Popodolls and popo doll hybrids

Aug 4, 2014

    1. Such a gentleman you got there ! :D And yes I'm looking for 68 one ! I'm considering Dollfamily-h 1/3 and doll legend one which wrists' length is 1,7 cm! :lol:
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    2. Can you tell me the ankle size of Popodoll 63 cm boy body ver. 2 ?
      I couldn't find it on the internet. :(
      Thank you!
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    3. just by any chance do you know which skin color??? :eusa_pray
      I think I would go for ns-yellow
      because the next hybrid I`m planning is my old Delf breakaway with the 63cm (and Doll legend jointed hands) .

      Kei (Switch Milhwa, 2014) with Popo68 (2018)
      and I was really happy that it was a perfect match for the old head :3nodding:
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    4. Hello! I wanted to ask something and seems like it's the perfect thread to do it... I'm buying Volks white skin head from 2011 soon. My friend is also selling popodoll 68 body, new, also white skin. I'm sure they won't be perfect match, because the head is older but does anyone have Volks-popo hybrid here? Can tell if the resin is the same tone? I'm hoping it'll even out with time
    5. Hello, another hopeful question for this thread: I know Kanadoll NS matches Popodoll NS pretty well, but does anyone know about the White Skin match?? Thank you!
    6. Those are good questions. I'm posting to bump the white resin questions. I will also look at photo hosting sites and leave a link if I can find one. Unfortunately, Popo doll isn't popular among English speakers like they are in Russia and in Asia.
    7. @drifts , @mollym I don't own a lot of white skin doll, but popodoll white skin matches well with spiritdoll white skin. I can also compare with Dollzone white, if you want!
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    8. I have two of my crew on the 68cm body (one of them is in my avatar), both in white resin. Dika's white is a more pinkish creamy white in comparison, but Dollshe fresh is practically a dead on match for Popo's white.
      If I can get better photos of the two boys on the 68cm body, I'll try to get them posted.
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    9. @Follow-the-Wind That would be great, thank you!! I know Kanadoll WS is slightly pinker than DZ, so a comparison w/Popo would definitely give me an idea of how it would match. (And help others, I'm sure!)

      @jade-eyed-cat Eee thanks for sharing! Very helpful.
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    10. @jade-eyed-cat Oh, wow. Dollshe Fresh is very familiar to me. I hope those searching are able to use these comparisons.
    11. Hi popodoll owners,

      I’ve heard some conflicting stories about the rate at which Popo Doll resin yellows. If I’m going to purchase a Popo Doll body, it’s kind of worrying to me. Have you found that Popo Doll resin yellows really quick? I’d love to hear from as many people as possible.
    12. @PastelCats I've had my Bomu since 2013 in white resin. Honestly, I feel that my doll at least yellowed slowly over time compared to my white resin Angel of Dream dolls, the rate was much much slower. Even now I don't think he's yellowed that terribly but I don't have any newer white resin from Popodoll to compare him to. He has definitely yellowed and is more creamy coloured now, not really lemon toned and it's quite nice. To the naked eye, it's barely visible but I only notice in photos of him. Having said that, I do have a few white resin dolls from different companies, now and past dolls and white resin I have found personally to yellow faster than other resin tones. It may be different with the normal resin tones, hopefully someone else who has the other tones can chip into the discussion for you.
    13. @drifts Oooops sorry, I totally forget to take the comparison picture until today!
      Here is it:

      Popodoll might be slightly pinker/darker but in photo there is nearly no difference. But my Popodoll body already is 4 years old, its color might have changed.
    14. Hahaha :XD: Seeing this, I'm thinking Popo WS might work for Kanadoll WS??? Very exciting. Thank you for remembering!!
    15. I'd like to see more owner photos and reviews on the 66cm body
      Does anyone here own the body? :D
    16. @PastelCats I have 3 Popodolls. None have been made recently. I don't think they have yellowed any faster than any other type of resin. It's probably a slower yellow than Doll Leaves and Bobobie, but those dolls I have are older and second hand. I've just kept mine in my bedroom. I work nights, so it's very dim in there, no overhead lighting and just a lamp. When I've done group photos with friends' dolls, they look no worse for wear.There's so many different factors to consider when it comes to yellowing. I hope to do a resin comparison before the New Year to share.

      @whippy Do you mean the boy or girl body? I have some photos of my dolls in the Flickr link but if you have requests for any that I own, let me know. I'll make a serious effort to anyone that wants to see photos of my dolls. Popodoll is my favorite company (of all dolls, not just BJD types) by a long shot! I'd own more if I didn't have such an itch for a huge variety in my collection.

      Edit: Sometimes I looked in the SOLD dolls archive here to find photos or even owners to request photos. Anytime I've randomly asked a fellow member they've always been happy to share.
    17. @mollym Oh sorry.. I'm referring to the Popo66 boy body!
    18. Okay, I used to have the boy body that was about 60cm with a head and 2 of the same doll with the 68cm body ( with head). Of the 3 different types of popo bodies I've had, they are marvelous for posing. It seems they are hugely popular for hybrids, especially among the Russian collectors.