Popodoll 63cm Male Doll/body

Oct 16, 2010

    1. Bump for more photos! Also, please let us know what color resin your 63 cm Popodoll body is!

      For reference, here are two Leeke L-type heads (Min and Kyou) on the Popodoll 68 cm body. Not sure how they'd look on the 63 cm body!
    2. Responding to the more photos bump... ;) I have 4 different heads for my Popodoll 63cm body now. I made a collage of some photos. I'd say the Migidoll normal A with my 2012 Popodoll normal skin is about 90% and Little Rebel oriental resin match maybe 85%. Pretty good, but the body is more yellow based in tone than the heads. The heads all function perfectly well on the body and neck size match is great.

    3. ^ Awesome! Thank you for those photos!
    4. the migi head really looks good on both 63&68cm bodies! thank u for the comparison ^^ i thought it would have looked too small but they look great! thank u so much for yhe resiN match and body comparison, really helped me out ^^
    5. i wonder if the 2014 new resin will still match popo though : ( im hoping that it does. i f anyone has some photos, please lemme know!

      thank you : )
    6. Today I got my Migidoll Cho-head and could complete my Hybrid. I think in proportion with my Popodoll-body it is looking very nice, but I was suprised (and of course disappointed !) about the skintone-match between Migi B-Type Normal and Popo's NS...the Migi head is much paler than the body. I'm a bit confused since the pics I've been watching before I decided for a body always showed a pretty nice match. Now I'm hoping that a good Face Up will attinuate the difference in colors...


    7. Hello everyone! I'm wondering if anyone has Esthy/Distant Memory WS heads with the Popodoll WS 63cm body? I'm really curious about the resin matching and proportions.
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    8. Hello! Does anyone have a LUTS head on a Popo 63 body? I’ve got myself the Summer 10 event head and it’s pretty big, 22cm if I’m not mistaken and I was wondering if it’d look alright on their smaller body. I personally don’t mind if it looks a bit cartoonish proportion wise but I’m still interested if anyone got any pictures.
    9. I see many owners have Luts head on Popo 68 on instagram. The propotion is quite good. I don’t think that body 63 is a good choice. You should compare the measurement between Luts senior body 65 with Popo body.
    10. Does anyone have a Ninodoll head they can try on this body? Please & thank you