Realistic or Anime Eyes?

May 26, 2019

    1. I do like the realistic eyes the best. They way they catch the light in photographs is always very lovely.
    2. I think it depends on the doll really, plus how I want to light them for photos. In some of my more realistic sculpts, I’m replacing eyes to have a smaller iris and pupil to look more realistic, more human-like. But since I’m learning to light and focus my photos in a better way, and I’ve worked on my eye placement some, all of our dolls’ eyes are looking better. My less realistic dolls really look pretty amazing with their less realistic but definitely expressive and more cutely ‘dolly’ style eyes. So I think it’s more important to know the particular look and feel that I am going for with each doll in order to decide on their eye style, size, placement etc.

      Edit - I do like the animetic (the term doesn't seem to be trademarked but it's not widely used?) eye style in the obviously anime styled dolls like Dollfie Dream. Eyes - Dollfie Dream® Official Site
      But I also often like slightly bigger and more limpid eyes in the ’in between’ but still more stylized dolls like Unoa and definitely in the ’pumpkin head’ style of doll like my Volks SD10 Kun, UNOSS and Ariadoll Narvy. Kind of a Battle Angel Alita movie effect, which I think has a special winsome charm of its own when interpreted in certain doll eyes. Clear, still obviously stylized, not quite the harshly threaded gimlet-stare glare of antique paperweight eyes, but also not made in the anime style with the highlights drawn in. They can really catch the light in some beautiful ways. Oversized Masterpiece soft glass (oversized), some of the Volks HG mercury glass eyes, (especially certain browns) and some Enchanted Doll eyes, especially the Milky, some special SOOM eyes, some Souldoll eyes...which oddly enough, I don't like as much used in our Souldoll Zenith girls. For my taste, many of those girls need more realistic eyes with smaller pupils and smaller but brighter irises.
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    3. I always go for realistic eyes, Purely because I got into bjds because of the realism.
    4. I like dolls that have realistic eyes unless they're something like a DannyChoo SmartDoll or DollfieDream
    5. I like seeing dolls with both! Personally, I go for the kind of eyes that have unusual colors (purple is my favorite!) but with the more realistic look.
    6. I prefer realistic eyes. However, the character I'm trying to shell out is quite infamous for having color-changing eyes - most notably purple. So I tend to look for realistic-looking eyes that come in a wide range of colors.
    7. I like both. I think that it depends on the doll and their style.
      I have one that is more realistic with painted on eyes. So, she feels different to me then then one that I change her eyes. With her, i use brighter eyes so I see them better. Those two girls were more "normal and cutesy" clothes.
      My obitsue girl has the big anime style eyes and I like her in different ways. She to me is more expressive and more my cosplay girl.she is the one who wears more of my colored wigs.
    8. A mix of both, but I never really considered them anime. I like fantasy eyes, but I only use those that are circular, or those pointed oval ones, and all have the same basic parts, a circular iris and pupil, and all but one have a white sclera. Even my fantasy stuff tends to be a little realistic, compared to the definitely more anime stuff.
    9. I think it's a bit of a balance in my case. Most of my eyes are realistic looking but proportioned larger than real. I do also have small iris and a couple sets of reptile/cat/fantasy eyes just for fun. No anime.
    10. I prefer realistic eyes overall. All the sculpts I like are somewhat realistic in comparison to anime bjds, so anime eyes don’t seem to fit the character. If I got an anime bjd, then I would get anime eyes. I don’t mind embellishments in the eyes such as glitter, so they’re not too realistic, but I also really admire the very realistic ones at the same time.
    11. I prefer realistic on my dolls hands down unless they are vinyl/ dollfie!
    12. It would depend what would best suit the specific doll.
    13. I prefer realistic over anime, but I prefer fantasy (like super glittery/galaxy type eyes or non-realistic colors) over the more realistic kinds.
    14. I like realistic, stylized and anime dolls. When it comes to anime dolls, though, I'm slightly more interested in the off-topic ones that have the eyes painted on. I think eyes that are painted on make the anime doll look a bit more anime-like, but I wouldn't rule out buying one with eyeholes for the convenience of being able to change the eye colour more easily.
    15. It depends on the face-up and what the doll looks like.
    16. My dolls usually play realistic characters. So I prefer realistic eyes but with bright colors.