Popodolls and popo doll hybrids

Aug 4, 2014

    1. Wow, in the photos it is a perfect match! That is a good proportion, he's a great hybrid. Good Job!!!!
    2. Interesting, even though the Popodoll body is a little narrower in shoulders/waist (-0.5/around1cm), being more muscular helps with the proportions. Your Maru head looks perfectly fine, but for M I'll keep the new 70 in mind. Thank you kuze, your pics have helped a lot. And I had the same issue as you, IOS resin photographs in an unexpected way. Doesn't make it exactly easier :XD:.

      About the Popo head, I'm not sure yet^^.
    3. [MENTION=53169]mollym[/MENTION]: Thanks (: It looks even better in person too!
      [MENTION=66460]Eolomea[/MENTION]: Yes, and even then, it doesn't look that muscular either. The way his shoulders are sculpted makes him look slim, which was what I was aiming for. No problem, I'm glad I was of help (:
    4. Thank you so much again kuze, the longer I look at the smaller body the more I like it :D.
    5. Hello everyone :)

      I just ordered the 68cm body for my Leeke Mihael head, and now it's time to buy him some clothes so he won't be naked when he gets home! Would this body be considered SD17, or 70+? I'm especially interested in pants size, because I don't mind if shirts are tight/loose. Any help would be useful!
    6. Yes, for the most part SD17 and 70cm clothes should fit. Some particular pants might be a bit loose, long, tight or short. I've bought some pants from an ebay shop and they are the same brand. The jeans were a bit short but the cargo pants were perfect. I've heard dollmore fits pretty well. I've also bought from Tata's Paradise and the clothes fit great! Maybe you can provide the link to what you are considering and see if anyone has bought from that particular clothes maker.
    7. I completely forgot about Tata's! Found a ton of great stuff on there, so thank you mollym! When you ordered from them, did you get the pants and shirts in the 70cm size?
    8. I bought a jacket and pants, I believe. If I have the chance over the next few days I will look up what I have bought from where. :)

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    9. [​IMG][/URL] Two thumbs up for Popodoll by therealwalter, on Flickr[/IMG]

      Two thumbs up for Popodoll. The 70cm male body and articulated hands I ordered are already here. And I don't even have the head I bought this body for yet. I am impressed with the body. It is very well made and I cannot wait to put that head on it and start dressing it up. I had the hands out and played with them between things at work. Fun fun fun!
    10. Does anyone know if Popodoll could match RSDoll NS?
    11. I will ask around my local meet group to see if anyone has a RS doll in NS. I'll make a pic for you if they do. We will be meeting the end of the month.
    12. Oh! Thank you! Let's hope someone have one xD
    13. I am so obsessed with Popodolls bodies, I wonder if their white resin matches Soom white resin. I wand the Popodolls bodies for my Soom boys.
    14. Well, it's funny how things can happen. I am going to ask in the meetup thread and see. I think some friends might have a bobobie, and that is the same resin I think. I can't help with the white for popodoll. There is a popodoll database that you can check...... I will keep a lookout.
    15. The new girl, Fanyin, looks really unusual - seems she's biting her lip? I asked Jeeryama if I can buy the head separately, maybe turn her into a boy.
    16. I still haven't seen my friend with the NS ResinSoul doll, but when I do, I'll still check.

      I hope you can get the head separate. I wanted to have a second Chen head but Popodoll will only sell him as a full doll. :...(
    17. I don't think I've ever posted a proper photo here. This is Jeremy, my Popodoll Chen.

      [​IMG][/URL]Jeremy by Molly M, on Flickr[/IMG]
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    18. Can anyone help me with Popodoll body 70 matches? I'd like to buy it for my NS Luts senior65 head. I already searched about it but I couldn't find a proper info about color match etc.

      I also considered if IOS 80 body head could work for popo70 body such as lacrimosa. Also I'm so confused about the color match since IOS has new resin tones. Agh. Any help regarding luts, ios, Popodoll 70 body will be appreciated!