Popodolls and popo doll hybrids

Aug 4, 2014

    1. I'm starting a thread for general discussion, questions and opinions about Popodolls and hybrids. Please, if you come across other relavant links to Popodolls or hybrids, please let us know. I will add it to the list.

      Popodoll Database 2010

      New waiting room started by Genevieve

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      This is the waiting room vadafade started. I was constantly checking it for months!
      (the link was deleted :()

      Thanks to everyone for finding threads!

      Where to buy Popodoll in English:
      Doll's Singing on eBay (Jeeryama)
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    2. I don't know if anyone else has a newer 68cm boy body, but I noticed something very different on my boy compared to what I have seen in all other photos and video reviews on you tube. His knees are different. I don't know if this is a positive, a negative or just different. The knee joint piece is now just one single piece. The ones I have seen before are several pieces that make up the knee joint. I still don't understand how to post photos within a thread to show the difference, but as soon as I do, I will edit this post and do so.

      I don't want to cause anyone embarrassment, but this is a positive feature I noticed. This would be the penis piece. Though it is detachable, it doesn't fall off easily. It would take some effort. It is proportioned okay compared to the body, looks as natural as any other feature on the body, and can move to the side so it is not in the way of pants. I see this as a positive, as it looks good but is not trouble for clothing.

      I'm not a fan of boots, so I don't have any. I could easily get him to stand alone in converse style shoes. Like most dolls I have met at meets, his ankles are the part that 'give way' when it comes to standing. Probably, boots would remedy this and make him able to stand solid as a rock. His arms pose well, they can touch his face, head, opposite arm and straight out without moving out of place. I realize as the elastic is stretched over time, this may cause difficulties. I should also mention I am talking about him being brand new, no wires, kips or sueding.
    3. I have the 68cm body with a doll clans head, and yeah, my guys knees just have a regular peanut. He still poses really well though. He can stand solidly with no shoes. I did hot glue suede all his joints though. I need to restrung him again a little looser. He keeps slumping due to right stringing. I also bought the jointed hands on him and he looks great with them!

      I'm not into photographing my dolls, but I can grab a picture or two later to show anything anyone might want to see.
    4. Maniah - I did not even know there was an option for jointed hands! May I ask, where/how did you get them? Yes! Some photos would be great! I will have to try standing without shoes too.
    5. Molly, you can insert an image into a post by either adding [ IMG] [ /IMG] tags (without the space after the first bracket) around the URL of your image, or you can click the Insert Image button on the toolbar (third from the right when you're in the Quick Reply editor). Just hover your mouse over the buttons until you come to the one that says Insert Image -- it looks like a tree on a beach and is usually adjacent to the button that looks like a film clip. :)

      I have a Leeke head on my 63 cm Popo boy body, and the knees are definitely just a regular peanut-style double joint, which I prefer. The penis on the 63 cm, however, is not removable! I'm actually glad about that because I don't know what I'd do with a tiny detachable doll penis. It's not too large or overly realistic on the 63 cm body and seems to fit into clothes just fine.

      My Popo body arrived strung REALLY tightly, like crazy tight. It took all my strength and care to get my Leeke head onto the body without damaging either of the pieces. The Popo body also arrived with a... neck guard thingy? I'm not really sure what to do with that, since none of my other dolls have ever come with one of those; plus, it made the neck too long, proportionally, for my Leeke head, so I just removed it (the neck guard). Did you guys leave your neck guards on?
    6. Mollym- I bought the jointed hands from their eBay seller Jeeryama, when I ordered my doll. They say 70cm boy hands, I think, but she verified they for for the 68cm body and they really do. They are thin fingers, easily androgynous. The fingernails are just long enough to make them look passably feminine, or just slightly long on males. I keep meaning to sand them so I can blush them, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

      Vadafade- mine also came with a neck donut. I have heard of some other companies doing that too. I think it's just to protect the neck from the S hook, because the resin from the donut is very rough. I threw mine away.

      The penis on the 68cm body pops in and out of a little hole, which lets it rotate to different positions, so I like that it's removable. I wish it was a magnet though so I could put it on the fridge lol.

      When I get home, I'll try to take a few pictures of some aspects of the body, and post something.
    7. If anyone has a white skin donut, could I borrow it? PM me if you do.

