Quarantine Crafting

Mar 20, 2020

    1. I so agree with you there. I am taking the time or inventory and organize my miniature food containers.
    2. Oh, people have so many great projects going it sounds like! I share a lot of people's anxieties though, so I really understand those talking about being blocked on ideas. I'm personally delving into sewing! I used to think it was something impossible for me but learned that- at least with someone else's pattern- I can at least learn the basics. I've been at it since my town when into official lockdown about 2 weeks ago and managed to make a whole dress!* My next step is looking into making shoes...
      [*For a non BJD, admittedly, so the scale is definitely smaller.]
    3. My job is essential so I don't have doll time :( given, I'm very happy I still have a job haha

      But my "crafting" is thinking of sculpts that will fit future dolls. I also have been researching how to make wigs. I really want to start creating everything for my dolls, rather than just buying it all. It's a big project that I do not have time for haha
    4. It's been a bit stressful at work this past week, but I've just received a good chunk of faceup/blushing supplies, with another batch probably arriving tomorrow, and I have a full doll and a practice head all sprayed up... I'm looking forward to getting in and working on dolls, but I'm really looking forward to playing with the interference powder I picked up for one particular boy!
    5. Im a teacher so im out of work until august, so iv had SOO much time to craft! I did a faceup and body blushing on my mdr mousse, i made a wig for a doll, im renovating a dollhouse for my tinies, and trying to perfect a shorts pattern for my msd!:) so many crafts!!!!
    6. A shoe pattern for MSDs! Is it something you might share in the future? And have you shared any pictures of your dollhouse on DoA? Seeing what people manage on a miniature scale is simply so fun!
    7. I may have made my account a while ago, but im just now feeling confident enough to start posting and interacting, so im still getting used to how this whole website works, so i havent posted much at all, but hopefully as i get used to the website, i would like to post about my dollhouse and such!:) i just finished installing a hardwood floor made of popsicle sticks so im really excited!
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