Popodolls and popo doll hybrids

Aug 4, 2014

    1. Thanks! That's more than I've ever known of the girl sculpts before. I really like them, but not knowing anything about the body prevented one from making it to my wish list.

      If you ever have the time, and you feel up to it, it would be wonderful to see some pics of her posing and the construction of this heel vs flat legs. I'm very unfamiliar with girls in general but I don't know of any other company doing the legs that way.

      Congrats!!!! She sounds really, really great!
    2. Thanks for posting your pictures! I've wondered about a Impldoll/Popodoll female hybrid for a long time! :)
      EDIT: Do you still have your girl? What do you think about the body after these months of ownership?
      @mollym , Mundo Ara has an Azalea/popodoll hybrid on Flickr. Unfortunatelly she doesn't mention its posing ability and there aren't any pictures of her in her 'birthday suit'.
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    3. The impl heads are slightly smaller in the neck area and also are a bit narrower. I had both heads for a bit but I got rid of the impldoll head before I thought to try it on the popodoll. I'm pretty sure it would work fine

      I'm still pretty happy with the popodoll body. Most of my dolls are single jointed. I don't really have any particular annoyances about it like I do with the SQlab body or AoD. I am pretty happy with Dreaming Doll so I'd say Dreaming Doll and the Popodoll are currently my favorite SD bodies in my house right now.

      My doll is almost finished but I'm considering going back and adding some feathering to the faceup. My ears aren't quite done and I still need to make her a tail
    4. @Biff , thanks for the update on the bodies, I've been looking at Dreaming Doll for a long time myself.
      The Tail and ears: that sounds interesting! :) I am looking forward to seeing your project. Will that be an articulated tail like what is used for some snake wooden/plastic dollies for children or a basic one with wire inside?
    5. This is actually something I'm kind of undecided on. I may do both. Right now probably at least the basic wire one. I'd like to have it be sort of durable that way I can leave it on her and not worry about it during transport. I did a sleeve cover for one I did for the dolpa using this method so I think I'd be prone to do that again
    6. Hello everyone ^^
      I'm so glad to have found this page, as I am looking to purchase a Popodoll 68 cm body as a possible hybrid match for an incoming LittleRebel Aleksander head...however, I've heard that Popodoll normal skin resin varies a lot (sometimes it's pinker, sometimes yellower), so I'm a bit hesitant about making the purchase. Apparently, LittleRebel matches with Luts/Fairyland/AprilStory, and judging by the picture put up by @mollym (thanks for that picture!), I feel like it could maybe work out, but I've been told by a dealer that Popodoll resin is close to Volks, which is a little too much on the yellow side for me.
      Ahh, I'm just so conflicted because I like the Popodoll body--the proportions would be perfect for the LR Aleksander, and the posing seems nice. But the resin color is throwing me off, especially since sales pictures makes the 68cm body looks very yellow...unless that's the white resin.
      Anyone have any suggestions about resin color variations from Popodoll? If it's pinker or yellower, and from which years? Anything would help. Thank you!
    7. My winter Vampire

    8. What a beautiful pic!
    9. @Tengu CloakedSchemer here on DoA has a Little Rebel/Popodoll hybrid. She's a friend of mine and I'm sure we might be able to wrangle her into the conversation to tell you how she feels about the match. I've seen her boy, and I believe the Popodoll was 2011 normal yellow??? but I can't recall for sure. I think he looks awesome though.
    10. @mollym That would be AWESOME. : )
      I really do like the Popodoll body, so it would be perfect if it works! Ahh. Thank you so much. ;u;
      @CloakedSchemer, I apologize for bringing you into this, but if you wouldn't mind, I would appreciate it SO much if you could maybe post a few pictures of the resin match between your LittleRebel/Popodoll hybrid. Even just a written description would be nice.. I'd just like to know how the difference is between the two resins. Thank you! :D
    11. Oh, hi!
      I'll try to get pictures tomorrow for you, it's too dark to be of any use right now.

      My hybrid is a NS Little Rebel Aleksander 2015 head on a NS Popodoll 63cm version 2 boy body, though I got it secondhand and I'll have to check into what year it was made. Little Rebel resin colors vary, and the match to Aleksander is very bad, though the fit is very good. I had to blush the head a lot to match, since the head was very pink compared to the Popodoll yellow, but I'm very happy with him. However! I also own a Little Rebel Hachi head in NS from...I think 2012...and that match is much closer.
    12. Ok! Sorry for the double post, but I have photos for @Tengu

      Michael is the hybrid, his head is a late 2015 Little Rebel Aleksander and his body is a 2013 Popodoll 63cm version 2 boy body. Nori's head is a 2012 Little Rebel Hachi. Nori is much more yellow tinted, and Michael is more pink. I am the first owner of the Aleksander head and it has not yellowed. I am at least the second owner of the Popo body and Hachi head, so I am unsure if they have yellowed. If they have, it's even. Hachi was cast in a different batch than Aleksander (obviously) and I believe the color difference is due to different casting companies, not yellowing, as she is a very close match to other Little Rebel heads made around the same time.

