receiving a doll as a gift; Did you had that chance once?

Dec 10, 2017

    1. I'm sorry if I'm not on track but here are a few things:
      I believe limited edition ones are made by Volks of the normal Miku and of a snow Miku (Just checked it's done like a lottery)
      The Dollfie dream sculps seem to line up (Karin looks like the best option for body type and face but will need a face-up, as you said) plus they have Miku outfit sets right now
      so even if you go for a different base doll (less 2D style for example) I still think the outfits could work (The crane priestess outfit on preorder right now has the wig included)
      Also Alice's collection has an outfit that looks like Sakura Miku's outfit (It's pink, not blue sadly)
      sorry to disturb you, and I hope this may help with what you are looking for
    2. No, I have never received a bjd as a gift and I hope it stays that way. I'd rather choose my own bjds. My purchases are personal and I buy after a lot of thought and planning.
      I'd rather my friends and family spend money on themselves. (That's not being noble, it's "I've lived too long in one place and it's crammed full of junk!):XD:
    3. Many many years ago, my parents promised me money for a birthday if I met certain markers (ie no drinking, no drugs, etc) I had been wanting a doll for a few months and found one I liked in the price range of the amount I was getting and convinced them to let me use their credit card to buy it for my birthday instead of giving me the cash. That is the closest I have come to getting one for a gift. Any others I got for holidays was more like a gift to myself.
    4. It'll never happen, my family would never spend that kind of money on 'toys', and my husband does not approve of my hobby.
    5. So far I have gotten a Bambola World Blanky from my boyfriend and a DreamsHigh Studio Odilia from my sister. Both cases were for my birthday and Christmas present.
    6. I think it would be neat to recieve a doll as a gift, but I definitely think I'd freak out over someone spending that kind of dough on me. Luckily I have no doll friends as I am a hermit, so this is not a problem I will ever face. :wiggle

      Plus my family is notoriously cheap when it comes to gifts, and even then we tend to stick to "useful"/practical items. The whole "I don't need a doll, but I can always use more socks" sort of thing.

      My friends and I tend to do group gifts and considering two of them scoffed at the price of a Figma (I had to let them know it was indeed a good deal/toy collecting ain't cheap) for another friend's present, I 100% cannot see them ever considering buying me a doll. Which I'm completely cool with. It's a big jump in price for those not familiar with dolls or other plastic/vinyl collectables, and not everyone can wrap their heads around that. Or see it as a justifiable expense.

      My mom's contributed money to the doll fund, as a birthday gift or Christmas gift (and then it wasn't spent on a doll woops. Thanks real life expenses!) but as she's on a super limited income I would never expect her to buy me a full doll. Besides she bought me enough stuff when I was a kid.;) And she humours her 30 year old's obsession with dolls and miniatures, even if they creep her out. So really that's a gift all in itself.
    7. Yes, several times actually and I've given dolls as gifts several times, too. Generally between one doll friend and myself. When we went on vacation together a couple of years ago, she gave me a doll and I gave her a doll when we met up (we planned it that way). While on that vacation, she spotted a body in the MP I'd never thought I'd find (discontinued style and colour) and showed me and the person selling it was in the city we were visiting so I was able to pick it up directly from the seller. I only wanted the body and didn't need the head so I gave her the head (her first floating head).

      While not given as gifts, I also keep an eye out for friends when they're looking for specific, hard to find dolls and if I see them, I link them to the sale. I did that for the previously mentioned doll friend which allowed her to get a tough to find doll she wanted. I did the same for another doll friend who had pretty much given up hope of ever finding one of her grails (company folded years ago and the sculpts are rarely seen 2nd hand). She snapped up that doll and even though its been nearly a year since she brought him home, she still thanks me for showing her the sale.
    8. I usually buy my own dolls, but once, I was given one as a gift. It makes that doll super special.
    9. My family is really not supportive with my bjd hobby (they always say that I'm spending too much money/time...) and none of my friends know that I have this hobby so I don't think I'll have a chance of getting bjd as a gift... But I can always give gifts to myself!
    10. Not really. My friends once wanted to buy me a doll, but they didn't know how, so they gave me the money instead and told me to order it myself lolol :lol:
    11. Actually, two friends of mine decided to split the cost of a doll I was wanting but didn't think I'd be able to get during the limited window. It was a thank you gift from the two of them, one because I buy food for her pretty frequently and the other for offering our spare room for rent so she could move out of her dad's home and come to the west coast. I had absolutely no idea and was completely floored. I freaking cried and then we all lost it laughing cause it turned out the doll had swappable... parts... that we didn't know it came with.
    12. My brother got me one of my girls for my birthday last year. Feeple60 celine. I cried and hugged her tight. I have the best brother ever :)
    13. I haven’t had it happen to me but! I bought my sisters first doll because she loved mine and she was really happy when she got him for her birthday!