Production Ariadne Discussion

Jul 22, 2008

    1. Cat: Yes, that's what I was thinking too. I may never find a perfect match, but with a little face-up magic it will work. It just has to be right style or personality for the body's very special qualities. :)
    2. Well, I went ahead and ordered one and it arrived today!

      Box opening here:

      I really like it. :D
      I have a sketchy character already, calling it Io. I have some ideas for heads, so we'll see what this girl ends up like.

      Ooh, such an intriguing body! *jumps up and down*
    3. Oh nice! The body looks really cute with a head on it! I ordered one of these too, but I'm still waiting on it to arrive.
    4. I don't know what to say that has not already been said but this raw and vulnerable form is something that moves and inspires me and I want very much to have one:aheartbea
    5. i see this thread has been bumped, i will add..... i was lucky enough to have recently purchased one of these amazing dolls..... i to am inspired by her raw form..... i will share photos when i get her.....
    6. Miss Ally, did you buy the whole doll or body only? I look forward to seeing your artistic take on her. I do rather like her head and all and when a desire gets as big as mine is for this one....well it's just a matter of time. The raw is like a blank yet complex palette with so many possible outcomes. What fun!
    7. i did get the whole doll...... i am imagining her as some kind of dark swamp fairy, she has a sister.... as a friend of mine is working on one as well.... a light swamp fairy.
    8. I keep imagining a Medusa style swamp fairy with tendrils of kelp wrapping around her ankles and twigs wound through her dreadlocks. Oo:aheartbea

      I am officially obsessed with wanting one of these girls badly!
    9. funny, i am imagining the same thing, she has arrived, actually. she is larger than i thought she would be, i don't know why i thought she was more MSd sized, but she is a big strapping gal. i hope to have all of her wig making materials in this week, as i want to do that first.... and the face up will follow. i'm also still figuring out her inner workings. she has no S hooks. her head is held on by a ball on a string, that fits into a groove that is on a sort of a resin cage, her hands and feet or also tied onto the elastic with string. i don't want to tug on her hands too much, as she is fairly tightly strung. but i need to investigate as i have new hands for her.... hers are too tiny and child like for my taste...... i hope to share her soon..... :)
    10. My fascination with this doll continues yet my lack of internet savviness and general scatty brain can't find one to buy despite many an inrelude with translator tools etc. Did join Crescent shop but have no clue what to do to actually pin down an Ariadne.

      If any one has any clue that would be appreciated.:)
    11. ok, so you joined crescent shop. did you post anything asking for a search? you have to actually make a post telling them what you are looking for, and provide a link if you can. after you login.... look to the left at the menu list... you will see the green "shopping" category, under that you will see "message board (quote/question)" that is the link you want. after clicking that, the page with the question form will come up. just fill it out explaining what it is you want, and submit. they will get back to you by email, and they are fairly quick. i used them in an attempt to obtain an AOI-TUKI doll, but they could not help as there are none to be had.
    12. Thank you very very much Miss Ally and Twigling. I really appreciate your help
      very much.
    13. I absolutely adore her!! Can anyone tell me if that's her original head?
      I would love to see some front pics of her....
    14. yes, lula78, that most certainly is her original head :) . i know, because she is mine :):) . candygears is currently working on her. her head and her hands are out for modification as we speak.

      look in the gallery on here, or scroll through this particular discussion. another one of us has bought one, and she has posted pictures. the whole body is most odd and most appealing. i, personally, like all of her, except for her itty bitty baby hands.
    15. That is the second comment I have heard about the tiny hands. I was wondering if Twiglings Twiglimbs lovely hands would work with her? Just a thought:)

      Last question ...promise! If you want the head as well I presume you can only get this when purchasing as a full doll so it is just a matter of waiting for one to come up?

      I can't wait to see the results of both Miss Ally and Candygears work, what a treat:aheartbea
    16. yes, missally and candygears and i will be creating 'sisters'. both shall have the original head. it shall be interesting to see what they look like when they are finished.

      twiglings should pass by and be able to answer your question, redastor. well, maybe she can. certainly she 'might' know. actually, missally can also answer it because she has this body and a twiglimbs as well.
    17. Depends on the colour... but twigLimbs/TL2/Ylisande hands are not sold separately. They might even be a little big?
    18. Oh very kewl Thanks Cat!! I really like her face sculpt a lot.
      Hope you will post lots of pics when she come back to you:D