regretting your first doll?

Mar 11, 2020

    1. I dont regret my first. I can't say whether I would choose the same doll again, and I can tell you I haven't done as much with her as I'd like.

      More importantly, though, I dont regret my first because she was my launch into this hobby. If I had waffled forever and never picked a "first," I might still be a doll-less lurker to this day!

      To me, my first was more about the initiation than the doll itself. And on that front, I have no regrets!
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    2. Did you regret getting the doll you did for your first?
      - No, actually my first "Purchased" doll are still on her way and will not come to me until... Next year maybe consider the situation now. But I'm not regret chosen her as my first. It's because I choose her so I could figure who is my second and who may come as third. All to get along with her style! :XD:

      She will have some friends waiting to welcome her home when she arrive.

      **As I still don't have my first on hand I will answer other question refering on my second.

      Did you regret the sculpt?
      - No, I feel glad I decided to bought him. Although he is so old and uneven yellowing all the way, I still like him more and more everyday:3nodding:

      Do you still have him/her?
      - Yes, he will... At least stay with me until my first come, and if they get along well, that will be a long term relationship for me:lol:
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    3. I don’t regret my first doll he was the doll I wanted. I think the problem was that he was an SA Dollshe Bernard rather than the OE head and I really wanted the OE head. However I managed to find an OE Bernard head about a month after I got my first so it turned out ok :)
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    4. No regrets at all! My first doll was a Dollfie Dream and she was perfect introduction to BJD world. I would definitely purchase her as my first doll again if I had that choice :) I still have her and even though I have more dolls now she still makes me smile.
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    5. My first doll is a dollshe David and I don't regret getting him :) I was thinking of getting a cheaper "starter doll" (bought him before the discounts :pout: even existed) but then I just decided on just saving up for the doll I really wanted. I still have him to this day and selling him has never even crossed my mind.
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    6. Nope!

      My first doll actually ended up being a pair of them. (I bought one of the old CP/Delf "Special" sets that came with both a Standard open-eyed head and a second Dreaming one, thinking I'd just have alternates I could switch between for the same character. Only their face-ups looked nothing alike when I actually got them. :lol: Ooops. So much for THAT idea!)

      Fifteen years later, I still have Harumatsu and Tien Jen, my Shiwoo twins. I still adore those guys.
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    7. My first full bjd I bought was a Kids-Sky yosd girl (I technically had two practice heads first) and I don't regret buying her, but very shortly after I ordered her I found my grail sculpt's head secondhand and snatched him up immediately! I feel like my girl was overshadowed by the excitement and disbelief that I'd actually found that Dimo head at all, let alone so quickly. He's definitely my favorite, but I still like my little girl, too.
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    8. Yes, but then I've always been a bit on the fence with her pretty much since I bought her.

      But I'm pretty sure it's because I was originally planning on buying a 1/6 doll. I loved (and still do love) Daydream sculpts and the fact that there was a sale at the time just sweetened the deal. Of course, as fate would have it, about a week later another company re-released a sculpt in a resin colour that I didn't think they'd ever do. So in the back of my mind I was a bit annoyed that after 5 years of waiting I couldn't have waited one more week!

      It's been six years and I have gone back and forth between trying new styling and contemplating trading/selling her.

      Two years ago once I finally got my hands on a 1/6 doll, it definitely confirmed that 1/4 dolls really aren't for me and that in hindsight I should have waited that additional week.
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    9. Nope not at all and he is still my <3 boy after 7 years! He is my profile photo. :apresent:
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    10. Yes and no. Honestly, my biggest regret with him is his skin tone--"normal yellow" was definitely a mistake, but I impulse bought him secondhand because of some self imposed time limits and he's still perched on my shelf now a year later. I adore his sculpt and have considered dyeing him, but I'm nervous about taking him apart so... Nope.

      There was one speck of good to come out of him, however. He wasn't actually intended to be my first, but my actual first was delayed by 4 months and honestly had I received that one on time... I'm not entirely sure I would've stuck around, as before hybriding he was absolutely not right for me. He was admittedly a letdown when he finally arrived and it took months to sort him out.
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    11. The first doll Resin doll I bought did have some parts about it that I wasn’t quite prepared for. Since it’s an SD it can be difficult to undo the elastic and the muscle tone makes it hard to fit in standard size clothing. But I love him and I don’t see myself selling him. Maybe it will change later on down the line but I’m fairly new to the hobby so who knows. I will say my second doll is tiny so the other side of difficult stringing lol I guess I just have to get used to it.
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    12. Definitely no regrets on my first, a DoD Hoo from way back when. He is the only doll that has been with me since I first joined this hobby and has been the firsts of my many attempts at becoming better in the different aspects of it. He was the first doll I did faceups on, the first doll I modded and the first one I turned into a hybrid. The original head sculpt is still with me and he makes me smile every time I see him, even if my tastes for doll aesthetics have changed so much over the years. :) I would never sell him because he's just that special to me~ :XD:
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    13. I got my first doll 12 years ago. I have no regrets, as he was the doll that I fell in love with to the point I cried when I first saw him. He was my favorite for years, but if I were new to the hobby today, he’s not what I’d buy. He’s a great doll (AoD 1/4 Chen version one), but now I prefer 1/3 and I prefer a slightly more realistic aesthetic most of the time. I still have him and I’m not sure I’ll ever sell him, even if he doesn’t fit in anymore.

