regretting your first doll?

Mar 11, 2020

    1. I never regretted my first doll. She taught me a lot about the hobby and bjd in general. But she wasn't for me. I sold her a loooooong time ago.
    2. Kind of? I got a DDII as my first doll. It wasn't the doll I wanted (I wanted a Volks Megu), but she was half the price. While it was great for a beginner, in a way, she didn't really prepare me for resin dolls. I definitely was ill prepared for restringing frustrations, posing difficulties, and general kickiness that comes with resin. Then I found out that vinyl dolls age and disintegrate much faster than urethane (if, in fact, urethane does disintegrate at all), and that really made me question whether I really should keep her or reshell her to a resin doll. I haven't sold her due to general sentimentality, but I still think about it on occasion. Especially since the character I wanted her for doesn't appeal to me as much as she used to.

      (On a random side note, one member has stated that polyurethane has been observed to get pitted if left in full sun outside, but articles I have read suggest that polyurethane specifically is one of the least degradable plastics, and is so robust scientists are trying to make it more degradable. However, it is vulnerable to weak acids and water, such as might be found in the human body. I suspect the sample left outside the person was talking about may have been exposed to acid rain.)
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    3. Never regretted the first; he's still a treasured part of my collection (even though he's had a body swap to make him fit his character better; his head's staying and his body will eventually get a new head). There's been a couple of others I've regretted and sold on, but not him.
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    4. My first was a CP Delf Lishe and i still am happy to have her. There weren't as many companies when I got her, but she is still a treasured part of my doll crew.
    5. I've been in and out of this hobby (never post much here but my account is 8 years old haha)

      My first doll was purchased 8 years ago. He was an Angelheim Ciel. I think this company is gone now? I can't find them. Eventually my style completely changed and the other dolls I have are very different and girls, idk I don't like boy dolls any more (no offense of course).. But yeah i ended up selling him after 2 years or so... I tried contacting the owner once, they are a long lost friend. But they never answered so I have no clue how he's doing. I am curious...

      I kinda miss him while typing this tbh
    6. To be fair, I didn't purchase my first doll.

      Christmas 2018 I was gifted a doll by my kind-hearted but also naive friends. Because there was a BJD sculpt that I absolutely adored & fell in love with. In passing, I had mentioned saving up for her to my friends, and they took that idea and ran with it.

      Long story short, she's a knock-off. So do I regret her? Kinda. I feel guilty. I'm always worried that if I post a pic of her somewhere, I'll drown in the backlash I'm sure to receive.

      Do I still have her? Yes. She sits on my shelf and her job is to make sure I don't make a naive purchase like my friends did, as much as I enjoy the thought...I wish they would have consulted me or literally anyone else before jumping for an eBay purchase. X.x

      Now, I'm sitting here waiting for my "true" first doll, I ordered a Dolls Leaves Zheng from Alice's Collection & he should be here soon. Ordered him back in November and look forward to him arriving.
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    7. Yes. I never really bonded with her and sold her a month ago, though I did hold onto her for like eight years. I just wish I'd done more research and saved up for a doll I was head-over-heels in love, with instead of buying the first relatively inexpensive one I kind of liked. I always told myself I'd like her better with a new faceup- but I'm really not that into doing faceups. So I never got around to it.

      When I never even got her out of her bag for months after moving, I realized it was time to let her go. I don't regret taking the leap into the hobby after lurking for so long, but I do regret the actual doll I picked.
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    8. I never bonded with her and finally sold her to be able to purchase the one I really wanted but still I don't regret buying her because I think it was a lesson I had to learn. Now I think carefully about each sculpt I buy before buying and I try to make sure it will be exactly what it needs to be.
    9. I dont regret buying her at all, but i regretted not getting her twin! Her previous owner give me a twin deal bt as she is my 1st doll, i worry too much at that time! Few days later,after i am comfy with her, i contacted seller bt her twin was sold!
    10. Yes I regretted her. She was a hard to get, secondhand doll from y!jp auctions and she was in absolutely horrid shape when she arrived. I was brand new to the hobby and I basically had a rescue doll I didn’t have the tools or knowledge to fix. I did end up fixing her but the initial heartbreak of that box opening soured any bond, so she went to a good home instead.

      I’ve sold every doll in my collection and have started completely over twice. It doesn’t hurt my feelings to not bond with a doll, they’re a lot of money and I can sell them to collectors who won’t let it sit in a box for eternity.

      The only doll I will never sell is a wedding present from my husband, that doll is my pride and joy! He knew me enough to know I’d rather have a Volks than jewelry, he picked out my beloved doll and that doll reminds me of his love.
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    11. I didn't regret the first doll I purchased but I did regret the resin color I got her in. I ended up selling her and then purchasing her again a year or so later in a different color and she's quickly become one of my favorites! :)
    12. Not my first BJD ever, but my first after returning to the hobby after a break yes. I originally thought I had wanted a larger doll, so I got an in between MSD and SD size at 51cm. She was massive! I really wasn’t ready for that for some reason even though I thought I was. She was lovely but when money issues arose, I did end up selling her first.
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    13. I wouldn't say I regretted my first doll but I did grow away from it. It was a great doll for me to start with and I loved the style and price at the time. I eventually sold the doll but I'm thankful that I had it in the begining.
    14. Never regretted my first at all. I still own him and he holds so much sentimental value for me <3
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    15. My first doll was Luts Ani and I still think his little kitten face is so adorable 15 years later, I don't think I could ever sell him even though most of my mini crew are now Minifee/other slim minis. In fact I love Anis so much my fourth doll is an elf Ani and I'm really tempted by the tiny version they offer now!
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    16. I don't regret my first doll, I regret my second! He's on a single-jointed body and I really enjoy the portability and poseability aspects of 1/4 having single-jointed 1/4 dolls really crimps my enjoyment.
      I'm probably keeping his head and will sell the body eventually.
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    17. Kinda regret my first bjd but only because I baught him thinking he was the closest I'd ever get to a look alike of my grail doll.
      Still love him but decided to save up and put out a wanted to buy in the next few months.
    18. I don't regret my first doll and I still have her today :) However, I will say there has definitely been some trial and error in refining my taste (having had sold off around 20+ dolls in total throughout my hobby). I feel by getting different dolls that you are able to actually compare more on what you like and don't like. For example, it took me getting both resin and vinyl dolls to find my preference was resin (and selling off the vinyl). And buying 3 Sd dolls to realised I just didn't like the size and that i preferred MSD size :P
    19. There were a lot of times where I absolutely wanted to sell my first doll, a Dream of Doll Wi. Now that I'm past that odd phase of wanting to purge (hilariously I am in another, but for another doll) I absolutely don't regret him. He was the first face I fell in love with in the dolly world at the time, and 14 years later I'm sure that if I started the hobby at any other point, I wouldn't have chosen him. But I did choose him, he'll be here for many more years <3
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    20. Yes I regretted my first doll so I sold her, the reason I regretted was that I liked 1/3 dolls more than the 1/4 dolls.