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    8. I saw those also when looking, but they seems to be (based on the titles) threads for very specific dolls. This one is nice because it seems to be ok for all popodolls. I don't own a body that qualifies to be posted in the other threads :(
    9. [​IMG]

      Here is a quick shot of the jointed hands in natural. I don't exactly remember what the skin color is properly named, but it isn't white. It matches volks pure skin. There is an Iplehouse SID default female hand, special real skin, for comparison.

      I think I remember a rule somewhere about only being able to post one picture per thread, so I guess later I can post something else if anyone wants.

      On a side note, the Iplehouse SID female head fits on the popodoll 68 body, and is proportional. I have no idea if the resin matches though.

      Also, my popodoll 68 boy body can fit into any of the same shirts that my Iplehouse SID glamour chest doll can wear. He can fit her pants also, but they are just slightly too short. Though, if he had boots on it isn't an issue.

      Right now he has on a DollClans u-line head. Perfect resin match.
    10. Cynthia - Thanks for sharing the links! :thumbup

      They are related, and I did check them out, but I was hoping to have a wider discussion of all sorts of popodolls and hybrids. It doesn't seem to be a popular company on DoA, so there's probably room for an entire thread discussing everything the company has to offer.

      I only wish there were more info and pics of them. Please, share any links you come across here.

      Here are some I have subscribed, though some are not very active.


      This is the waiting room vadafade started. I was constantly checking if for months!

      Also, if you know of any other owners or people interested, please let them know. The more the merrier! Let's have a popo party on this thread.

      Maniah - Those hands look absolutely fabulous! :kitty1 Thank you so much for sharing the photos. Now, I want some! I guess I'll be saving a bit of money now so I can get a pair. Just to clarify, the body you put the hands on is the 68cm male body?
    11. Mollym- You should really add all the relevant links to the very first post. That's what all the other discussion threads seem to do. And yep! Sid is on the 68cm body right now, though I'm thinking about moving him to the 1/3 body. It depends on how he compares to my Fairyland Moe F60 when she arrives. I don't want him to tower over that bad.

      Here is a better shot to show the size comparison in relation to the body. He is holding Liz, my Iplehouse SID girl in his lap.

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    12. Good idea! I have edited the first post. I only wish I understood how to edit the popodoll wiki. I will try to learn soon. My doll's sculpt isn't listed there.
      Sid and Liz look to be very friendly together. Thanks for sharing the photo!
    13. MY BOY FINALLY HAS HIS BODY! >.> Popo dolls have such AMAZING BODIES he poses GREAT and he looks >.> Even <.< BETTER! (I guess is should add his head is a MigiDoll Ell normal B skin)
    14. Congratulations on your new boy!
    15. Hi Mollym, I'm so happy you opened up this great thread...thank you so much, Dear:D!!! I know I said that I would open one but -shame on me- I couldn't find the time to do so. Additional to my lack of dollie-time I had to overcome a phase of deep frustration about the unexpected mismatch of my Migidoll Cho-head ( Normal B-Type) and the Popodoll 63cm body in NS. After having done a big research about a good skintone-match for the Cho-head (and finding the Popodoll NS as highly recommended everywhere) the disapointment about the actual mismatch hit me hard!!! Now I'm really curios about the matching of the DIKA jointed hands in normal yellow I ordered*_*!
      Luckily the artist to whom I sent my boy for the FU did some blushing-magic and I'm really happy how it turned out! Though this problem had been solved I needed a little time to bond with my boy...that was the first time since I'm in the hobby that it was difficult for me to get close to a new doll! But finally we made it ...and I'm happy to introduce "Kimey" here

    16. Whoa!!! He looks amazing. :D Yes, blushing is magic!!!! He looks great, tell us all where we can find more photos when/if you have them available!
    17. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my Kimey, mollym:aheartbea!!! Just click on the pic and you are on my photostream at Flickr. Please tell me where I can find pictures of your boys...I'd love to see them too!!!!!!
    18. Nightflower, you can't even tell that there was a skin tone difference! He looks really good! Who did his faceup?
    19. Maniah, thank you for the compliments:aheartbea! Day by day I'm falling more in love with him...and I'm enjoying this since it wasn't "love by first sight", hehe. His faceup was
      made by Masayoshi, a girl ( better : an artist !!!) from Germany...she's on DoA as well...and yeah : I think she did a good job on him:).
      Just want to tell you that I love your comments, you are having such a great sense of humor! That "magnetic-penis-at the fridge"...Girl, I laughed so hard I cried:mwahaha!!!!!