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realfee clothing database (what fits)

Oct 9, 2015

    1. I'm behind in posting pix. I have a few thrift store 'New Generation' Barbie pants, both knit and cotton, that fit my May & Pano. Just needed to cut about an inch off the bottom of the legs.

      Not sure if you saw this size comparison chart, Wovenflame. My Maskcat Aruna upper body is very similar to both Realfee and Blythe, so whatever I made for Aruna I made a bit larger at the waist and hips if it was very fitted and just a little shorter as Aruna is only 2 cm taller that Realfee.

      Link didn't work. Here it is: RealFee size comparison - Google Sheets

      'New Generation' Barbie pants, cotton


      PS these are the boots I cut the tongue a bit plus cut out some of the stabilizer inside the top of the foot. I got them on ebay but the description's been removed alas.
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    2. Here's Pano wearing 'New Generation' Barbie knit fabric sweat pants & top with hoody. I've tucked the hoody under his shirt and will probably cut it away.

      They both had a few things from the thrift store bags to try on. Most that fit has the same label.

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    3. Here's Gwynnie (Mari) modeling a pair of vintage 1960s PJs (just don't tell her they're PJs; she won't believe you).

      [​IMG]Pretty in Pink! by Kim, on Flickr

      They're designed for slim 9" dolls from that era like Penny Brite or Ideal Dotti and Pepper. The pants of the PJs are elastic banded and fit very well. The top is a little looser than I would like, but on the bright side it made it easier to slip over her head without even having to take her wig off!
    4. I don't have a Realfee, but the clothes discussed so far seem to have a lot of overlap with what fits one of my dolls- so in case it helps, clothes for Madame Alexander 8" dolls and Vogue Ginny are worth a try?
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    5. Here's Mari modeling another 60s-era dress. This is a Penny Brite dress that I bought at an antique store originally for one of my Pukifees but it proved to be too big for them.

      [​IMG]New dress modeling by Kim, on Flickr
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    6. I wasnt sure if anyone had confirmed this yet, but 8" Madame Alexander clothes fit realfee's like a dream. Ive tried dresses, jumpers, pants, and underwear. They all fit.
      I dont have any photos of that, but heres Pano in MA shoes- they fit too!
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    7. Another good find on Etsy! Marjessi, or marjessi79, has a lot of cute outfits for Lati Yellow SP, and the fit on Realfees is pretty good.

      [​IMG]New shirt by Kim, on Flickr

      The shirt fits very nicely; its well-constructed with a three-snap closure in the back. The only drawback is that the armholes are too small so I had to take off her hands to get her arms through the sleeves. The pants she's wearing aren't the ones that came with the outfit; they're another pair from Meg's Designs. The pants that came with the shirt fit snugly but they were a little too long for my tastes and bunched at the ankles.
    8. Are there any shoes that will fit Realfee?
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    9. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
    10. Can you lease remove the pictures. I was not aloud to post my own picture of what I made. Sorry. Thank you. Linda
    11. I collected for my Pano girl (Emma) some blythe clothes, and I am planning to do comparison photos from all of her garments. First here are the overalls:
      The Grey overall is from Miss yo 2015 (Summer & Autumn - Overall Pants for Blythe)
      and the blue one is from MissDada123('s Bib-Pants for Blythe)
      The grey overall is too big for RLF, but the Bib pants fits perfectly! I bought both clothes on etsy, the quality are great with both garments.
      I will come with more comparisons. :)
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    12. My second comparison photo:
      2 The Pumpkinbelle dresses. Originally they are Blythe sized Babydoll style dresses:
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    13. oh, thanks a lot! I was just thinking about Blythe clothes! You read my mind :)
    14. And there are lots of gorgeous blythe dressmakers/artist out there... :D
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    15. OMG!!!! I better check it now!!!!!:love
    16. Thanks, Gigi! I especially like the dresses. :)
    17. Would pants like these fit? I'm having a hard time finding Realfee bottoms xD
      Or should I be looking at stretchy wide pants?
    18. @Snow From my research, they probably won't fit. Blythe hips are 2cm smaller than realfees. If they are stretchy, there is a chance they might stretch enough to fit, and again it is not sure and probably more dependant on the fabric.
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