Popodolls and popo doll hybrids

Aug 4, 2014

    1. [MENTION=69382]ShaySugar[/MENTION] - Your Luts senior head, are you only looking for a resin match? If so, what year is your Luts??? I will check with my friends. I will see some of them at the end of the month, so I will get that long promised Resin Soul NS comparison photo then as well.
    2. [MENTION=53169]mollym[/MENTION] That would be really helpful, thanks! My luts head is the 2014 summer event head normal skin :)
    3. @Nayuko I managed to get a Resin Soul resin comparison with my Popodoll NS. The RS is 2009???
      [​IMG][/URL]Popodoll NS and Resin Soul NS by Molly M, on Flickr[/IMG]

      With blushing, this can be made a closer match.

      Let me know if anyone else has a resin comparison request. My Popodoll is NS 2014.
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    4. @mollym Thank you!! In the end the RS skin is quite pale in comparison so it wouldn't be a good match T^T

      Does anyone know if it match soom? I searched and saw a few that didn't match at all, and others that were quite close, but I don't know if it is for the skin, the year, blushing... @[email protected]
    5. @ShaySugar The Luts was a bit older than 2014 but should give you some idea.

      [​IMG][/URL]Popodoll NS and Luts NS by Molly M, on Flickr[/IMG]

      @Nayuko - What skin color do you want compared with Soom?

      I also have resin comparison on my flickr with Dollshe Fresh, and Souldoll.

      I'm really picky about resin matching. However, if the head is lighter than the body, it can be matched very closely with pastel blushing. I just learned to do that last weekend for another doll.
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    6. [MENTION=53169]mollym[/MENTION] If I can avoid blushing better, but it can be an option that's true, I didn't think about it xD

      For Soom I'm more curious about the NS, is the one that I'm more confused with >__<
    7. [MENTION=57435]Nayuko[/MENTION]: I have a few soom dolls and a popodoll body at home (mostly from 2014). My ns soom dolls varied in colour but even then, I thought they were all a decent match with the popo body. I can take a few pictures for you later if you'd like (:
    8. [MENTION=62088]kuze[/MENTION] I would love to!! I have seen some comparisons, but I'm really confused because some of them are too different, maybe because of the year...
    9. [​IMG]

      This was taken in natural daylight. And here's another one with flash: LINK. All the headcaps are from soom, and the hand is from popo. Soom NS really varies. The two headcaps on the top row were supposedly made at the same time, but did not match perfectly. Still, I think overall it's not a bad match with popo. Hope this helps (:
    10. [MENTION=53169]mollym[/MENTION] Thanks a lot. I guess I could really get popodoll body for my luts event head. And possibly use some blushing around neck if there is visible difference.
    11. Sure thing! Which body are you considering? I have NS 68cm male body if you need any info. I would be happy to help. I have no idea why Popodoll is not a more popular company. Their dolls are fabulous and pose very well.
    12. @kuze Thank you! This is really useful! *__*
    13. Camillo Vincenzo, my new vampire boy :dance

    14. Hi, anyone ever tried dollclans u line head on popodoll 70cm body? I'm dying to see how the proportions'd look ; _ ;
    15. [​IMG]
      Here's a photo of my Popodoll Wukong. She's still a bit of a work in process. I may go back and touchup her faceup and I'm not done working on her ears just yet. I've gotten the shape mostly sculpted now though. :)
    16. Yay! I've been hoping for a long time to see one of the Popodoll female sculpts. She's beautiful! I'm loving her purple wig, black outfit and complimentary faceup. Please, spam her to your heart's content!!!
    17. Here's a picture of the same doll with her default faceup before I wiped it so you can check it out. It's pretty well done bu it was difficult to remove.


      More pictures of her: Popodoll Wukong (Catrina)
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    18. Very cool! What is your overall impression of her? How is her posing? Does she feel 'balanced'?
    19. I like the body a lot. The elbow joints are pull out though which I'm not as big of a fan of (I've placed a kip in them). She also comes with high heel legs which are the knee down kind. They're hooked in the knee via her shooks. It was difficult to switch out initially because of the tension was higher when I restrung her. Her knees are also double jointed. I also like how the body's hands have these long fingernails on them. I think you could get this body to stand on its own as well. The under the bust joint does allow her to slouch some too. She plops down pretty easily with out a lot of fidgeting with her legs which is something I personally like being able to do. This was an issue I was having with the impldol body.

      I haven't gotten too adventurous yet. I'm use to dealing with single jointed dolls who you mostly just plop down and they look cute.