Popodolls and popo doll hybrids

Aug 4, 2014

    1. That is one seriously gorgeous El. Ravenwolf, he looks really good on that body.
    2. Does anyone know crobidoll head can hybrid with popodoll 70 cm.? Resin match or not in NS skin? If you have any photo reference that would be appreciated.

      Thank you.
    3. @LaughingAB I will check with my local group to see if anyone has a crobidoll. Are you trying to match a new or older Popodoll body? What about the crobidoll?

      Everyone - if you see any other threads, photos or other info about the popodolls let me know. I'll put a link in the OP. They're so few and far between, I'm trying to have one spot where it's easier to find references. Thanks!
    4. @mollym My crobidoll head is Yuri B-line (resin around 2012 or 2013) and I'm trying to put on popodoll body 68 or 70 but I really don't know popo's resin can match with my crobidoll.
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    5. Hello everyone! I recently purchased a Distant Memory (Esthy) Hwayoung in white skin and I was wondering if Popodoll's white skin would match?
    6. @LaughingAB One of my friends has Crobidoll from 2011. I have popodolls from about 2011 and 2014. The 2014 has always been stored in his box unless I am taking him to a meet or doing photos. His resin should still be very, very close to new. I can give you a resin comp of all in a few weeks. My friend is in my town, but moving so her dolls aren't available right now. I hope that will help.
    7. @mollym Thank you that will help me so much
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    8. Your Ramiel is GORGEOUS! I accidentally stumbled on to POPO doll by seeing Ramiel on the sidebar on Alice's Collections, and I think I have to have him now! Did you order white skin or normal skin?
    9. He's in white skin! Ramiel is still one of my favorite dolls, definitely one of the most striking.
    10. Hey everyone, so I got my Popo doll Ramiel last month and I did an unboxing and body review of him:

      A few people said they found it helpful so if you're interested in him I recommend watching ^_^
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    11. I'm sorry if this has already been answered but does anyone know if Ringdoll (2015 or 2016) normal skin will match with new popodoll white or normal resin? Pictures would be great! Thank you in advance!
    12. [​IMG]Untitled by Charlie Marie, on Flickr

      these are my popodoll/migidoll hybrids.
      the color match is great with a newer migidoll head (the cynical yujin on the left) but Altas (right) is older and quite yellow so he doesnt match well in terms of color. His head fits on the neck perfectly though!
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    13. I hope this is the right thread... I am desperately searching for owner pics of Popodoll Jophiel. Also very curious to know how PD white resin/normal resin lines up with dollshe/Dollstown resin colors. I think the head might be right as my DT 18 Soi's sister, but it would have to work with the 17 or 18 girl body.

      And possibly if the normals line up the 68cm body could be good for my icon guy who is just too short next to his frequent scene-mate the giant DT18 girl as he is on his 65cm company body.

      I'm not actually finding much current information about Popodoll at all. I don't understand how they aren't more popular. The posing looks great on the 68. Is it stable? Or does it need some hot glue/wire?
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    14. Hello everybody:)
      I have a Qing Ru, I repainted the doll several times, eventually stopped on this
      I like her:love
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    15. She is very pretty! I really like Popodoll, it's hands down my favorite company. I'm not too keen on girls but I have my girl and I love her. I like your girl too, I'm glad to see another. I feel like the female sculpts really stand apart from other companies. Good job with her. I really like the eye color with the makeup, it makes a lovely contrast.
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    16. I'm wondering the same right now about PD and Dollshe resin colors. Does anyone have any relatively recent dolls from both these companies to compare?
    17. Here is a photo of Dollshe fresh and Popodoll normal skin taken in 2015. The Dollshe head was from 2013 and Popodoll body was made in the last half of 2014. Dollshe seems pretty consistent with the fresh skin as I have seen several well kept pieces from different times and they are either a close or dead on match. I will be able to tell you more about the current popodoll resin in a few months when I have new replacement hands.

      [​IMG]DSCN0109 by Molly M, on Flickr
    18. @mollym Thank you! I really appreciate it. :cheer
    19. @mollym Thank you, girls really do not look like others)
      I've been looking for a face for my Qing Ru for a long time, but without success.
      Again, I redraw, and again I do not like, I will redraw again later.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    20. I have an issue with my 60cm popo girl. I have several pairs of flat girl shoes for her and all are too small. I'm beginning to think it will be easier, cheaper and better to just use the feet from another company so she doesn't have to wear boy shoes anymore. Has anyone done this or know of a source to find my girl some girly flat footed shoes???? Bonus if you know of a company that offers both flat and heeled feet that will fit her body.