realfee clothing database (what fits)

Oct 9, 2015

    1. Thanks for that tip, Lillies_Momma! Are the outfits sold separately or do you have to buy the doll as well?
    2. [​IMG]

      All I saw at my local store were the dolls, they were just under $10 each; Walmart does have them listed on their website, just search "My Life As mini doll". I have a young niece and nephew that enjoy getting the dollies I steal clothing from so having naked dolls isn't too big of a deal for me ;) Also, the shoes DO fit Pukifee!
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    3. What a great find for modern clothes. They look really cute!
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    4. Hmm....if these dolls can wear Penny Brite and Blythe, has anyone tried vintage Skipper clothing on them? I don't have one of these, but have enough doll experience to know that if the first two types fit, the Skipper stuff should.

    5. Someone know where i can find jeans for Realfee? I have a boy and he it’s really hard to find clothes for him.
    6. My Coco fits almost perfectly in jeans from Sparkle Girlz at Wal-Mart! (They have a whole bunch of cute outfits sold separately that look great on Realfee in my experience)
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    7. Chapters/Indigo has Lori dolls and clothes in Canada! I bought an outfit today, and the clothes fit perfectly. The shoes are better suited to PKF, but at least they're not a waste!
    8. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but most Ruby Red Galleria clothes for 8" dolls (Ten Ping, Four Kindergarteners, etc) seem to fit! Realfee is a smidgen bigger in the hip, so I wouldn't trust pants to fit without modification.

      I got the winter Qi Po outfit (for a Ten Ping who hasn't arrived yet, so a Realfee got to try it out.) The socks, shoes, dress, and jacket fit great and look adorable. The underwear barely make it up over the hips on my RF boy--I'd assume they'd be too snug on the girl body!


      They're very expensive but very high quality. Like, even the socks are lined--that high quality. I was blown away. Worth checking out, as long as you're careful about the hip! :)
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    9. Does anyone know of any good shops on Etsy to find some RealFee clothes?
    10. I haven't shopped for any in ages, but I just searched the term "RealFee" on Etsy and it brought up 3 pages of cltohes shoues and wigs for them, so there's plenty there, depending on the style you want to go for.

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    11. Thank you so much. I guess when I looked awhile back I just wasn’t typing in the right things. I really need to find my sweet girl some new clothes again thank you.