Popodolls and popo doll hybrids

Aug 4, 2014

    1. I recently bought a popodoll 70cm body for my DollClans Phython head. I'm excited to see how he looks when he's all put together. I'll post pictures as soon as it happens!
    2. Congrats! That resin match is perfect! I'm excited to see how well the proportions are!
    3. Hello everyone. I just ordered a Dollclans Rynx head and am looking at options for his body. The research posted on the Dollclans Body Guide seems to indicate a good match for Popodoll and was wondering if 70cm body would work as well as the 68cm. I have no experience at all so would not want to do any neck modification. It appears that both bodies have jointed hand options. The other body I was considering was Spiritdoll Proud version 2.

      any opinions from folks who have actually seen these bodies would be appreciated.
    4. Therewalter, if I had to guess, I would guess that the 70 body would work for Rynx. He is an S-line head, and those are bigger than the u-line. I have Kien on a 68 body and the proportions work well. So I bet the 70 body would work well also with the larger s-line Rynx head. Of course, that's just theory based off what I know of the hybrid I have.
    5. Hi all, I have a Popodoll/IOS hybrid. I got him on a 68cm popodoll body and a Sezz head. Perfect match! :)
    6. Would anyone happen to have a comparison of the proportions between a popodoll 68 and an Iplehouse EID body. My Python/Popodoll boy's boyfriend is an IH Eric and I want to make sure he's not going to look too scrawny next to him XD
    7. Hi guys, I'm considering getting a popodoll body and wanted to make sure if the bodies are true to the heights listed. I'm really wary since I've once bought a doll that's 3cm shorter than advertised. He looked like a child next to my other dolls :doh I'd understand ~1cm discrepancies due to the head sizes but 3cm is a lot :/

      if anyone has tried measuring their dolls, please let me know if they're about the same as the height listed, thanks/ I'm specifically interested in the 63cm body btw, but any body should be fine.
    8. I think Popo bodies are pretty true to size. I have the 63 cm boy body with a Leeke head, and my hybrid boy is just ever so slightly taller than my Luts SDF boy, who is 62 cm.
    9. That's great to know! *v*
    10. I just measured my 68 body. From neck to floor, he is about 61.5 cm tall. When I add a DollClans Kien head, he is 68.5 cm, so I guess the height is pretty accurate.
    11. [MENTION=64192]Maniah[/MENTION]: Thanks :D
    12. Here's a photo of my first try face up on my Chen. It chipped on the cheek, so I am going to re-do it when the humidity is better, I have the time and I'm not tired. lol


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    13. Joining thread for popodoll S !! Anyone willing to spam?
    14. Why didn't I find this earlier? Picture(s) of your boy would be so awesome fish and chips ... I'd love to learn more about the proportions & resin match Popo/IOS please :cheer.
    15. [MENTION=66460]Eolomea[/MENTION]: I also have a IOS/Popo hybrid if you're interested in the 63cm body (:
    16. Absolutely, kuze, would be so nice if you could share some of him :D! I'm very curious.
      It's interesting that the new 70cm body has a neck size of 10,5 cm only which is great as most 70cm bodies come with 11cm neck circumference (too big!).

      ~ Btw, I've just noticed the Fanyin girl head looks so special. That smirk...! It's a pity I don't collect girls. If there was a "head only" option, I'd be very tempted.
    17. Eolomea: Ok, I will take pics for you tomorrow (: And yes, agreed. I'm really glad popodoll neck sizes are on the small side, since IOS necks run small too. Which sculpt did you plan on hybridizing, if you don't mind me asking?

      Yeah, I wish companies offered just the heads too;;
    18. Thanks so much kuze for asking, and I'd really love to see your hybrid! I have an M head, tried him on two different sizes of nobilitydoll bodies, and from what I've seen the 62cm body was a little too immature for what I'm imagining him to be. 70cm neck would have to be sanded, plus nobility has heavy seamlines and I don't want to sand for hours on end if it's not necessary. So, alternatives... I keep returning to Popodoll body listings and I keep thinking, why not?!

      ~Edit: I was wrong. After asking jeeryama, I found out that the female head I like is indeed part of the X-mas sale plus available individually, didn't expect that.
    19. You have an M :D

      My hybrid is also a class60 head so you can probably get a good idea of the proportions. Pics: front view, side view. Sorry they're grainy;; I personally think both the proportions and resin match are ok. It's really ironic that IOS looks more pink on the picture since it's pale yellow in person. Popo, on the other hand, is darker and more pink.

      Oh, are you getting one? *v*