Questions on So Ye/Orientdoll

Dec 16, 2006

    1. I am a nurse I know EXACTLY where to find one lol ... I wish I had been brave enough to take off the head (he is my first doll and SO tiny) I put his eyes in without taking it off and it was like one of those plastic maze ball bearing toys .. the tweezers kept gravitating towards the magnets in the cap and it was frustratingly fiddly. Thanks very much for the hints :lol: ps your dolls are both so cute! I love the bikini
    2. I don't have an Orient Doll So-type doll ... yet! But, I have Pocket Fairies and a few other tinies. One thing I have used with good success is a metal crochet hook (with a small hook). I use it to pull the elastic out of the arm and then turn it perpendicular to the arm, push the handle of the hook so the elastic is in the middle of it, and then rest it on the opening of the arm. The crochet hook holds the elastic so I can untie the hands and then redo them. Then I use the hook to release the elastic slowly back into the arm.

      I use this same technique for heads and feet, too.

    3. thats a very cool idea too Sabrina .. I am going to wait for my Narae so I can look at bigger dolls and get an idea of how it all works lol and then attack little bao bao he can just not move his hands till then and I can rest assured they are still attached to him
    4. It does help to practice on larger sized dolls! I've had years and years of restringing practice on antique dolls, so it's been a little easier to work my way down to the tinies.


      P.S. My So Ui is now on order from Denver Dolls!! I am "so" excited!
    5. I've just gotten a tiny Ye boy. He's so darling and is a champion poser and wears all the little Kelly clothes without a blink. So right now he's a tiny prince charming.
    6. I just got my So Je Vampire Boy from Denver Doll Emporium, and have outfitted him in knitted clothes using Mary-Lee's Kelly/Tommy patterns - I was a little worried working those little fingers through the knitted sleeves - next time I'll put some plasic wrap over his hands before sliding them through.

      I'm wondering about something - my little guy's head cap keeps sliding off when I handle him, like the magnets aren't strong enough - anyone else have this problem? I'm not planning to wig him, so I'm afraid I'll loose the cap altogether!
    7. Howdy. Take a sandwich bag, and cut the corner on an angle, so you have a triangle about 1.5" on each side. Slide this over their little fingers and give it a twist (the plastic) then once you slip their hands in the sleeve, just give the plastic a tug and it is off. And nothing is snagged or broken

      I do make dressing gloves, but the corners on baggies work great.

      I can take photos if you wish - can't explain very well some days . .

    8. My headcaps seem fine, but with no wig, I would worry.

      For loose head caps on other dolls, I use eye putty on the edges. It holds them in place, doesnt stain and allows them to come off easily.