      I have not edited any of these pictures at all, except to add text.

      First set of pix, I have both headcaps lying on the Popodoll's back. The Popodoll is definitely leaning more towards yellow than pink. It matches the Hachi head better, but isn't perfect for either.

      Next, we have the Aleksander head. I blushed the face to match, but the headcap has not been blushed or sealed at all. you can see how much I had to blush him to match.

      Few pictures showing the head fit on the Popo 63cm body. My character is meant to be sort of a scrawny artist type, so I like the fit a lot. If you want a more muscular, buff guy, a larger body would be better. The neck fits nicely, but tends to hang his head a lot, like he's looking at the floor. The body slouches naturally, which makes him look even more shy and withdrawn. I hot glue sueded the neck and now he can look up and hold the pose without snapping back down immediately.
      No wig
      Aleksander 1
      Aleksander 2
      Aleksander 3

      Comparison of Aleksander/Popo hybrid and Hachi/Custom House hybrid

      I hope this can help you make your decision! It does take blushing to match, but in the end, I think it's very much worth the effort. :)
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    13. @CloakedSchemer Thanks so much for all the pics and info. He looks really good. He's the 63cm body, correct? I didn't realize the difference in the color because the blushing is matched so well.

      @Tengu I can tell you that if you like a body and the head/neck fit is good, it's well worth it to blush the head. It takes some trial and error to find just the right tint to blush, but they can come out looking very natural. There's many threads in the styling section that break the steps down and explain the 'color math'. I did blush matching for another one of my dolls and it's really shocking to see the comparison pics. I'm really interested in what you decide for your Little Rebel sculpt, they are lovely.
    14. Yes, he is the 63cm body. Anything bigger is usually too much for me! :)
    15. @CloakedSchemer AHH thank you so much for taking the time to take pictures for me! And so many, too--what a thorough answer. I love Michael. His soft faceup and blue eyes are great together, and for some reason, I really really like his nails/nail polish. : ) Adds a lot of character to him. The resin match through blushing is also very nice! I can't tell the difference.
      @mollym Thank you thank you for letting me drag your friend into this. And thank you for the suggestion to look in the styling section to look for resin matching, as (if I go the PopoDoll route) it will be my first time resin-matching through blushing. So thank you for that.

      A big thanks to the two of you, I'm so grateful that I was able to get such a clear answer on this really weird question, hahaha. If I do end up with the PopoDoll hybrid, I'll be sure to post here. Whether or not I end up going with a PopoDoll body, my choice will be a lot more confident, and I'll remember this kindness. I wish the best of luck and happiness to you both with your dolls. <3
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    16. @Tengu No problem! And thanks for the compliments. Aleksander is a gorgeous sculpt. Michael was loosely inspired by Macaulay Culkin, so that explains his light faceup. Haha
    17. @CloakedSchemer Oh! I can definitely see the connection, yup. : ) And yes, Aleksander is amazing. ^^
    18. I'm new to this thread as I received my first (and only) Popodoll about a week ago. It is the Ramiel sculpt and I ordered him in tan and on the 70cm body. I can't find many pictures of Popodoll's tan resin, and maybe I'm not alone in liking tan skin, so if anyone is interested I can take comparison shots with my other tan dolls?
      Anyway, meet my nameless boy, whom I refer to as either Half-face, The New Guy, or Ramiel.
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    19. I didn't even know Popodoll was offering tan now! Is it just for this limited sculpt??? He's beautiful. I think Popodoll makes the best bodies. I haven't seen or handled one yet that I like better.....

      Resin comparison shots are always welcome in this thread. We would love to see them. Anything to help is going to be greatly appreciated. Us Popodoll owners are few and far between. :cool:
    20. I ordered through Jeeryama on eBay. Some of their listings on Popodolls offer tan skin (extra price of about 80), so I do not believe it is limited at all. Probably just a new skin they started to offer. But I'm new to Popodoll so I really don't know.

      My boy was not good at standing when I unpacked him, but the elastic was way too loose. I cut about 7cm off it and now he stands perfectly. My favourite boy body is Ringdoll RGM-4, and the Popodoll 70cm body does not beat that. Maybe the 68cm can, but I haven't handled that one.

      Then I will take a resin comparison picture of my tan resins and post here soon :)