Popodolls and popo doll hybrids

Aug 4, 2014

    1. Joining in here as I have fallen for the 68cm Female Hong Qu sculpt, she's got such a beautiful face and the default face up is stunning :love

      Are there any Hong Qu owners on here? I've seen one set of owner pictures on flickr and haven't found any besides those. :nowords:
    2. Wu Kong is the only girl popodoll I've seen on DoA. Sadly, there have not been many photos I could find of the girls either. I have no idea why. I'm really happy that you are adopting Hong Qu into your home. :kitty1 It will be exciting to see her. Popodolls are few are far between which I cannot understand. They are wonderful dolls and they come home sanded and sealed. That's an extra step that even some of the pricier companies do not do for their dolls. From what I can tell, these dolls are made with a lot of love. :love Her default faceup is nice! What plans do you have for her???
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    3. @mollym I've read this thread through and I'm uncertain to as to why they aren't more popular! It's good to know that they finish the dolls so well :)

      I've got an impldoll vanessa who is going to be monster themed (think vintage styled bride of frankenstein) so she'll more than likely be headed for that route too.
    4. Oh yay a thread! :P
      I just got my first popodoll, and ohhh my gosh do I love him. I was wowed in all ways by Ramiel, he's one of my most gorgeous sculpts.
      Popodoll is da bomb. :wiggle I don't know how I never noticed them before...

      Here's my beauuutiful prince Clovisse:
      [​IMG]Prince Clovisse by Genevieve, on Flickr
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    5. @Genevieve Welcome to the thread! Wow! That is a fine photo! He's so nice, from your photo quality, outfit and faceup! Thanks so much for sharing your eye candy! :thumbup

      Yes, Popodoll is da bomb, indeed. I am still impressed each day when I get Jeremy out of his box. I don't know of another company that takes such pride and care with each and every doll they send home. They do a lovely job with the seam sanding, stringing and taking the time to seal them before they are snugly packaged and shipped. They have a bit of a wait time, but IMO, it's well worth it.

      Please, always feel free to spam away to your heart's content with your gorgeous Clovisse!!! :love
    6. Does anyone in DoA happen to have a switch head on popodoll body :) ? I'd like to see the proportions and the tone.
    7. @Genevieve your prince is absolutely beautiful! I was totally considering that sculpt for one of my characters!
    8. I have a question, but first I wanted to share my Iplehouse/Popo hybrid. I have an old Iplehouse YID Barron head I got in the marketplace (I don't know what year the head is from) but the Popo 63cm boy body is from 2011. It's a perfect match!


      Now, I hope you can help me with my question. :eusa_pray Does anyone know if Popo white resin is paper-white or a cream white? And, also does it have a yellow or pink cast? Please help! I would really like to get a 68cm body for my old DZ white skin Chen head. His white has mellowed a lot!
    9. I have an older Popodoll head, a whole body from 2014 and one of my friends has an older body. None of the resin colors come close to matching. On the older head I have, it's the uniform color inside and out. I'm thinking that resin batches vary with Popodoll depending when they were made. If you're looking at white only, I can't help as I haven't seen Popodoll white in person. The good news is, pastel blushing isn't as horrible as it might sound if you need to adjust a head a bit to match. I hope that was some help.
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    10. Thanks mollym! Appreciate the advice.
    11. Barron looks awesome, btw. I really like the older Iple sculpts.
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    12. Oh! Preachin' to the choir, mollym! I love the older sculpts. I miss seeing them around. Sometimes I go to ancient threads just to look at the older dolls and remember how everyone use to love CP/Lut's El or Iplehouse's Soo-Ri. *giggle*. Aaaah, the good ol' days...;)
    13. @Rabbit-moon I have a popodoll 63cm body that is white, and I'm not sure of the year since I got it 2nd hand, but it's a really yellowy white and matches an old yellowed Delf El head that I have. I'm not sure how brand new white is though.
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    14. Thank you, Ravenwolf! Would love to see a picture of him. :eusa_pray Please?
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    15. Thank you! I would love to see your El!
    16. @Ravenwolf I would love it if you would indulge us all with a pic of your hybrid. The more, the merrier in this thread. I really love my popodoll and all that I've seen. If I had bags of money, I'd commission all of the Popodoll sculpts!!!!
    17. He is truly very beautiful!
    18. Hi @mollym Thanks! I haven't taken any "good" non cell pics of him on the Popobody since I'm not even sure if I'm going to keep him on it, I got it for another doll and it just happened to match my old El resin well and I was surprised and put him on it temporarily just to see how he'd look on a taller body. It is nice, but I'm not sure I like the way Popodoll legs pose compared to the Fairyland and Delf resin I usually have. Here's the pic I do have though where he was modeling an alpaca wig I was making :)
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    19. Wow! I can't tell that the resins are from different companies. Very cool! Your wig looks absolutely amazing, good job! Thanks very much for sharing the photo.