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realfee clothing database (what fits)

Oct 9, 2015

    1. Aw darn, they would have been perfect :( Thanks for the fast reply!
    2. I'm having a realfee Mari coming in on Monday (was delayed for day because of a general strike ;( ). I will try what Pureneemo clothes I have at hand, and will let you know if anything fits. I only have (boy) XS, S and M, but from research, most likely L will fit. I've also found out that Blythe pants fit pureneemos, so if azone pants fit, then Blythe ones will do as well :)
    3. Haha that seems very confusing, but I get it xD I'll keep an eye on this thread then, thanks!
    4. I'm sorry for the confusion D; Blythe and Pureneemos have tiny difference in hip (0.30cm about). If Pureneemo pants fit a realfee, then Blythe pants will as well! Hope this makes it easier, ahaha. (Pureneemo XS has smaller hip, Pureneemo S, M and L share the shame hip piece).
    5. In earlier pages in this thread, I posted about cutting down thrift store finds, Barbie pants in particular.

      See my posts #21 & 22 here for pix and the link to the Realfee size comparison chart.
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    6. Ban'sBoutique
      sells pants made specifically to fit Realfee, dresses too. If she doesn't have exactly what you are looking for, ask. I have found US/Canada sellers are often happy to work with specific requests.
    7. Long sleeved shirts from Dutch Blythe Fashion (etsy):
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    8. Second comparison for tops:
      MissDada123 Blue Vintage Floral Print T-shirt for Blythe (etsy)
      Clear-Lan No. B-201206-71 puff sleeved white Top for Blythe (official site)
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    9. The tops all look terrific, Gigi!
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    10. Today I am here with a cardigan and a mini skirt with elastic waist:
      Skirt: Nénelle et Lalluli Ruffled mini skirt with elastic waist for Blythe
      Cardigan: MissBlythe2012 Miss yo hand-knitted Hollow Pattern Sweater Coat for Blythe (etsy)
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    11. M Pureneemo tops won't fit. A cardigan / jacket will fit without other things underneath. I will post a picture soon :) My Mari came in and I tried a few things. She's currently wearing an M pn top that is left open on the bottom side, as well as the jacket from the same set.
      The socks wouldn't fit, so I'm highly doubting pants will after all, if they're not stretchy.
      [​IMG]Reference by Shailara UvU~, on Flickr
      [​IMG]Reference by Shailara UvU~, on Flickr
      [​IMG]Reference by Shailara UvU~, on Flickr
      Pureneemo M Set, here are pictures of how it is on the Pureneemo:
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    12. @Shailara that skirt is really cute. does it do up in the back or is it open like the blouse?
    13. @auntbear :V I somehow totally forgot to mention the skirt, wow. Thank for reminding me!

      The skirt is left a bit open on the top, and the shoulder straps are not clipped, but I put them further in since they're otherwise too tall. The other side of the clip is sewn right next to the velcro (you can actually kinda see how the fabric has a pointy edge, that's the clip)

      Also, the jacket will close with this underneath, but it is very tight and I'm afraid it might rip the thread.

    14. that's too bad, but with the sweater left open it looks really cute anyway
    15. Stacie tops from the 90s seem to work pretty well. The fit's not perfect, and the armholes are small enough that you have to take the doll's hands off to fit the arms through.

    16. Do any of you know if they can fit Kikipop clothes? :)
    17. I also bought dresses off of ebay that fit blythe dolls. They might be a little loose, but they look really cute on them.
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    18. Walmart has My Life As mini dolls! They are 7 inches tall and I can confirm that the "Outdoorsy" outfit fits Mari. The pants are more like capri length and the shirt is almost 3/4 sleeve length but it velcros fully in the back and isn't too snug. The shoes don't fit at all, but they might fit Pukifee, I haven't tried that yet. I'm planning on picking up the "Baker" and the "Cowgirl" as soon as I find them in store and I can post a picture later if anyone is interested.
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    19. Always, yes please!