Realistic or Anime Eyes?

May 26, 2019

    1. I love realistic eyes. They look so mesmerizing, I could stare at them for hours~
    2. My doll crew is all resin and I dont own any Dollfie, so realistic eyes for me please! :D The smaller the iris, the better!
    3. Assuming you mean the animetic-style eyes - neither? Realism isn't what I'm looking for in my dolls, but neither is anime. Anime-inspired, I suppose? Sort of a classic doll aesthetic?
    4. I skew more realistic..... which leads to having to buy so many dang small iris eyeballs....

      My first doll is much more stylized who I consider very anime-esque without being full anime and I have one super anime doll, but he just wears glitter eyes. I tried the animetic eyes and despite liking them in photos, they feel very uncanny valley to me in person.
    5. I like realistic eyes. I kind of really dislike the anime eyes.
    6. I am more for realistic eyes, and I am learning to make them as well. They look amazing in picture. I wish I could have such beautiful eyes.:kitty1
    7. I prefer realistic eyes. Anime eyes are good for more younger characters.
    8. I prefer realistic eyes cause I have only 70+ dolls but nothing speaks against fantasy realistic for me^^
      I really like the anime eyes too but they would not fit in my collection so I did not buy them.
    9. I prefer realistic in my dolls, but that’s only because I prefer a semi realistic aesthetic in my crew. If I had anime inspired dolls or large eyed fantasy creatures, I think I’d prefer anime eyes.
    10. I collect Yosd's so they tend to have more anime sized eye holes. Though my soom alk has tiny little eyes. Her eyes haven't come in yet. I think I prefer the larger eyes though. I want to see the eyes I dropped money on :|
      edit: sorry pushed post halfway through typeing
    11. When I was picking out eyes for my dolls I tended to like the more realistic ones more, but in brighter colors than real eyes. I also thought the glittery ones were really pretty. That being said, if I were to get a more anime style doll in the future I might prefer more anime style eyes.
    12. I like somewhat realistic eyes in one of my boys, the rest don't really have anime eyes they're just sparkly and pretty. I think it depends on what you're going for for the character. I still think they all look cohesive as a group so that's really all the matters to me
    13. I prefer a more realistic eye. Though that being said, I have a few "fantasy" colored ones. I don't I'd get anime eyes unless I got an anime style doll. And I have no plans for getting one.
    14. Realistic, for sure! I think eyes are one of a BJD's most important features. With a couple of mine that meant waiting 1 year+ for custom Mystic urethane eyes but totally worth it.
    15. I prefer more realistic dolls to super anime looking ones so more realistic style eyes. A few of my dolls have slightly bigger eyes, but that makes them look child like and cute. In terms of color though, they're not all realistic. One has Oscar Doll eyes that are silver, and one has either solid glitter or vibrant blue.
    16. Both! I have Volks animetic and tianba0830's eyes - on extreme ends of the spectrum hehe. It just depends on the doll, really. Also, I'll pretty much try anything once so I've got a pretty good aesthetic range.
    17. I prefer realistic eyes, even if they are the more unrealistic colors sometimes. But I would go with the anime style eyes if I had a sculpt that looked like an anime character.
    18. I prefer realistic sculpt, and so I like realistic eyes. It can be unusual color or even fantasy, but I like complex naturally looking iris colors, realistic size of iris.
      Now I have only one doll and small-sized iris don't fit him, unfortunately :c But I try to find beautiful eyes of different colors for him.
    19. I like realistic eyes and fantasy eyes (dragons, cats...)
    20. realistic all the way! I do like anime eyes on other dolls though!