      I did regret my third doll, Bobobie Pixie. She looked very different in person and her posing was absolutely awful compared to my first two dolls. I honestly didn’t like her much at all but I forced it for a couple of years. Finally, I gave up and sold her. She was the first doll I ever sold and felt a lot of guilt, but moving her on turned out to be a huge relief. If you regret your first doll, you can always sell or trade it. We project a lot of emotions and personality onto our dolls, but we must remember they’re just resin, not a pet or child. We have no obligation to keep and love them, and there’s no shame in letting one go to get one you like better.
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    14. I don't regret. I still have her on my shelf along with my other favorites. I won't purchase any other Iplehouse doll besides the first 2 I got though. I love Iplehouse's sculpts, but they're a bit small compare to their bodies. Also, they can't pose well like dolls from FL or Supia. This is just my opinion.
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    15. I did regret it for a time. I bought a Pukifee Ante as my first doll. I originally planned to get a limited Dollzone sculpt and I'm so glad I didn't. I thought she was really cute and I loved her, but I had a hard time buying clothes for her and dropped her faceplate which left a couple subtle marks. I also had a sort of narrow view of the hobby and felt like I absolutely had to take pictures, name her, give her a personality, all that.Then my close friends made fun of her so I sort of started hating her and left her in the box for years and ignored the hobby. I finally feel like I'm comfortable with my Ante again and I'm saving for a bigger Luts doll that I've loved for years.
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    16. Sometimes, I do regret choosing the sculpt; a Ringdoll Sol. Not because of something to do with sizing, or anything. Just because he didn't really turn out quite how I wanted/expected. There came to be other dolls that fit my aesthetic a little more (Soom Hyperon or Dollshe Saint - the latter I eventually got). The more realistic sculpts, rather than the stylised look of Ringdoll Sol. I hadn't done enough research, shall we say, and I jumped on the first that really caught me.

      Saying that, it was at a time of my life that was rather tough. My mum was ill, to the point of hospitalisation, and I needed a distraction. So, I threw myself into the planning for this incoming doll. He came home shortly after my mum did, and he became a support for me. I'd sit with him, as I am doing another doll right now, and I'd clothes-shop with him in my lap or just watch TV with him. He became a companion. That connection has waned, but the sentimentality is still there. I do still look at him from time to time. Yet, part of me wants to move him on to a more deserving home. A place where he will reach his full potential. He's still sitting on the shelf, more than a couple years after I first made the decision to sell him. One day, I will. Currently, I'm thinking of using the money from his sale to buy either a new doll or a new body for an existing doll. So, the incentive is there. But, so is the sentimentality.
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    17. No, I still love my first doll. :hug: Other than changing her outfit, she's just the same as she was when we first got her except slightly yellowed. I think if I had started this hobby now, I probably would have picked anything from a Yo-SD size to a Dear SD size just because they are easier to carry around for a while when we go out and about. But honestly, I would still pick her sculpt just because I love her sculpt so much. Even now, I'm looking at the second hand market for more of her just because I don't feel right altering her but a second hand doll I would feel fine customizing and all that. :sweat
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    18. My very first doll was a Elfdoll tiny, I don't remember the exact sculpt, but I think he was only 15 cm or so tall. He was really cute and all, but he was just too small for me. I used to take him with me, and he'd randomly drop his wig, a shoe etc, so I started carrying him in a sleeping bag. Trust me, when you go to a craft store carrying a tiny doll in a sleeping bag, you get all kinds of strange looks. :sweat

      When I got Ryuichi, my second doll and first SD, (he's my icon pic) I realized that that was the size I needed! So I rehomed my Elfdoll tiny and went big for a long time. I'm just now ordering my first yo-SD sized doll, the first tiny I've had since the Elfdoll. He'll probably be one of two tinies I'll get, and only because I want him to be a child version of Ryuichi. The other tiny will be Ryuichi as a toddler.

      So, for me, I regret getting a teensy-tiny tiny for my first doll, but he helped me realize my love of SDs and larger dolls. So in a way, I kind of don't regret getting him.

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    19. Nope because I just couldn't sell it. There were a lot if problems with my first doll, with character but he is still with me. It's a little sentimental.
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    20. No and never, I LOVE him forever:love