Quarantine Crafting

Mar 20, 2020

    1. My job changed to work-at-home two weeks ago, and is going to be staying this way until at least May 1. Six whole weeks! My job, which takes me 8 or 9 hours when I'm at work, is easily completed in a couple hours at home, leaving me with lots of hobby time!(Amazing what happens when you STOP HAVING ENDLESS MEETINGS and let me just freaking do my WORK!)

      We made two well-timed purchases right before everything shut down: I got a fancy-pants sewing machine, and my son got a 3D printer. I feel rather guilty for saying it, when so many others are suffering, but we're having a fabulous time being quarantined! My son and I are on version two of our 3D printed ball-jointed cat (1:3 scale). I've also finished a couple outfits, and made progress on my 1:3 scale room box.

      The project that has brought me the most joy, though, is finally working on a Lord of the Rings elf dress. My sister and I are going to New Zealand in April 2021, a dream trip we booked about a year ago. All this time I've fantasized about taking LoTR-themed doll pictures there, and now I finally have time, materials, and equipment to make the costumes and props!
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    2. Everybody's projects sound so inspiring. I started the quilt from fabric I got a couple of years ago in New Zealand, and figured I would make doll quilts from some of the smaller pieces. Then my son came home from his job at a local hospital, and I have switched focus to washable masks. They are not the technical kind that they really need, but they will help make the tech ones last better. so I am told. Maybe some of my BJD's need a few masks. Shouldn't be hard to do a few on break time.
    3. It's very easy for me to go overboard in planning, leaving behind a trail of incomplete projects. Now that my project queue is near complete, I'm wondering if I should start a new one. Pacing myself is hard.
    4. I found the practice head I've been looking for (honestly just forgot where it went when I was unpacking stuff), so I think this weekend will see a project I've wanted to do for a while: A direct comparison of Citadel Purity Seal to Citadel Munitorium Varnish. I picked up a can of the new stuff a couple of weeks back, and I'm pretty sure I've seen one of my remaining cans of the old stuff around, so if it works I want to try spraying the head half-and-half with the two sealants to see how each one works.
    5. That will be interesting to see

      Good luck with it.

    6. In my case, a long-procrastinated set of projects - yep I too am one of those who will acquire everything for a project and then sit on it for months :sweat

      So... As well as a pair of emergency eyes and the beach-bum clothes for my latest arrived just before everything properly went screwy guy, I'm making my latest foray into learning how to make doll wigs.

      (For context, nothing gloriously professional - Thus far there's been a roving wool monstrosity that looks like one of those Georgian era white/powdered wigs that fashionable men tended to wear, and an attempt at one of those hot glue wig caps lol.) This time, I'm playing with a different technique to get a hard wig cap, and working out how brushed yarn wigs work. So far I've brushed out the yarn, but am struggling to straighten it without actual hair straighteners, clothes iron on the lowest setting it's going to have to be!
    7. I wish I could craft right now, but my anxiety's been so high I can't seem to do anything. I have zero ability to concentrate and my muse has decided that staying in is for chumps. However, there is an outfit I need to make alterations on, so hopefully getting started on that will jumpstart all my other backed up projects.
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    8. I am starting to make wigs! My first one went well so I am practicing as much as possible to hopefully make all my girls alpaca wigs!!
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    9. I am trying my hand at faceups, kind of intimidating though.
    10. Just remember - if it doesn't work, it can be wiped.

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    11. I blushed my Zuzu Delf and gave him a pretty basic faceup, I've also been working on repairing some shoes and sewing a few things. And it's not really crafting, but I've been participating in a doll photography challenge on Instagram so that's been fun.
    12. I'm doing prep for my new doll- so far I've painted her a pony, and I've begun a new, hard dress form. I also figured out how to use photos of patterns for human clothes and resize them for my dolls.

      Funny enough, I'm still procrastinating other projects, like styling her wig.
    13. The weather yesterday was crummy (too cold and too humid), so I wasn't able to start spraying anything, but I did figure out how I can spray the practice head in two halves by wrapping it in my hand so only half the face is visible. It's supposed to warm up today, so fingers crossed that I can at least get some base coats down! I also took another doll apart to blush her, but she'll probably get the full Purity Seal treatment, until I know how Munitorium Varnish actually works.
    14. I’ve been having a grand old time with my husband home and able to take the baby here and there so I can craft for one of my guys’ rooms. So far I’ve redone his walls and added a window, a beanbag chair, posters and records, cash, cigarette packs, a set of speakers, and copious amounts of food/drink packaging and garbage for his floor. I’ve never felt so proud of such a disaster.
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    15. Did you make the actual cigarette cartons? If so, how? That's something I'd like for some of my dolls.
    16. I searched something like ‘unfolded cigarette pack scan’ to find the packaging for various brands, scaled down and printed on 65lb cardstock. I cut the boxes out, covered them in clear packing tape for shine, and creased the folds with a tiny ball tool (?) prior to folding for a neat line.
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    17. Thank goodness for online quarantine shopping! In yesterday’s mail I received a blank head, fur for his wig and several yards of different fabrics to start creating his wardrobe. Now I’m all set for a marathon session of “art therapy” in these trying times.;)
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    18. I made a bunch of new Spring outfits for all my MSD's!! Now, I need to think of something else to sew!

      [​IMG]IMG_6516 by Rabbid Bunnies, on Flickr
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    19. Has anyone else been tempted to make doll sized germ masks? I'm not sure what that would do to faceups.
    20. There was one or two in this project thread.

      Being stuck in the house is definitely dangerous for the wallet. I just ordered more bookmaking supplies and crochet threads... And more dolls. :chomp:

      The mail is really slow. One of my dolls are at the local mail center and has been there for almost a week. It shows as processed, but no inkling when she will be delivered. (I assume in quarantine even though she was sent from another province, and medical mail is prioritized)