regretting your first doll?

Mar 11, 2020

    1. I don’t regret my first doll, but I did end up selling her. I was new to the hobby when I got her, and liked her ok but didn’t love her. It wasn’t until I got other dolls that I learned more about what I liked and why I was only lukewarm to my first doll. It was hard for me to sell her because I felt bad about selling my first doll, but I eventually did after having her for 11 years! I think it’s important in this hobby to allow ourselves to part with dolls.
    2. I thought I might regret my first doll after getting back into the hobby 10 years later, but I still love her all the same. I could never envision regretting or selling her, I think. She's way too special to me.
    3. I don't nessecerily regret my first doll. But after getting my other dolls I'm less satisfied with him. My first is a Miro Doll Thunder on the Miro 65cm body. His name is Falhen, here's a Pic.
      Over the years I've come to dislike how cheaply he was made, and I'm stewing some ideas for re shelling this character.
      His joints won't hold any pose, his resin is cheap and the color just isn't great either. Someday he will likely get a new body but I don't regret getting him.
      He was a good first doll, I learned everything working on him, getting him a face up, making him clothes, and suedeing his joints. But I feel he deserves a better shell.
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    4. I did, I was so excited to get my first doll (DZ Shoyo) when I opened the box I didnt feel that bond, she had a gorgeous makeup and beautiful clothes but.... nope, she wasn't for me
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    5. The first doll I bought was a ResinSoul Mei. I really debated for months on which doll to get and while RS Mei was in my budget range, I do wish I had gone with another doll at the time, most likely, one of the full set dolls I was looking at. I was going through a very rough personal time and when she arrived I found it hard to bond with her. I was intent on making her own clothes but it was a lot to take on at first. Even now, years later, I still find her proportions hard to find fitting clothes for.

      I thought about selling her more than once but I have decided to keep her. I am focusing more on maintenance and accessory instead of trying to draft complete patterns. I still find it hard to bond with her but giving her regular cleanings, and restringing her and all those little bits are helping. In many ways, she's my trial doll. I am also planning out my first face up for her, and I am okay with the idea of trying again if the first attempt fails.

      I debated for a long time but just this week ordered my second doll, a MiniFee Alicia in Tan. I already feel a bit better about this decision, as Minifees are a bit more standard. I'm also excited to receive my first Tan doll and make her look more down-to-Earth than otherworldly, like my pale white RS Mei. I guess you could say, I am also still trying to settle on a doll style I like. I look forward to many more months of trial and error!
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    6. Yes, I did, but I won't say which one it was, because people have varying preferences and I'd rather not hurt anyone <3
      That being said, I really disliked its flat face, huge nose and non-cute proportions.
      Around the same time I fell for Crobi Lance. I eventually got him, but it turned out that my long time graill wasn't so special to me at that time. Still, I have a sentiment for this doll and all I know is that if Lance was my first, I'd have still had him. Instead, I've become a revolving door that is always searching for the non existing perfection. If I were to give a simple advice to myself from 8 years ago, it'd be: buy only what you truly like, even if it means much more of saving up.
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    7. To some extend, yes. If I were to order my first one now, I would have chosen differently, because I mainly chose based on price and not so much on what I wanted tbh. But I still have her and will probably keep her.
    8. I regret the first one, it was one I wanted for a long time too. I think the problem is until I get them in my hands and dress them (or not, because finding clothes in a style I want has proved to be near impossible with some dolls) there is no way to know for sure how much I will like a doll. I wish doll shops for bjd's existed, it would save me a LOT of money and heartache.
    9. I mean, yes and no? I got two dolls at the same time. One was a hybrid that I dug around on the boards to see what bodies would fit. Love, love, LOVE the head (to the point I got the non-Dreaming version for her too)...but it made me realize that I do /not/ love single jointed knees. I'm in the process of waiting on a new body for her that has the styling I love and have someone waiting for her current body because they couldn't find it. The second one....taught me never buy from a company just because it was closing and the sale was amazing. I liked the look of the sculpt, it was how I wanted to go with the character. Just couldn't find a blank sculpt head shot of him. When I got him home he ended up taking 18mm eyes (largest out of ALL my dolls, he's only MSD) and HALF HIS HEAD WAS MISSING. The plaque for his company name took up so much of his head that it looked caved in. Smaller wigs would have looked funny so I stuck some air dry clay to "fix the shape" of it. I'm currently waiting for his new shell, from the original company I wanted to use, to come in.

