Popodolls and popo doll hybrids

Aug 4, 2014

    1. Hi, Billylsasilly :) Your video helps me a lot. Thank you.
      But sadly I can't speak English well:...(
      So I'm sorry but would you please tell me one more time about movement of body's chest?
      I wonder if it is difficult to bend its waist back and forward.
      I can't find much information about the movement of 70 body (ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ)
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    2. Congrats on your new dolly!!!

      I only have the 68cm bodies on my boys, but if you are gentle, just play with him a bit and he will show you what he can do.
    3. Hello, mollym :)

      I'm having a good time thinking about what to order between 68 and 70 these dayヾ(。・ω・)シ
      So I was curious about the movement of the bodies.
    4. It's not difficult to bend him forward but sometimes it takes a little work to get him to lean back. I hope it was helpful!
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    5. Oh, Really Thank you so much! Your answer was very helpful to me(>_<)!!
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    6. Hello guys!

      Finally I ordered a Popodoll 70body! I got a lot of information here. Thank you.
      I hope it suits my Eden. I should wait about two months, but I'm really pleased.

      Thanks! o(^∀^*)o
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    7. Hello everone!

      I own a popodoll Ramiel on Spiritdoll Proud girl body (mod to boy). Here it is:
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    8. Wow, amazing <3
    9. Hello there!

      A few days ago, I received the POPO70 body! This body is so gorgeous.
      I heard that it would take two months but I received it within a month.
      My doll's head and body match very well :) The Head is Kanadoll.
      (The Kanadoll(NS) is said to be similar to Switch)


      And, Does anyone know the resin math with Granado(NS)?
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    10. @MJ20 Wow! He looks amazing! That's a great body sculpt, he looks really fit!

      @Follow-the-Wind Congrats on your Ramiel girl. The costume and styling is superb! I have a question. Is the removable faceplate sold with the face? I have not seen that before.

      I have no idea why I have not had any updates to the thread in the notifications for so long... I feel like I really missed out!
    11. @mollym Thank you ! The removable faceplate was made by me :)
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    12. Hi! Let me join the Popodoll hybridizer club. My favorite Raul - is hybrid from Popodoll and LLT Roderich/
      He came to me in 2013/ Skinton LLT and Popodoll normal perfectly matched.

      [​IMG]DSC_0007 by Tornny wsufyjr, on Flickr
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    13. @Tornny :love It's impossible to tell this head wasn't made especially for this body, he looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing with us a wonderful success with a Popodoll hybrid!
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    14. mollym, thank you for compliments:kitty2

      MJ20, Your boy is beautiful! :D .
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    15. Guys, does Ringdoll normal skin, matches popodoll's normal skin?
    16. My Ringdoll no longer lives with me. As I recall, Ring doll is more pink than Popodoll, but it's not so much that mixing a pastel blush to match would be a terrible feat. Here is the one of the few photos I have of my Popodoll with a Ringdoll. There's also a Dollshe guy in there. The Popodoll is normal skin as so is the Ringdoll being unwrapped.

      [​IMG]DSCN0155 by Molly M, on Flickr
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    17. Hello everybody:)
      Once again I changed the makeup for my doll, I hope you'll like it)
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    18. Congratulation. The head looks perfect on that body.
      I am confused between 63, 68 and 70 bodies. Which size of clothes can i buy for those size? I think clothes of 70 body may be too wide on 68 body. Are clothes of switch for 65 body short on 68 body?
      So confused :((
    19. DianNguyen, tanks for the compliment.
      About clothing size: I don't have a 68 cm body, but I once made a pattern for it. It is slightly different from the same on Pоpоdoll 70, so I think clothes for 70 to sit freely on 68, but not critical.
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    20. Thank for your answer. I have just asked a friend who has a 68 body. She told me that it fit with clothes of 65body from Switch. Luckily, i love clothes from Switch. :D