are kinda big (well, the Grey I owned was big..) and I think Popodoll necks aren't thick enough for a Leeke head. Even my MD Miho head looks bad on the popodoll body and Migidoll heads are probably smaller than Leeke heads.
    6. @GoodbyeYouHelloMe Could you possibly get a picture of the Migidoll head on the Popodoll body? I'm interested to see how it looks.
      If it doesn't fit, that's a whole other issue.
    7. Goodbyeyouhellome> Thank you! Then I know. ^_^
    8. [​IMG]
      I didn't say the head doesn't fit, it does fit but in my opinion it looks wrong. I wish I hadn't wasted my money on this body (and on top of that, time. Popodoll made a mistake and sent me a WS body, they fixed their mistake but I hear they get stuff mixed up a lot). Another thing I don't like about this body is that it's skinny. It also reminds me of the Nobility doll body (except that the Nobilitydoll body looks a little better and MD heads look okay on it.)
      Migidoll and Popodoll resin match is okay. But now that Migidoll has 2 resin colors available that might be confusing for anyone interested in getting a Popodoll body.

      Additional pictures: x x

      I can't say I'm 100% sure of this (since I haven't actually tried a Leeke head on the body as I no longer own one) but I don't think a Leeke head will look great on a Popodoll body.
    9. @GoodbyeYouHelloMe Thank you! I see what you mean now, the body and the head seem dis-proportioned.
      In that case, I would probably agree that the Leeke head wouldn't look too good on the body either, because the Leeke boys' heads are rather large, at least for the old sculpts.
    10. BUMPS for more photos
    11. more photo's please!:):)
    12. Migidoll Ryu (normal skin) on the Popodoll 63cm male body (normal skin)

      for comparison with Popodoll 68cm male body (normal skin) (on the left)
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    13. He looks pretty good on the 68cm body o_o

      How about the resin matching?
    14. Wow, it's an amazing hybrid with the 68cm body ! :love:

      As Etsuki asking, what is the color of the head ? B or A ?
    15. the color match is excellent (normal skin - body and head)

      a head (Ryu) was bought in 2010
      then there was not dividing of color into A and B.
    16. Thank you Tahgira!

      Mylene, it has to be the Volks matching one (I don't remember if it is the A or the B one), but there are some explanations on Migidoll site ^^

      EDIT : B typed resin is similar to Volks pureskin, hope it helped!
    17. Does anyone know if the normal skin type A or B would match Popo Dolls Normal skin? :)
    18. Here's my Cho on the Popodoll 68 cm body. uvu


      He's from an older batch, but the match is pretty spot on. ;w; I forget what skintone he is.. I think NS A? -dies-
    19. How clothes can be wearing by this body ?
    20. I have two hybrids on the Popo 68cm bodies and I love it. Mylene mine wear a mixture of SD17 or 70cm cloths. They are pretty long and skinny though so pants can be either too loose or a bit short. I opt for a bit short as my boys all wear boots which covers this:)
      Here's Julian who is a Rickydoll Helios on the 68cm Popodoll and the match is amazingly good