      I don't regret my first two dolls. They taught me very important lessons when getting into the hobby.
    10. Not at all :)
      Sometimes I think that my first doll should have been X or Y doll that I already have in my collection because I fell in love with them first or other reasons. But I also think that it was better this way because X or Y dolls could have a specific feature that was not available at that time.
      It's been 10 years since I received my first doll and I still adore her; I just want to update her faceup and other details, but no regrets.
    11. I’ve had my first doll for four years and though he no longer represents the same character (and sucks at posing lol), I don’t regret him. He’s a hybrid and my sister bought his head (a Resinsoul Sui) for me so he’s special. He’s currently a floating head while a Luts Pumpkin head now uses his body. I plan to buy him a new body from Resinsoul in custom colors next year or so.
    12. No regrets. The first dolls that I fell for, in 2006, were Volks Madoka and CP Delf Lishe, but the first was a sold out limited, and the cost of both was shocking to me. So I gave up the idea of those dolls.
      Then I spotted a doll on Ebay, and fell for her, too. I bought a full set Doll'N'Doll Shade from the company's Ebay store for about the same price as a nude Lishe with no faceup from Luts at the time. About two months later I purchased a Lishe head (who became a full doll eventually), and years later I finally got my Madoka, too.
      I have never regretted any of them, and I still have them all.
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    13. Hmm yes and no? My first doll was a Resinsoul/ Bobobie Rei? that I purchased on a whim because she was in my price range, and I really wanted a BJD. After I got her I realized SDs were way too big for me and I ended up selling her. Looking back, totally could've just saved my money and bought a more expensive doll I would've liked more. But I guess it was a good learning experience.
    14. honestly, i think my first doll is the one i regret the least! she's a resinsoul rong that i bought without considering other options, and while i've waffled back and forth on her, i'm still generally really fond of the sculpt. she's kind of awful at posing and she still has the same lackluster factory faceup, but something about her is really charming.
    15. Mmm I certainly think my first doll was kind of a mistake, because everything I loved about her was her outfit lol and wig and beautiful promo photos. But her sculpt was not really noticeable. It took time for me to understand that you can buy any wig and clothes you want for the doll, you can do whatever you want with her, and her sculpt and body are truly the main thing in this. But I bought my first doll a lot of years ago and back there sweet photos were decisive haha. So she left me long ago.
    16. I wouldnt say that I regretted my first doll as she opened the door to this hobby for me. That being said, I definitely think she wasnt the best match for me. I no longer have her and I think thats for the best as she would never get the proper attention from me and I know now what Im really looking for in my dolls.
    17. I remember that I was so disappointed in my first bjd after years of waiting to dive in and actually buy it.:atremblin
      It was typical newbie mistake, mostly I guess because I never had a chance to see and feel it prior to the purchase.
      I dreamt about larger SD doll, close to 70cm, but instead I bought smaller version about 50cm tall.
      He came with this "ugly" body that couldn't hold any pose apart from lying down.
      The sculpt was perfect though, but I couldn't stand his angelic face on the head too small for beefcake body.
      And the clothes were hard to find, even original casual outfit from Iplehouse wouln't quite fit.

      But I don't regret it in the slightest. First of all it was a learning curve for me on how bjd could look and feel in reality as compared to promo photo. And it taught me that any doll doesn't come with satisfaction guarantee, and requires time and effort to adapt it to one's vision of a perfect doll/character.

      In the end I got a new (bigger) head for that body that was realeased specifically to match colors from Iplehouse, a perfect hybrid solition! And you can see him on my profile picture.;)
      I keep the original head and will order a slimmer model body for him, once the company announce next sale period for them.
    18. Same as a lot of people in this thread, yes and no. On one hand, I learned a lot about the hobby, and especially resin! But on the other hand, I didn't like his sculpt at all once I got him in my hands. Like many others, I bought a resinsoul doll since it was affordable for me, but I ended up not liking him much. The body was really finicky and hard to pose. But I did like having him as a companion! And I'm glad I got a more affordable one for my first doll. I don't feel so bad about the mistakes (mainly damage) I made with him . It was a good learning experience! I don't have him anymore and I never really bonded with him. I tried a lot of concepts for his character and I just never felt like it was right.