Production Ariadne Discussion

Jul 22, 2008

    1. kittyasauras, please excuse me if I'm misunderstanding you, but this doll isn't the same as the 1/6 kit that dezarii posted about in the Painting, Customizing, and Esthetics forum. They're both made by Production Ariadne, but the doll in this thread is in the 60cm range, and the most recent BIN price I saw for her on Yahoo!Japan was 27,000 yen (about $280, with the current exchange rate). As best I can tell from the Y!J auction listings, the 60cm doll comes assembled, not in kit form.

      It is possible to buy the 60cm body by itself, without the head; Production Ariadne lists the body on Y!J as well as the full doll. The price for the body alone is about $230, as of right now. I would have to look at the auction listings again to be sure, but I think the 60cm body also comes assembled (at least the auction pictures show an assembled/strung body, not pieces).

      One more edit, to add that Production Ariadne now sells two different bodies on Y!J; I hadn't realized this before, but I figured it out over the weekend. :sweat One is the original Production Ariadne body, the same as the one that comes with the full doll. The other body looks somewhat similar, but is designed to fit other companies' heads; the Y!J auction text says that this second type of body stands well and sits well. The price for the hybrid-ready body (I'm not sure what else to call it) is a little higher: 25,000 yen vs. 22,000 yen for the original body.
    2. I would really like to have one of these too, that said I hope the pictures are really good to put her together with because I don't know Japanese either. She is amazing.
    3. I have to confess, candygears . . . this picture just made me BIN a Production Ariadne girl on Y!J. :sweat I can't wait to play with these joints!
    4. The dolls and bodies do come assembled so you should not have to put anything together. However, the resin is very rough, so you might end up having to take her apart for aesthetics. She is great at laying down and doing crossed-leg type positions, and can even do swarrico, but the body very much wants to slouch. Wiring might fix that. It's not the type of doll body we are used to from doll companies that can stand and stiffly holds a pose well - it's much more like a "doll" or a "marionette" body and will slump, etc.

    5. I really like your analogy with a marionette--that puppet-quality is just one of the (many) cool things about these Production Ariadne bodies.
    6. I spent all day today making her a crown and a necklace for when she gets married. I don't think we care that she slouches. She's very cool. Her slouching only makes it easier to sit on lily pads and look for available frogs.
    7. I think she looks beautiful and love the second photo provided by candygears; she reminds me of a dancer ^^
    8. I'm very fascinated by this doll. She is a unique puzzle.
      A little bit reminds for the artists of Cirque Du Soleil, talented acrobats in amazing costumes.
    9. I was told that there are also JOINTY HANDS made for her. I have not seen them. We will be modding the hands, so it does not matter to us. Of course, however, JOINTY HANDS are always very cool.
    10. I reaaaally want one of these dolls. How do you go about ordering one? I don't read Japanese so I am unsure how to do this D:
    11. Production Ariadne sells on the Yahoo!Japan auction site (as well as at doll events in Japan, as Dezarii said earlier in this thread). Here is the Sticky with information about browsing and using Yahoo!Japan, from the Buying and Shipping Q's forum:
    12. Oh man, I just saw more of these on Yahoo Japan. I think she's wonderful. Ack...I hate finding new dolls I want.
    13. Are you sure? I don't read Japanese and only tried the Babelfish translation, but to me it sounds as if the lower priced body is the one that can stand. It seems to be doing so in the photos. But it is confusing, I agree! *_*

      Lower price:
      Higher price:

      And does anyone know about resin matches for this body?
    14. Nope, I'm not sure at all--I was just summarizing what the auction text said when I ran it through Nifty's translation software :)
    15. We have the 'higher priced version'. I am working on her 'long distance', so I have not seen her. (Actually, her head and her hands are on their way to Canada for modifcations.) However, I think she will NOT stand. If she does so at all, she does not do it well.

      From our conversations about her, I remember us agreeing that we liked her very much and that she would look very well just LOUNGING around.

      We were also discussing the fact that she is one of those pieces that looks very good NAKED. We had wanted to be able to sell her clothes and allow someone to enjoy them, as they would be all one of a kilnd outfits. It is just as well then that she won't need them; we won't be tempted to be selfish and keep them :):).
    16. I think the "lower priced version" is the same body but sold without the head. If you look at the head used in those pictures, it is not the same as the head that you get with the "higher priced version" - it looks like another company's head entirely. There is also a photo in the "lower priced" auction that shows the body without a head on it which makes me think that they are just selling a body.

      Regardless, I have the "higher priced version" body and the body in the "lower priced" picture looks exactly like it, therefore I think it's the same body, just that one auction is selling it with a head and the other is selling it without a head so you can put a floating head on it.

      The body does not stand. You could stand it up with the aid of a doll stand or with some kind of support or very very heavy wiring, but it is an extremely floppy body, like a puppet. If you try to stand it, the legs buckle. That is why in all the nude body pics the body is laying down. I would assume that in the clothed picture where the doll in an outfit is standing that there is some sort of support or aid to make it do so.

      Edited to add, if you run the "lower priced auction" through the translator, the last line of text is "The head doesn't reach this commodity" which to me means "this auction is for a body with no head included." I know the "higher priced one" comes with a head because I bought one of those and got a head.

      The auction text also goes on about how the body can bend at waist and sit at a 180 degree angle (i.e. with the legs splayed straight right and left like doll doing a split). Nothing about doll standing up. I think the standing pic is really misleading, myself.
    17. Thanks all for your input! :)

      I actually went ahead and placed a bid on the lower priced body. I'm really intrigued by this body, regardless of its "standing abilities". I don't have a floating head at the moment, but I will try to find one once I see the body live and know what character it would suit.

      For those of you who have the body, can you tell me anything about the resin? Is it white or natural?
    18. I think the resin is supposed to be like a light NS or pinkywhite, similar to Dollmore or the Minimee resin.
    19. Thank you! It's good to know what to look for headwise, even though it may not be a perfect match.
    20. toveb, i think Twigling is right. I do believe it is similar to those resins, but, it is not an exact match to the Minimee resin. We need Candygears in here for input, because, Bramble the 'Production Ariadne' is set to marry Laurant who is a 'Minimee' . Both the Production Ariadne and the NS Minimee are physically over by Candygears. I had asked about the resin 'matches' between the two companies. They are not too disparate. The answer was: they will look good together. They are complementary. Since we plan to tint and paint the two pieces, this will be even less of an issue. My concern was that they 'match' as a 'pair'.

      However, to me this does not mean that one can buy a Minimee head for a Production Ariadne body.

      I think you will be delighted with the body. We are simply in love with its possibilities.